Poem of the Month

A Warm Summer Breeze-

The trees whisper in the breeze

The forest peaceful, quiet, and serene.

The warm breeze like a soft caress,

Momentarily eliminating all stress.


Without delay it carries on

Leaving the place in silence when it’s gone.

A summer day, a summer breeze.

Softly whispered through the trees.


The summer breeze, softly it comes,

Quickly it leaves,

Causing soft whispers in the trees.

It came and soon left, a summer breeze.


By: Christina Rossetti


Summer is almost here and the times we share in school are coming to an end. The seniors are getting ready to start the next chapter of their lives. Most will be going to college, the work force, or the military. Friends will have to say goodbye, yet still can hang out in the summer and make some more memories before school starts again.




The Passionate Poet


Hitting the Course

By: Ariana Johnson 

Mark Thornton making his swing at the Devine Tournament

On February 13th, the Pleasanton Varsity Boys Green and White teams played at the Devine Tournament. Pleasanton Green scores are: Brandy Steven 80, Mark Thornton 85, Grant Moos 86, and Levi Turner 93. The Pleasanton White scores are: Aiden Contreras 103, Holden Hagen 105, Pablo Lara 105, Max Rangel 109, and Nathen Din 118. 

April 19th, the boy’s golf team competed in a two-day tournament on our home course at Pleasanton Country Club. The Green Team shot a team total of 699 and finished 1st. They also had Brady Stevens finish 2nd and Mark Thornton finish 3rd individually. Brandy Steven scored 80-87 total 167, Mark Thornton 85-84 total 169, Levi Turner  93–91 total 184, and Grant Moos 86–86  total 179. There were also two medalists, Pablo Lara 105–103 total 208, and Holden Hagen 108–111 total 219.

February 22nd, the Pleasanton Golf Team went to Devine and they finished 3rd with a team total of 359. The boy’s scores for the Devine meet are as follows: Brady Stevens 85, Mark Thornton 87, Levi Turner 85, Grant Moos 102, and Pablo Lara 104. They also had one medalist, Aiden Contreras 103. 

March 2nd, the golf team went to Jourdanton golf tournament and finished second with a score of 348. The team’s individual scores are: Brandy Stevens 86, Mark Thornton 83, Levi Turner 91, Grant Moos 88, and Nathen Din 114. Mark Thornton finished 4th overall and Holden Hagen was a medalist with a score of 118. 

The boy’s Gold team competed in a golf tournament on March 10 & 11th in Uvalde which was their District meet and came away as the tournament Champions. They shot a two day total of Day 1: 336,  Day 2: 326, with a score total of 662: 1st place. The boys individual scores are as follows: Jake Casias 75, Mark Thornton 75, Luke Thornton 81, Levi Turner 84, and Brandy Stevens 88. Jake Casias got first place and Mark Thornton got second place with medalist Grant Moos with a score of 91. They are going to Regionals in Colony Creek in Victoria April 19th and 20th. Make sure to wish our Eagle Golfers good luck! 

Keep up to date on PHS Golf scores by following the “PHS Tee it Up” Facebook page, and read our next issue!

Band UIL

By: Ariana Johnson

The Symphonic Band picture after UIL

On March 10th, both bands performed at the Pleasanton Performing Arts Center for UIL. The Symphonic Band got a 2 in concert and a 2 in sight reading. The Wind Ensemble got a 1 in concert and a 1 in sight reading. Mr. Solis is extremely proud of the Wind Ensemble and is pleased with the progress the Symphonic band has made throughout this year. He also stated, “They are a young group and I am very confident that they will quickly be at a 1st Division level. The band as a whole is extremely talented and we are very pleased with their hard work this year.” Great job to both bands.

The band has Taste of Band this Saturday, April 22nd. It’s an event where sections get together and choose a style of food and the band members of that section bring in a food that goes with the style and they also have on theme decorations and costumes. It starts at 5 pm in the High School Cafeteria, the tickets are $10 and available from any band member.

Next, the Mighty Eagle Band will be performing in the Fiesta Flambeau Illuminated Night Parade in San Antonio on Saturday, April 29th. The band also has the High School Spring Band Concert on May 8th at 7 pm at the Performing Arts Center. The High School Jazz Band and Percussion Ensemble Concert will be on May 9th at 7 pm. The Pleasanton Band also has 15 students that have advanced to the state solo and ensemble contest on May 19th in Austin.

Poem of the Month

One Week –

Pure energy fuses the soul

Flying high screaming through the skies

Landing belly up in a pool of uncertain hope

Red hot plans wavering in one moment of doubt

Through a rollercoaster of poised confusion

One mercurial dreamy day

Lost the next in dark unknowledge

Beaming lights of fragile desire

The universe reflects its awesome power

I am miniscule, I have no chance

I dance the dance and smash remnants of the past

In a celebration of nothing stays the same

All of this in seven fine days


By: Jan Ejsymontt – Croatia


There are many things that make us feel small, but we have many people that can help us feel better when we are stressed, having a bad day, or just feeling burnt out due to school. It doesn’t help that most students miss school due to sports or UIL, and have to make up double the work when they come back. 




The Passionate Poet


Start of the Contest Season

By: Ariana Johnson

The Percussion Ensemble playing for the judges

Mikayla Anguiano and Matthew Smith went to the Henry B. Gonzalez Center on February 9th, going up against many kids who also had the honor to have a spot in the All-State Band. Mikayla Anguiano got first chair in the Symphonic Band and Matthew Smith got fifth chair in the Concert Band. Matthew Smith said, “I spent one to two hours a day practicing, and a week before my audition I put in twenty-five hours of practice towards my music.” He also states that if you want to make it to the All State Band, “Don’t procrastinate until the last minute. I promise you won’t be able to put out your music in a week. I worked for nine months and it got me to state.” Matthew’s obstacle was a burnt out feeling when auditions were approaching. There’s only so much a person can take listening and playing the same music for nine months. It was hard for him but he kept on pushing through it and he can still play his audition music from the heart. Matthew went to the paper in anticipation of the results and saw that he got first chair. The feeling he got when he saw it was pure joy. 

Some students in the band went to TFME on February 10th, to see if they want to pursue a path of music once they graduate or become a conductor. Mr. Solis explained more on what TFME is about, “Texas Future Music Educators supports high school students who have an interest in a music education career. Chapters meet at least four times a year, and members provide service to their schools music programs and prepare for the entry into college music programs. Active members receive a Southwestern Musician magazine subscription, TFME patch and certificate, and a free registration to the annual TMEA Clinic/ Convention. Texas Future Music Educators is established by the Texas Future Music Educators Association to promote music education as a profession.”

Solo and Ensemble happened on February 18th at Southwest High School, and The Eagle Band earned 46 first-division medals at the UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest. 16 students  qualified for the Solo and Ensemble Contest in June. The people going for a solo are Michaela Anguiano, Matthew Smith, Kamryn Kendrick, Steven Minniear, and Dylan Vaughn. The Flute Trio which consists of Emily Bernal, Maria Huezo, and Pearl Sosa. The Brass Quintet consists of Monique Flores, Cesar Garica, Michael Lister, Conner Lopez, and Kevin Tucker. The Percussion Ensemble which consist of Nathan Din, Kamryn Kendrick, Steven Minnear, and Esteban Smith. 

The Symphonic and Wind Ensemble went to Pre-UIL at Lytle on February 23rd. The Symphonic Band got a 2 on their performance which is a good rating based on the scoring sheet, and the Wind Ensemble got a 1 which is a superior rating. Mr. Solis also stated, “Both bands did well at the Lytle contest. We received very positive comments in our preparation for our UIL contest on March 7th.” Both bands will be playing for UIL on March 10th at the Pleasanton Performing Arts Center, so good luck to both bands, and hope you do well. 

Poem of the Month


Dear March – Come in –

How glad I am –

I hoped for you before –

Put down your Hat –

You must have walked – 

How out of Breath you are –

Dear March, how are you, and the Rest –

Did you leave Nature well –

Oh March, Come right upstairs with me –

I have so much to tell –


By: Emily Dickinson


The weather is warming up, and it is time to be wearing shorts, skirts, and dresses. The trees are growing their leaves and started to bloom again after the colder days of this season. There are many things that are going on right now before Spring Break comes like the Blood Drive, the National Women’s Day clothing drive, track meets, soccer games, basketball games, softball, and baseball games. Hopefully, the weather will not hinder the fun, but will let it bloom.




The Passionate Poet

Celebrating Musical Success

By: Ariana Johnson

The group that made it to Region Band

For the past two months, the band has been busy with The Symphonic Band. First, they had the opportunity to play for the kids at the Pleasanton Primary School on December 13th, and many kids in the band were practicing their music, playing for judges and seeing who will get into the All Region Band competition later in December. Twenty-one of the forty students that went made it to the All Region Band on December 10th: Shanna Hime, Matthew Smith, Ainzely Arnold, Samuel Bermea, Madison Nunley, Michaela Anguiano, Britney Rogers, Ricardo Alegria, Maria Huezo, Ryan Kallio, Avlaro Sanchez, Jayden Ogg, Joshua Yoho, Aiden Contreras, Hailey Tashi, Michael Lister, Kevin Tucker, Ryan Beddo, Steven Minniear, Nathan Din, and Kamryn Kendrick. Out of those twenty-one performers, thirteen of them qualified for All Area Band in Alice, Texas on January 7th: Shanna Hime, Matthew Smith, Samuel Bermea, Madison Nunley, Michaela Anguiano, Britney Rogers, Maria Huezo, Ricardo Alegria, Alvaro Sanchez, Joshua Yoho, Michael Lister, Ryan Beddo and Steven Minniear. Two of the thirteen made it to the All State Band: Michaela Anguiano and Matthew Smith.

All of the band directors are very proud of Michaela and Matthew for going to State. Micaela Anguiano gave some advice to those who are scared to play in Region. She told us, “Audition and performance anxiety are very real but one great thing about region-band auditions is that the judges cannot see you! With that said, I love to take deep controlled breaths, visualize myself in the band hall and play as if no one is listening. It is easier said than done but eventually through time, this technique can really help you. Yes the judges are there to judge you, but at the same time, they want to hear good music!” Michaela also gave some advice to those wanting to go to State as she stated, “My advice for anyone wishing to go to be an All-Starter is to work hard, stay focused and keep dreaming big. Like said in my favorite movie of all time, “no one was going to hand it to me. It was up to me to reach for my dream, grab it tight and make it come true.” – Coco ”

However, Michaela also had her obstacles, worries, and preparation before she could make it to State. Michaela’s obstacles for getting to State were balanced as Michaela had to decide what instrument she wanted to play for tryouts this year: clarinet, alto clarinet, bari-sax, Eb clarinet or flute. She is also not that great at time management and she had it tough for this semester, as she had All-State, Solo and Ensemble, her college auditions, UIL, BPA, NHS and her job. Michaela’s worries for State auditions, her feelings when she heard she was making it to state she felt relief. As Michaela made it to state last year, she felt she had some weight on her shoulders, and she felt obligated to make it to state this year. If she didn’t make it to state, she would feel embarrassed or even felt she was a bad musician. Michaela has been practicing her etudes and scales since June of last year. She took a lot of time to study her music, listen and know how it should be played. Since the beginning of the school year, she got all of the music down and perfected it by December. She spent everyday during Focus, after school, on weekends, in jazz band sometimes, over Thanksgiving, and Christmas break. Michaela deserves her spot in the All State Band as she has spent many hours on her music despite her own struggles. Everyone in the band is very proud of Michaela Anguiano and Matthew Smith. They will be playing at the Texas Music Educators Convention on February 11th at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center. Make sure to wish our State Performers good luck! 

Poem of the Month

January Morn

“Bare branches of each tree

on this chilly January morn

look so cold so forlorn.

Gray skies dip ever so low

left from yesterday’s 

dusting of snow.

Yet in the heart of each tree

waiting for each who wait

to see new life as warm sun

and breeze will blow,

like magic, unlock springs

sap to flow, buds, new leaves,

then blooms will grow.”


By: Nelda Hartmann

Weather in Texas has always been unpredictable as it could be sunny and warm one day and the next day it’s cloudy and cold. So maybe we will get snow again but it will all come later. As the new semester starts Spring sports are now starting their practices and getting ready for track meets, basketball games, tennis matches, soccer games, and softball and baseball games.



The Passionate Poet


First Sound of the Holiday Spirit

By: Ariana Johnson

Both bands playing at the Performing Arts Center

Last year the band didn’t make it to Area, so they made a resolution to make it to Area this year and they did. Saturday, October 29th, at Calallen High School, the Pleasanton Mighty Eagle Band tried their hardest at Area and they placed 21st out of 36th bands.

As to represent the senior class in band for all of the hard work they put in the last four years, they all gave their sashes to an educator that had impacted their lives. Many of the educators were surprised by this, but also really happy that they were the ones chosen out of the many educators that each senior had in their lives.

Mr. Solis wanted to do something different when deciding which students should be put in which band. The band directors gave all the kids what they were going to play for them and then tested each student separately. When asked why they decided to change how things worked, he said, “We felt that the audition process was a fairer way of deciding who was in each group. It also allows for students to challenge if they feel that they are not in the correct band placement.”

On November 12th, The Pleasanton Jazz Band and Drumline perform at the Fall Festival in the Pleasanton High School Courtyard. All of the students that went and played at the Fall Festival looked like they had a lot of fun there. Mr. Solis stated, “The Jazz Band and Drumline were very excited to be a part of the festival and look forward to performing at the event again next year.”

December is a very busy month for many students in band. On December 3rd, The Mighty Eagle Band played at the Merry on Main Parade and they played “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”, “O Come All Ye Faithful”, and “Jingle Bells”. They also got the 1st place plaque for the Best Marching Band. On that same day many band kids went to Lytle High School  to try to get into the All Region Band and All Region Jazz Band. Mr. Solis stated from all of the band directors, “We are looking forward to having a great representation from our band program. We will have over 40 students auditioning and we hope to have a large number of students earn spots in the All Region band.”

On December 5th, the Symphonic band and Wind Ensemble had their Christmas concert at the Performing Arts Center. The Symphonic band played, “Wintertide”, “Christmas Canon”, “Holly and the Ivy”, and “Holiday Swing Along”. After the Symphonic band played, Miss. Yarnell came out and said, “Since PHS added a new band director. I had the time to do a percussion class with nine members in it, and we worked on Drumline music and worked on an assemble for the Fall/Winter concert. We will also be having one in the Spring concert.” After Miss Yarnell talked the percussion ensemble played “Deck the Halls”, and “Christmas Holiday” which was a mixture of many different Christmas songs. Once the Wind Assemble was ready they started their part of the concert with “The Ukrainian Bell Carol” then went to “Joy to the World”, “Silent Night”, and “All I Want for Christmas is You”. The Symphonic band returned to perform with the Wind Assemble. They played and surprised the audience by singing, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

After the winter concert is done the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble Band will be learning their UIL music. The band directors have music in mind for each band to play. Mr. Solis said, “ We plan to challenge both groups with exciting and more difficult selections for this year’s UIL contest. By then the band directors will know what music each band should play. By what Mr. Solis stated, “Each year we have a number of musical selections in mind for the groups, but it always depends on the strengths and weaknesses for each group. We should be able to see where each group is in the weeks leading up to the Christmas concert.” 

The band has made many memories this year that they will remember, even after high school. They also enjoyed their time together with their band directors when the students do funny things, or get side-tracked with another conversation then the one that they were on about. The band has had a great year whether it was in marching or it was on stage, each and every student had made new friends, and became one big family in the end.


Poem of the Month



Wintry mornings wrapped white,

Evenings,  calm and still,

Snowflakes dancing all around,

Sled rides down a hill,

Gatherings with loved ones – 

Such a pleasure to remember –

all memories and special gifts

That come with each 



By: Unknown


The weather is getting colder as the season progresses, and we may be able to get some snow to enjoy during the break. It will also be the time to go and see family that you miss during the weekdays and catch up with them. I wish all of the students, teachers, and staff a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




The Passionate Poet


Marching On Up

By: Ariana Johnson

Anticipating the upcoming marching competition, Mr. Solis stated “I worried the most about overworking our band members. The band has added additional sectional rehearsals this year and I know many of our students participate in other activities as well.” 

Those extra rehearsals have paid off as The Mighty Eagle Band’s weekly performance at the football games have improved by the week, as well as the marching contest. On October 1st, the band went to the Judson Rocket Review and they placed 5th and were right behind 4 state qualifying bands. The same day they also went to a second competition at Harlandale HS and they placed 2nd out of three bands and got a trophy for their hard work.

The third and final practice contest was the US Bands Ludwig Musser Classic, and the Eagle Band was competing against 4-5A bands and the Mighty Eagle Band placed 3rd. Mr. Solis had started this year with high expectations for the band, and they will continue to set the bar even higher so they can reach new heights as they progress throughout the year. “Our main goal this year is to earn a 1st Division “Superior” rating at UIL and advance to Area competition.” The band directors are really proud of the band as they were one of the only two bands that got all ones from each judge. Pearsall is a state-qualifying band and Pleasanton was able to match their performance with equal talent.

The Mighty Eagle Band will be going to Calhoun on October 29th, for Area and are positive that they will make it to finals at Area as they have whole band has been working hard and know where they want to go.

As Marching Band is happening, Jazz Band has been practicing their music and they have a full schedule planned ahead of them. He stated, “We have had an average of 13-15 jazz band members every year. I’m happy to say this year we have 22 in our Jazz Band. We have a full schedule of performances scheduled for the Jazz Band. In addition to these performances, we are planning to take our group to compete at a Jazz Festival in the Spring.”

We wish you all good luck to both the Marching Band and the Jazz Band, PHS Journalism staff hope that both bands will do great at their contest and performances. Pride, Pride!


Poem of the Month

October –

Autumn leaves of red and gold

that crunch beneath your feet.

Pumpkins on front porches,

candy corn, and trick-or-treat.

Tart and tangy cider,

apples ripened on the trees.

A hint of winter coming

on the chilly

autumn breeze.


By: Unknown


Halloween is here and I hope everyone has a costume picked out. Put on your warmest pajamas, and pop up some popcorn while you wait. If you are not a trick or treater, why not have a movie night instead? 




The Passionate Poet


Poem of the Month


Again the golden month

before the smoke

after the fire

beauty on beauty cusp-

tell us

how summer’s

green dreams and desires

only sleep 

as October creeps

over the dry ground.


By: Unknown


It’s a new school year and we are welcoming the new freshman. I hope that you can achieve the things you’ve wanted to do in the four years you have because the four years will go by in a flash. You will be a senior before you realize it. So enjoy every moment in high school.


Passionate Poet


Poem of the Month


The wind is tossing the lilacs,

The new leaves laugh in the sun,

And the petals fall on the orchard wall,

But for me the spring is done.

Beneath the apple blossoms

I go a wintry way,

For love that smiled in April

Is false to me in May.

By: Sara Teasdale

The year is ending soon and we have to say goodbye to the Seniors we had previously shared memories with. It is time to welcome the students that are coming to the high school and make new memories to last for generations.


The Passionate Poet

Play to the Music

By: Ariana Johnson

Thursday, March 3rd Pleasanton Mighty Eagle Band preformed for UIL and the Symphonic band got all ones in Sight-reading and a two, one, two in Concert. While Wind Ensemble got all ones in Sight-reading and all ones in Concert. Mr. Solis expressed his fears for UIL “My biggest fear was that we would be out of school for bad weather and that would affect our UIL Contest. This happened last year, and we had to work hard to get everything to a 1st division level in time for the contest.” And his goal for UIL this year was to “improve on the quality of our recordings,” as he chose harder music than normal and “were able to refine everything to the level that we wanted this year,” and he was very happy with the recording of the music. Mr. Solis told what his favorite part of UIL is the contest “It’s great to finally get to this point in our preparation and to hear the other groups on this day.” And also ask Mr. Solis how it feels to know that the Seniors you thought are leaving soon “It is hard to see the Seniors leave every year. We got to know these students in 6th grade, and mature through the years. Although it is great to see them become adults and leave high school, it is always bittersweet time for us.” Good job Mighty Eagle Band.


Poem of the Month

An April Day

On such a day as this I think,

On such a day as this,

When earth and sky and nature’s whole

Are clad in April’s bliss;

And balmy zephyr’s gently waft

Upon your cheek a kiss;

Sufficient is it just to live

On such a day as this.

By: Joseph Seamon Cotter

We are already in April and we are almost at the end of the school and the seniors are getting ready to graduate. We are also getting ready to do our STAAR test and some juniors are getting ready to do the TSI and SAT.


The Passionate Poet

Poem of the Month


Winter walks

And starlit nights,

Good books and cozy hours,

Time for friends,

And heartfelt sharings,

Dreams of springtime flowers…

Although it may be short on days,

Each February brings

The simple little gifts we count

Among life’s

precious things.

By: Unknown

Nights are cold but the days are hot.A cold front is also coming in this week, so be sure that you dress warm Wednesday and Thursday. February is almost over and March is just around the corner. Some sports are ending soon and some sports are just barely starting.


The Passionate Poet

Poem of the Month

Winter Wonderland

There are strange and mysterious sounds

When the winds of winter blow,

The long nights are crystal clear and cold,

And the fields and meadows are covered with snow.

The stars are frosty against the sky,

And the wind’s whistle is shrill,

As the snow blows against the house

And drifts against the hill.

Yet, I like to see during the winter

A white carpet on the ground,

To plod aimlessly in the deep snow,

where deer tracks abound.

I like to feel the stillness

Of a crisp winter’s night,

Watching a full moon rise over the horizon,

Exposing a winter wonderland beautiful and bright.

By: Joseph T. Renaldi

Nights are getting colder and track practice is starting along with more sports and tournaments arriving, so remember to keep yourself warm when you practice and play!


The Passionate Poet

Poem of the Month

To Mrs K____, On Her Sending Me an English Christmas Plum-Cake at Paris

What crowding thoughts around me wake,

What marvels in a Christmas-cake!

Ah say, what strange enchantment dwells

Enclosed within its odorous cells?

Is there no small magician bound

Encrusted in its snowy round?

For magic surely lurks in this,

A cake that tells of vanished bliss;

A cake that conjures up to view

The early scenes, when life was new;

When memory knew no sorrows past,

And hope believed in joys that last! —

Mysterious cake, whose folds contain

Life’s calendar of bliss and pain;

That speaks of friends for ever fled,

And wakes the tears I love to shed.

Oft shall I breathe her cherished name

From whose fair hand the offering came:

For she recalls the artless smile

Of nymphs that deck my native isle;

Of beauty that we love to trace,

Allied with tender, modest grace;

Of those who, while abroad they roam,

Retain each charm that gladdens home,

And whose dear friendships can impart

A Christmas banquet for the heart!

By: Helen Maria Williams

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving Break and get ready for Christmas Break. Winter is here and even Christmas may have presents and other gifts, it is also a time where you can just spend time with family that you don’t see often and just catch up with them. 


The Passionate Poet

Perfect Harmony

By: Ariana Johnson

The Pleasanton Eagle Band playing their show

On October 2nd, the Pleasanton Mighty Eagle Band traveled to Harlandale, located on the South side of San Antonio, where they competed in their first pre-practice contest. There, they played and performed their 2021 show “1000 Cranes.” After a tough performance, they received a Division 2 rating and placed 3rd out of three bands. On October 9th, the Mighty Eagle Band traveled to Cotulla, located in La Salle, where they competed in their last pre-practice contest. Their score was a Division 1, which is the highest score you can get, and they placed 2nd out of two bands. On October 16th, the Mighty Eagle Band traveled to Hondo, located in Medina County, where the Mighty Eagle Band had their first UIL Competition. They performed their best on the field, but they got Division 2 and won’t be going to the Area UIL this year. Good job Eagle Band!

Poem of the Month


“How Silently they tumble down

And come to rest upon the ground

To lay a carpet, rich and rare,

Beneath the trees without a care,

Content to sleep, their work well done,

Colors gleaming in the sun.

At other times, they wildly fly

Until they nearly reach the sky.

Twisting, turning through the air

Till all the trees stand stark and bare.

Exhausted, drop to earth below

To wait, like children, for the snow.”

By: Elise N. Brady

Colder weather is finally here only for the night right now, but as the days go on, the days and nights will get colder too. The leaves are starting to fall down  more, now that the wind has picked up. So, start raking the leaves for your grandparents for money.


Passionate Poet

Poem of the Month

September Light-


cool and dry

drifts down on a breeze

under a shade of trees. 

A subtle hint of change is near.


a fire in the wood

to warm the chill,

and ready yourself for the cold.

Autumn will soon be here.


a deep breath

again and again,

in just the same way as before.

By: Kiesha Shepard

The leaves are falling down the trees now and the weather is getting colder as the days go by. Soon you can drink hot chocolate in the morning because of how cold it gets during autumn. 


The Passionate Poet

Leave It All On The Court

By: Courtney Henson & Brian Avery

As the 2021-2022 school year kicks off, the Pleasanton volleyball team has dominated on the court. Scores so far show a promising season ahead for the varsity, JV, and freshman teams. On just the second day of school, the Lady Eagles faced Devine and Burbank high school. For the varsity team, a double win sets the scene for the season to come. The JV team won over Burbank and lost to Devine. Unfortunately, the first game jitters got the best of the freshman team who lost to both Burbank and Devine. 

Later on the first week of school, the Varsity team traveled to Edgewood to participate in a tournament. This 3 day tournament would prove to be rewarding. After an incredible collection of wins over Memorial, Randolph, Del Rio, and Fox Tech, the team advanced to the first bracket, where they earned an advancing win over Hidalgo, next in the second bracket the girls beat Randolph. This win advanced them to the championship game. After a good fight with Del Rio, our girls came out Edgewood tournament champions! 

The following week, on Tuesday August, 17, the Varsity, JV, and Freshman teams faced D’hanis high school. This night was a rewarding night after all 3 teams gained a win. 

On August 19-21, the Varsity team traveled to Devine to partake in another tournament. After astonishing wins against D’hanis, Natalia, and Crystal City in pool play, the varsity team beat Edison in the first bracket play. Gaining another win against Ingram in the second bracket to advance to the championship game. Unfortunately, the Eagles were not able to pull forward for a champion win against Feast high school, but still managed second place in the tournament. All tournament selections include, Sadie McAda, and Tess Underbrink, a very respectable accomplishment on their behalf. 

On Tuesday, August 24, the Lady Eagles traveled to Hondo high school to face the Owls. After a long fight, the varsity team scores a 3-0 win. Unfortunately for the JV and Freshman teams they were unable to get a win. 

At a tournament in Persall, the varsity eagles pulled two impressive wins against Dilly and Sam Houston high school. Shortly after, in 3 long sets, the Eagles lost to South San, still they didn’t let this get them down. After two more wins against Persall and South San in the bracket play, our Eagles advanced to the championship game. In the championship game, the Eagles earned an impressive win against Randolph in 2 sets, earning first place of the tournament. All tournament selections for this tournament include Sadie McAda, Tess Underbrink, and Paige Stofa. 

Coach Bird, the JV coach, keeps an optimistic outlook on the season as the teams do so well saying, “so far off to a pretty good start!” Coach Bird is confident in his players as the season progresses, saying “they all do a really good job” and that he’s “excited to see how district takes shape.” 

This has been an amazing season so far and will hopefully only get better as the season progresses. We wish the volleyball team good luck as they continue to play games and make the school proud. As Coach Bird says “Come out and support!” Pride! Pride! 

Back to School

By: Ariana Johnson and Noah Ramos

Students, school has started again and there are new dress codes, as you heard from your teachers. Boys’ hair can not touch their shirt collars and can’t go past their eyebrows, girls can’t wear leggings no matter how long their shirts are. All students can’t wear jeans with holes in them unless you have leggings. All students are not allowed to eat outside of the cafeteria or Eagle Perk due to students leaving trash at the picnic tables and floor. Make sure to pick up your trash in the cafeteria, so we can eat outside again. Students, if you are eating lunch at the Eagle Perk make sure to pick up your trash when the wind blows it away. Students, Covid is starting to rise again. Make sure to sanitize your hands, and cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. Make sure to stay at home if you are feeling sick or if you are sick in order to keep you, your classmates, and teachers safe in this time period.