The Last Mile

By: Gabby Palacios

Kassidy and a group of her supporters pictured after the state meet.

After placing 7th in the Varsity girls regional meet on Tuesday, November 10, Freshman Kassidy Vickers qualified for the UIL State Cross Country meet.

The people of Pleasanton held a send-off for Vickers on Monday, November 23 at the Pleasanton Sports Complex, where many community members showed up to wish Kassidy good luck and send their best wishes. Kassidy explained her gratitude for the support she received, stating, “It makes me really excited that I have people to support me and that they were there.”

Expressing that she has always been a runner, Kassidy explains, “It’s a nice way to stay in shape… Normally I get a mixture of really excited and I’ll also get sort of nervous, but I always have a lot of energy before I run… I work out often, I work out at home, I work out with the team, and I normally practice over the summer.”

Being a freshman advancing to state, Vickers felt excited, though she was initially shocked. “I was nervous because I knew that there were going to be a lot of really good people there but it was really exciting.”

The meet, which was held on Tuesday, November 24 in Round Rock, had a total of 124 runners participating in the two-mile distance meet. Vickers, placing 30th and running an outstanding 12:49, was about 3 places shy of medaling.

Though she did not receive a medal, Kassidy received the heartfelt gift of a group of her friends surprising her at the meet. “For most of them, it was their first time going to a meet, so it made me really excited to see them all and it made the meet better… I’m really thankful for [my friends and Coach Wood] for supporting me. I appreciate all of the time Coach Wood has dedicated to me and to make me better and a better person. I’ve learned so much from him.”

Congratulations on advancing to state and a job well done at the state meet, Kassidy! PHS can’t wait to see what you achieve in the future.


Hoop! Hoop!

By: Kristina Mertz

The Boys Pleasanton Basketball Team is pictured.

On Friday, November 20th, the Boys Basketball team had their third game against SA Lanier on the home court. The Eagles won the game with a score of 63 to 51. On November 21st, the team traveled to Wimberley, where they played strong but unfortunately fell. They lost with a score of 65-62. November 24th brought yet another loss against YMLA with a score of 76-65. November 28th supplied some good news with a win from Eagle Pass Winn, with the score ending 76-34. Another victory came from Bandera on December 1st, 84-49 a great way to start the month. December 4th came with yet another win from Hondo the score was 76-40. The boys traveled to Del Rio on December 4th and won with an impressive score of 89-67. December 11th at Lulling High School revealed another victory with the Eagles winning at 87-41.

Coach Marquez says, “Overall the boys are playing well for the beginning of the season. We are working hard everyday to improve on the little things. The team is eager to learn and improve daily. We need to improve communication on and off the court and we are always looking to improve our defense, since defense is what we hang our hats on.” He says his goal is, “To get better every day, to do our best during district, and to strive to go far in the playoffs.” He later added, “This team is a hard working team that pushes themselves daily.”

Estevan Jackson, a junior, says, “I think this season is going very well we’re keeping it steady… we are getting comfortable with each other and we’re learning our chemistry with each other, so confidence is one thing we all have.” He then explained, “I hope to improve on being more accurate on shooting and to be able to handle the rock, which means the basketball” and that, “My goal is the same as all of us, to be able to go to play offs and make it to state.” He added, “Oh, Coach Marquez is my favorite coach.”

Girls Basketball

By:Wanish Tortes-Mcginnis 

Girls basketball prepares to play Tilden

The Pleasanton Girls Varsity Basketball started off this year with a win against San Antonio Memorial 42-24 on November 17th. The girls varsity had their first loss against Mcmullen County on November 20th, which ended 48-33. Even though they lost, the Lady Eagles got right back up and defeated John F Kennedy 57-33. The varsity girls lost to Lytle 55-42. The next 4 games the lady eagles did a fantastic job, the Lady Eagles beat Pearsall 41-27. The girls then beat Three Rivers 46-33, along with beating Natalia 51-43. The lady eagles beat Poteet 39-22.

There will be 7 upcoming basketball games before the year ends. A Home Game against Hondo High School on December 11th. An away game against AC Jones High School on December 12th. Another home game on December 18th against Ywla (Young Women’s Leadership Academy). Two away games one on December 19th against Calallen High School and the other on December 22nd against Fox Technical High School. The last game before the New Year begins will be a home game against Somerset High School on December 29th. 

Pleasanton Mens Soccer

By: River Reyes

This month, the Pleasanton Mens Soccer team will be kicking off a new season. The team has been actively practicing after school since the start of December and will be participating in their first games on December 15th and 18th. 

When asked about how the team may perform during their game, Coach Brieten said, “I don’t know how they’ll play, they’re a young team and have a lot to work on. It will be pretty exciting to see how well they perform and what we need to work on going forward.” This year’s team is predominantly composed of sophomores and juniors, with few freshman and seniors. To best prepare for the upcoming games, the boys will be focusing on conditioning, ball skills, and their team play.

Going into the season, the Pleasanton Mens Soccer team will be very unpredictable given the current composition of the team, but it’ll be an exciting season going forward. Best of luck to the boys during their upcoming games. 

A Team Above All. Above All a Team.

By: Libby Sanchez

The Pleasanton Women’s Soccer team picking up trash after the Merry On Main parade for community service.

The Pleasanton Women’s Soccer program is known as one of the most competitive and tight-knit teams in our district, having claimed the title of District-Champions ten times in twenty years of soccer at PHS. 

After winning the title of District-Champions for four consecutive years in a row, our Women’s Varsity Soccer team was going for the next title- Area Champions. Unfortunately due to the fallout of Covid-19, their winning streak of eight games was cut short. Many were distraught to see last years’ seniors play their last game of their highschool career, without even realizing it. “When I first heard the news of our season getting cancelled, I think I was in denial. We worked so hard, day after day, for it just to be ripped away from us. After it sank in that we’d never play with last years’ seniors again, I couldn’t help but feel defeated,” states sophomore Trinity Garcia. The Women’s Junior Varsity team also had their season cut down by one game, but was content with how well they improved throughout the season.

Although Covid-19 took away the team’s ability to train and practice together, it couldn’t take away their drive and determination to improve individually for the upcoming season. In order to stay in shape, girls were sent into quarantine with highly suggested, but not mandatory, daily workouts to partake in. “It’s all about having a good mentality,” states Coach Joseph constantly throughout the season and this rough time. This pandemic has not only taught these girls to adapt and overcome, but has also made this family’s bond even stronger. “Being able to see the chemistry we all have with each other is, to me, very inspiring and I think that from a non-soccer players point of view, it truly shows how close we all are and when we step on the field to play, nothing changes,”stated Brylee Miller, Sophomore. Tryouts were held November 31 through December 2 and teams were selected on December 3. 

Varsity is scheduled to scrimmage Harlandale this Friday, December 11. Both teams are scheduled for a scrimmage against Veterans Memorial on December 15, and have an upcoming tournament in early January. The Pleasanton Women’s Soccer team is ready to get the ball back in play!

Student Spotlight

By: Ricky Fabrow 

This student spotlight is about a very unique and hard working gal named Emma Poorboy. She’s an online learner and prefers to work at home as it is easier and quieter than school is and would rather stay there than go back. She works hard and gets every assignment that’s thrown her way done and knows when to ask for help when she needs it. She does what she does in order to pursue her career in babysitting as she does like kids.

Two of her teachers have said some very nice things about her:

“She consistently turns in her assignments, asks questions, and reaches out to teachers if she needs help.  She is very concerned about her grades and makes sure that she communicates effectively with her mom and the teachers to get the best grade.”  -Ms. Flores

“She is a very hardworking young girl. Always reaches out when she has a question either about content or assignments. She always comes to our Zoom meetings and has turned in all assignments. She is a wonderful young lady that I enjoy having in my class.” -Ms. Infante

Teacher Spotlight

By: Jaelyn Morales

Ms. Infante is a teacher here at Pleasanton High School. This is her first year teaching at Pleasanton and she has already made a big impact on the students here. She teaches both World History and World Geography. Ms. Infante always has a bright smile on her face and even with a mask on you can tell she enjoys teaching and takes her job seriously. “She is a fun and interactive teacher that makes it easy for us to understand and grasp the information that is being taught,” said Alexis Ramos, a student of Ms. Infante’s World History class. 

Ms. Infante graduated from Los Fresnos High School and went on to receive her Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts/Social Studies Composite from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Before coming to Pleasanton, she was a teacher at Harlingen High School for 1 year and then taught at Bruni High School for 2 years.

When asked what her favorite part about being a teacher is, Ms. Infante responded, “I love interacting with my students and I love teaching them new things.” Although there are a lot of good and fun things about being a teacher, there are also a lot of difficulties teachers go through and one in particular this year is Covid-19.

When asked what the hardest part about teaching is, Ms. Infante responded, “All the changes this year because of Covid-19 have made it more difficult, but with the help of other teachers I wasn’t as nervous my first two weeks.” This school year has been difficult for everyone in some way, but that hasn’t stopped Ms. Infante and other teachers from trying their hardest to make sure we are safe and learning new concepts, principles, and skills.

Ms. Infante has done an amazing job this year and her positivity and encouragement that has brightened many people’s days has not gone unnoticed. Thank you Ms. Infante for being a hardworking and inspiring teacher and for everything you do in and out of the classroom.

Staff Spotlight

By: Adelena Vera

Mrs. Leach is a hard working counselor here at PHS. She helps students, with last names beginning in G through M with their grades, credits, colleges, career choices, and/or personal matters, and she loves it.   

Mrs. Leach went to school in Crosbyton, Texas, a tiny town near Lubbock, to get her high school degree. She got her bachelor’s degree at Texas Tech University and got her masters degree at Sul Ross State University. Before she started working here at Pleasanton, she stated,¨Frenship ISD which is a district near Lubbock in West Texas,¨ where she ¨taught career & technology courses, worked as a district textbook and testing coordinator, and was a middle school counselor for five years.¨

Mrs. Leach has been working at Pleasanton for 5 years. She started ¨teaching Culinary Arts before moving to the counseling office.¨ Since her freshman year of high school, Mrs. Leach has wanted to be a high school counselor. She stated ¨My aunt was my high school counselor, and I saw the various ways she was able to help and impact students at our school. I love working as a counselor with the students and staff here at PHS.¨

Mrs. Leach has helped so many students here at PHS and we’d like to thank her for all the hard work, dedication, and help she has provided the students and staff. We hope to have you here at PHS for many more years!

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

By: Courtney Henson

The Pleasanton Eagle Band standing at attention.

On Saturday, December 5, the Pleasanton Eagle band traveled to Calallen High School to participate in their area contest. They departed from the band hall at around 1pm and prepared for the long ride ahead of them. Despite the cold and rainy weather, the band performed their 2020 marching show “Music of the Beatles” to the best of their abilities. After a long season of working very hard, the 2020 marching band year came to an end. The Pleasanton Eagle Band came in 9th place, out of 14 total bands that attended. This placement did not advance the band. 

This year was a wild ride for everyone involved, but the band members made the best of what they were given. Although this year for the head drum major, Reese Decker, was the final high school marching band season, he greatly enjoyed it and looks back on it as a great experience. Regarding the season, Reese says, “My overall thoughts are that I’m just extremely grateful that we got to have a season in the first place because a lot of schools around here had their marching band season completely cancelled.” Being a drum major comes with major responsibility and the opportunity to watch the band grow and improve over time, Reese says, “Something I’m most proud of is that we advanced to Area for the first time since I’ve been in high school.”

As the season ends, the Pleasanton Band reflects on the season and is glad for all of the things they were presented with this year. While the COVID-19 restrictions made it difficult for the band, they made the best of it and had fun this season. We can not wait to see what the band comes up with next year. Awesome job Mighty Eagle Band. Pride! Pride!

Canned Food Drive

By: Adriana Clark

NHS, Student Council, FFA, and HOSA hosted the annual food drive to gather and donate canned foods that would given to families over the Thanksgiving break. The donation drive was held November 12th through the 20th and the students at PHS were asked to donate as many canned food items as possible. When they brought in the canned foods, they were able to pick which administrator they wanted to see dress up as Big E, their choices were between Mrs. Minnear, Mr. Macias, or Mrs. Guajardo. In the end, the students chose Mr. Macias to spend the Friday before Thanksgiving break dressed as Big E. Thank you to all the students who donated. 

The Gift of Giving

By: Heaven Marquez

For the eighth consecutive year, the Pleasanton Police Department is hosting Blue Santa on December 18th, but due to COVID-19 things are a little different. Instead of having a big celebration, the Police Department is hosting a drive-by for those who need gifts on Christmas. Blue Santa is a program funded by the community to provide gifts to children in the Pleasanton city limits. Last year, Blue Santa received over 500 presents to give to 180 children and supplied around 60 families with gifts. “Every year we get a lot of families… who are in need of a little assistance,” said Patrol Sergeant Jessi Chia. “[Due to COVID] We definitely have more families in need this year.” 

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone in the community, whether it be in a business sense, or health issues, but the Police Department is still doing business as usual with the annual Blue Santa. Chief Ronald Sanchez stated, “That is our main focus-it’s the children… It’s very important to us that these children have a Christmas.” The Chief has said that every year, the Department averages at least 200 children that the Blue Santa will provide gifts to in the community. 

Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, there will not be any festivities where people can wrap the gifts with the officers. “Usually, we collect all these bags of gifts and we have kind of like a wrapping party…and that’s going to be different this year, too,” sadly announced Sergeant Chia. “ [Now] We’re kind of wrapping them as we go.” The Department has adapted to the harsh pandemic and will carry on with helping the community like normal, and they are willing to take donations at the Station. Thank you to the Pleasanton Police Department for the very generous Blue Santa during this time, and be sure to donate if you’re able to. The staff from “The Quill” wish you a merry Christmas!

‘Tis the Season

By: Hayden Schmidt

Merry on Main 2020 comes to a close with the spectacular firework display

The first week of December marked the true beginning of the Holiday season, with cold weather finally setting in and the first festivities being held. The annual Merry on Main was held Friday the 5th and Saturday the 6th on Main Street in Pleasanton, and was met with huge success.

Though it was up in the air how everything would occur with the looming presence of COVID-19, the event was held without troubles and had just as many participants as it always has. Businesses along Main Street opened their doors to hundreds of customers Saturday morning, and many people set up booths down the street. Homemade foods, crafts, and antiques were sold to passersby. I had the opportunity to interview Noel Wilkerson Holmes, a member of the Merry on Main planning committee, about this year’s event. 

The Merry on Main planning committee has a very important task each year, as they must organize what is arguably the largest community event of the year in Pleasanton. Noel, who handles advertisements and promotions for the event with the Pleasanton Express, spoke highly of the committee and the work they do. “There are 14 people on the committee, and we stay very organized. Each of the members has specialties that we use so we’re able to be ready and hit the ground running.” The committee doesn’t stop once the year’s event is over, either. “We begin planning the event almost immediately after the previous occasion. We meet again next Tuesday to start the process for next year.” Noel’s comments show that this group puts in a great amount of time and effort to give the community this event.

Noel also spoke on the troubles the committee faced this year with the issue of COVID-19 protocols. “We were already well into planning Merry on Main for 2020 when COVID hit back in March. The committee meets monthly, and so every meeting we met with the Pleasanton Emergency officials to go over protocols and safety we would have to implement.” Noel said that protocols were followed with the help of health officials and law enforcement, and that there were no issues. 

All in all, Merry on Main was a huge success this year, and Noel highly agrees. “Without hesitation, I think it was phenomenal. We faced a pandemic, rain, and the coldest day of the year so far, and still thousands came out to show. Vendors didn’t close down, either. They stuck it through and showed great spirit.” The entire community thanks Noel and the Merry on Main planning committee for the hard work they put in to plan this event, and cannot wait for next year’s!

National Drunk & Drugged Driving Prevention Month

By: Eileen Jaksik

National Drunk and Drugged Prevention Month

Every year during the month of December over 800 people have died due to drunk/drugged driving. In 2018 it was reported that there were 839 deaths due to drunk driving. Most of the crashes are on December 24th and December 31st. The month of December is the  time of the year where drunk and drugged driving is the most severe. While driving your vehicle you need to be aware of your surroundings, just because you aren’t the one drinking and driving does not mean there aren’t others out there on the road.  

There are many different options to take instead of drinking and driving, you can call a taxi, an uber, a friend, and even a parent to come pick you up. Don’t be the person that ruins a family’s life because you chose to drive while intoxicated. The numbers of deaths daily due to drunk driving are tremendous. There are 29 deaths every day due to driving while under the influence. There is one death every 50 minutes every day. 

Drunk/drugged driving is not only harming yourself and others, but it is also a huge crime. If you are caught driving under the influence then you can get something called a “DUI” (driving while intoxicated) or an “OUI” (driving under the influence). These consequences stay on your record your entire life, after getting caught it is very hard to get a job or even get into college. You can also get your license revoked, license suspension, fines, fees, ignition interlock device (IID) installation, and even jail time.

The month of December is supposed to be the time for family and friends, don’t ruin that happiness by making a wrong choice. So remember before you chose to get in your car and drive home while under the influence, remember the families and people you are going to harm. Call a friend or even call a family member, just do the right thing. 

Social-Distance Christmas

By: Kiarra Sanchez

Mask wearing ornament.

Christmas is time for families to get together. Sadly, there are many who aren’t able to spend time with their loved ones thanks to Covid-19, or fear of Covid-19. Though there are ways around this thanks to modern technology. 

Thankfully, in this day and age we have access to great technology, and this can help us connect with our loved ones during a scary time. Apps that allow video calls are a great thing to use. Certain phones are already equipped with FaceTime as well. You may not be there by their side, but you are still able to see their face. For some, the comfort of knowing their loved ones are safe is good enough.

If video calls isn’t a solution for you, then wearing a mask at family gatherings is the one of the safest ways to be with your loved ones. Social distancing will help ensure that everyone around you is safe, and making sure things are nice and clean will make a big difference.

Things may be different than what you’re used to, but we have to remember it’s best for everyone. No one wants to get sick, or get the ones close to them sick. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time with your family. Have a jolly Christmas and make new memories!

Movie Recommendation: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

By: Kori Miller

As the winter days and their cold embrace take their toll on us this December, most of us like to get comfortable on the couch with a Christmas-y romance. Most of us, excluding those like myself. I feel like the absence of warmth is an important token of the holiday season, and accompanying that should be films that strike you cold, perhaps in a good way. Taking a trip down memory lane, this month I’d like to remind you of an older flick.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a classic romantic film, but not in the ways you may expect. Joel, a sad, lonely man, is taking a train to nowhere after skipping work on a fluke. On the train he meets Clementine, a bubbly young woman who believes they have met before. He doesn’t think so, but she persists. The two hit it off extremely well, likely because they have met before, and were in love. However it ended poorly, and they both underwent a procedure to erase their memories of one another. 

This film’s movement through chronology and locations demands your attention throughout its runtime. Gondry and Kaufman utilize qualities of cinema that are easy for us to understand, all the while being captivating and complex. Considering a significant portion of the film takes place inside Joel’s mind, we see larger than life events unfolding to remind us that what we are seeing is entirely subjective. The memory “flashbacks” and their utility within the film gives us a look at Joel’s character from perspectives that are unconventional and raw. It’s strikingly enthralling, and you quickly become addicted to Joel and his attachment to the quirky Clementine. 

Moreover, the aesthetic of this picture is easily considered phenomenal. The universe we’re inserted into, albeit a bit campy, is easy to adapt to, almost as if you’ve lived in it your entire life. The colors, the costuming, the lighting, and every ounce of worldbuilding feels comfortable. It’s best described as organic. The events feel consequential, everything feels deliberate and natural. The pain the characters experience is your pain. And when you cry, you cry hard.

Rather than throwing on a Christmas classic, maybe this season would feel more appropriate with Eternal Sunshine. It’s a beautifully spun tale of cut ties, lost romance, and sincerity. I’d recommend it for just about every kind of person. 

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is available for streaming on Netflix, and currently holds a rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes as well as an 8.3/10 on IMDB.

True Crime Vol. XVII: Murder of the Lawson Family

By: Courtney Henson & Victoria Chavez

The Lawson family portrait taken shortly before their death.

Although Christmas day is one of the most festive and happy days of the year, for one family, things could not have gone worse. The Lawson family consisted of Charles, age 49, Fannie, Charles wife, age 37 and their 7 children, Marie, age 17, Arthur, age 16, Carrie, age 12, Maybell, age 7, James, age 4, Raymond, age 2, and Mary Lou, 4 months old. Shortly before Christmas, Charles took his entire family into town and instructed them to buy new clothes and have a portrait done of the 9 person family. Charles also took a trip to the bank and withdrew all the money in his account, which was only around $60. This was unusual behavior for the working-class family but not too much thought was put into it by the community. 

 On the afternoon of December 25, 1929, in Germaton, North Carolina, Charles sent his son Arthur into town to, very ironically, purchase ammunition while the rest of the Lawson family carried on with their normal Christmas activities. Shortly thereafter, as 2 of his daughters, Carrie and Maybell, made their way to their aunt and uncle’s house Charles waited for them down the road by their tobacco barn. As they got in range, he shot them both with a 12-gauge shotgun, then bludgeoned them to ensure their death. Their bodies were placed in the tobacco barn to risk the discovery of them as he continued his vile plans. 

When he returned home from this, he shot his wife Fannie, who was outside on the porch. The shot was heard by the remaining children in the house and struck terror in them which caused James and Raymond to run and hide. Charles made his way inside and quickly shot Marie, his eldest daughter, who had just finished baking a Christmas cake which would never be served to the family. He then found, shot and killed his sons James and Raymond before bludgeoning young Mary Lou to death. Leaving Arthur as the only living member of the family.

The bodies of all of the children and Charles’ wife Fannie were found in the house with their arms crossed and their heads propped up on pillows. Carrie and Maybell were found in the tobacco barn with their arms crossed and rocks propping up their heads. 

After completing all of this, Charles retreated into the nearby woods with 2 shotguns and the family dogs, Sam and Queen. After pacing around a tree for a few hours, Charles shot and killed himself. The shots rang out in the town and were heard by a crowd gathering at the house of the already discovered bodies of the family. Officers standing with Arthur rushed to the woods and discovered Charles’ body with 2 notes in his pocket, one reading “Trouble can cause…” and the other “No one to blame.”They also recovered the money Charles previously pulled from the bank and used it towards funeral funds to bury the family. 

There are many theories surrounding the murders and why Charles committed this heinous act. The most believed and supported being that Charles had received a head injury on his farm shortly before Christmas time and had not been the same since. Neighbors and friends reported that Charles had been acting strangely in the weeks following the injury and leading up to Christmas day. After his death, an autopsy and analysis was conducted on his brain, but to their surprise, they found no abnormalities. Another theory with lots of evidence to support it, is the theory that Charles’ eldest daughter Marie, was pregnant by her father, Charles. Marie had a boyfriend at the time of her murder and had reportedly told her boyfriend, some friends, and neighbors that she was pregnant. After the family’s death, one of her closest friends revealed that Marie claimed the baby was her fathers, not her boyfriends. Shortly before the murders, Charles’ wife had also confided in a close friend that she had worries of an incestuous relationship between Marie and Charles. 

As for what happened to the lone survivor of the family, Arthur who was merely 16 at the time of the murders attempted to continue forward with his life. After efforts to keep the farm for himself, he eventually lost it and later picked up an unhealthy drinking habit as a result of the trauma. He unfortunately died in an automobile accident at the age of 32, after drinking behind the wheel; leaving behind a wife and four children of his own. Arthur was buried next to the rest of his family.

Currently, the family’s home is a tourist attraction for all to see, with each day bringing in new people to view the horrors within the walls. The owners of the museum have tried their best to keep every original item in good condition, even the cake Marie made for her family is used as a souvenir of the massacre. This tragic event has made its mark in American history and is still haunting to those who read about it. Although these murders will forever be a mystery to us and the reason behind them has gone to the grave, we do know that an innocent family was robbed of the chance at a beautiful life. 

Dec. Poll of the Month

By: Dillon Myers

Which of the three Grinch Movies Do You Prefer?

There are three Grinch movies: one from 1966 (cartoon), another from 2000 (live-action), and the last one from 2018 (cartoon). The main theme from the Grinch is community. The Grinch, a hater of Christmas and all things cheery, decides to steal all the presents in Whoville. Later, he hears they are all still singing, even though they have no Christmas presents. After both the Grinch and the Whos come to the realization that Christmas is not just about gifts, but about those around them, many hearts are warmed. “Well, in Whoville they say that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day.” So as we approach the holiday season this crazy year, I, along with all of PHS, hope that you too will remember what Christmas is truly about…

Sweet Treat

By: Ariana Johnson

The time to celebrate Christmas is back. This treat is a sweet and salty mix that everyone will love to eat. Chocolate covered pretzels are a delicious and fun dessert to make.


  • 2 bags of chocolate chips (dark or milk chocolate)
  • 1 bag of pretzels (logs work and you can try different varieties of twist)
  • Chopped nuts, for garnish (optional)
  • Colored nonpareils, for garnish (optional)
  • Sprinkles, for garnish (optional)
  • Crushed cookies, for garnish (optional)


  1. Melt chocolate in a double boiler over medium heat on stove top.
  2. Using tongs, or fingers, quickly dip the pretzels in chocolate allowing the excess to run off.
  3. Placed dipped pretzels on wax paper lined cookie sheets.
  4. Sprinkle with chopped nuts, sprinkles or other toppings.
  5. Allow to harden. You may need to refrigerate.
  6. Once hardened, remove from sheets and store in a cool location, with wax paper between layers.
  7. Package pretzels in clear cellophane bags or a vase for festive gift giving!

Poem of the Month

By: Ariana Johnson


And suddenly, the woodland has bared its branches

The days now cloth the new season, like a bride.

And though cold and pale, its exquisite beauty 

Fills my eyes with such incomparable warmth.

I shall carry this grace with me; in my soul.

Until she–frigid, in the last hours;

With my frosted lips, kisses the newly born Spring.

By: Clairel Estevez

This poem helps to bring in the Christmas vibes, because of all the beautiful white clouding the fields and plants. I don’t like the cold that much, but I love to look at snowflakes falling to the floor. I hope you guys are still wearing your mask to protect your friends and the people you love.


The Passionate Poet


By: Eileen Jaksik

Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 19) – The month of January is going to bring you much-needed healing and an optimistic approach to life. During this month you may discover that your relationships with your peers, colleagues, and even siblings are transforming radically. These eclectic lunations speed up the inevitable, so don’t be surprised if you end up leaving certain bonds in the dust. No change is never easy, but trust that there’s a method to the madness. As long as you honor your truth, the cosmos will take care of you!

Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20)- For a Taurus, life as you know is about to change forever. I know you can be hesitant about change, but this is important! By the end of the month, you’ll want to jazz up your resume, chat with your boss about a promotion, or even start a business venture of your own. Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself, you deserve success!

Gemini (May 21-Jun. 20)- This is an excellent month to reflect on your values and make sure that your personal philosophies are infused in every aspect of your life. In order to do this, you’ll need to focus not just on the present, but also the past. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly return to school, relocate to a different country, or dive deep into spirituality. Embrace your curiosities, the more you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone, the more luck, abundance, and fortune you will find!

Cancer (Jun. 21-Jul. 22)- Cancer you may be biting off more than you can chew, so take a breather and reassess your energy levels, be kind to yourself as you evaluate how you’d like to move forward. Take the chance to build up your sense of independence and self-esteem during this powerful transit. If you’re in a relationship, you might notice that your priorities are being shifted and that you need to strengthen your confidence, it’s time to toughen up that shell. So remember your worth and you will begin to find yourself again! 

Leo (July 23- August 22)- Leo someone very appealing isn’t trying to hide their feelings for you. Of course it’s great for your ego, but don’t fall too short for a sweet talker. You’re only interested in someone who is going to treat you like a queen/king, and anyone whose intentions aren’t honorable will not even be in the question for you. Too easily charmed could mean too easily harmed, the opposite of what you want!

Virgo (August 23- September 22)- Virgo Keep your nose to the grindstone and avoid spending beyond your means. Your confidence could take a down fall, so keep that chat window open with supportive cheerleaders. Just because one of your ideas gets hard doesn’t mean you should pack up the whole show. If you’re always the first one to leap up and offer an opinion, this is a golden chance to practice self-restraint. 

Libra (September 23- October 22)- Libra this is a wonderful opportunity to practice saying no. Instead of rushing in for the save, let someone else play problem solver. Don’t let a little bit of shyness or shaky confidence stop you from taking a bold step. Speak from the heart, even if it takes people a few minutes to understand you.

Scorpio (October 23- November 22)- Scorpio be vigilant about cutting out distractions and setting clear boundaries with chatty friends who keep texting. A needy person may try to guilt trip you, and it will be hard to say no. For the sake of self preservation, avoid emotional manipulation. Do your part and say what you mean, with as much kindness as you can muster!

Sagittarius (November 23- December 21)- Sagittarius obviously if something sounds too good to be true it probably isn’t, but watch for false promises spoken by good friends. Anyone who trash-talks mutual pals in your company is likely to be doing the same about you to them. Rule of thumb. When they go low, do everything in your power to keep your vibe high!

Capricorn (December 22- January 19)- Capricorn this month encourages you to pace yourself and evaluate the long-term commitments first. While you love the rush of hitting the jackpot, a slow and steady approach will serve you better here. This is a good day to polish up your image and presentation. 

Aquarius (January 20- February 18)- Aquarius while you enjoy treating your crew, you might be bothered by the fact that one or two folks in your circle conveniently never have cash when it’s time to pay the bill or consistently ignore your Venmo requests. It’s time to speak up. It may be awkward in the moment, but the alternative is letting their debt continue to build up.

Pisces (February 19- March 20)- Pisces you’re in perfectionism overdrive. Your to-do list could quickly expand, so do your best to stay organized amidst the chaos. If you start to feel overwhelmed, call for backup! Don’t try to do everything alone, ask a friend to come and help you out. 

Hirschi Huskies PT Team Match

By: Victoria Chavez

When the devastating COVID-19 hit occurred, many of us were left uncertain about the future. In the JROTC Eagle Battalion, limited contact meant the cancellation of any and all drill meets. Though this year we are unable to compete face to face, we are still given the opportunity to compete virtually. This month we had the chance to compete in a virtual PT (Physical Training) competition. A total of 32 cadets participated, 5 male teams, 2 female teams, and one mixed team.

These cadets competed in a basketball throw, 400 meter dash, a standing long jump, and a one minute curl up category. 

When asked about the status behind the team, COL Wynder responded, “Opportunities for our physical fitness team gave a purpose and a focus for practices…” At first, many cadets worried about this new experience, but like the strong team we are, it was no contest. “[It was] easy and different [because] I wasn’t in a competitive environment… ,” said Senior, Guadalupe Quintana. Without the praise and encouragement from the side lines, the cadets had to depend on one another to keep the team going, “There were no fans but however they cheered each other on..” said COL Wynder. The unfortunate side of this event was the loss of rivalry, Senior, Edward Uhl commented on this saying , “I really didn’t [feel] like I competed with other people… I miss going to the comps…” but for others, they made the most out of it, “It was very different but very fun” said anonymous. Whether the competition is away or at home, our battalion PT team will continue to strive for excellence. 

The results will not be posted until next week but the top results between our cadets are in:

Long Jump- 106 inches Braxton Springer (11th Grade) 

400 Meter Dash- 63 seconds Timothy Miller (From Jourdanton High School)

Sit-ups- 64 Guadalupe Quintana (12th Grade)

Basketball throw- 66 feet Edward Uhl (12th Grade)