Women’s Soccer

By: Jaelyn Morales and Letizia Perrino

The Pleasanton Women’s Soccer team started off their season on a high note, winning the bronze match championship at their home tournament, on Jan. 5th-6th. The Lady Eagles earned their spot in the bronze championship after beating YWLA with a score of 2-0 in bracket play. The Lady Eagles played San Antonio Southside in the championship game and won after a foul was made just outside the box with a few minutes left in the game. Kara Medina, as the surprise kicker, successfully kicked it past the opposing team’s goalie, giving her team the lead (2-1) as time expired. 

The next weekend, the Lady Eagles traveled to the Wimberley Lady Texans soccer tournament. Pleasanton opened the tournament with a loss to Gonzales, after battling and being tied almost all game the apaches unfortunately found a goal and won 1-0. The Lady Eagles played again the next day and took on the San Antonio Saint Mary’s Hall Barons. Pleasanton stayed on top the whole game and ended it with a score of 3-0. Adeline Collins, Slayde Huggins and Melinda Randolph all scored one goal each. On the last day of the tournament, the Lady Eagles played against the KIPP Austin Collegiate Cardinals and tied with a score of 1-1. The only goal came from a penalty kick scored by Kara Medina. The girls finished the Wimberley tournament with a record of 1-1-1.

The Lady Eagles hosted YWLA on Jan. 17th and beat them with a score of 2-0. They scored off an own goal and a goal for Adeline Collins. Emerie Lopez contributed an assist as well. “So far the season has been good, we continue to do better each game as we are super close as teammates which makes everything so much fun,” said senior, Slayde Huggins, “I’m looking forward to district and seeing how playoffs will go and just getting closer on and off the field.” The Lady Eagles next home game will be on Jan 31st against Hondo at 7:00 pm. This game will be a district game so if you can, go support our Lady Eagles and show them that we support them and are rooting for them. Pride! Pride!

Men’s Soccer: January 2023

By: Brian Avery

Right after we posted our last Issue, the Men’s soccer team played their first scrimmage against Sam Houston High School on December 9th, 2022 at home. The JV lost 3-6 and the Varsity won 4-0. The following week, the Varsity team played in their alumni scrimmage, winning 3-0. They broke for the Christmas break, and came back in 2023. On January 3rd, both teams played against Beeville at home, with JV winning 2-1, and Varsity tying 1-1. Two days later, the varsity team traveled to Ingleside for a tournament which lasted from the 5th to the 7th. They placed 3rd, having a tournament record of 2-1. On the 10th, both teams traveled to the Veterans Memorial Stadium in San Antonio where they played Memorial High School. The JV team lost 1-3, and the Varsity team tied 3-3. Later that week, the Varsity team started their home tournament which lasted three days. They played on the first day to start off the Tournament, and again later that day. They won their first game, lost their second and their third unfortunately, not placing in the top three. Both teams played Fox Tech on the 17th,  with JV winning 1-0, and Varsity tying 1-1. Both teams played Eagle Pass on the 20th, with JV and Varsity both losing 1-3. Finally, on the 24th, both teams played JFK, and JV won 3-1, but Varsity tied 2-2. 

We got the opportunity to interview 4 people for this article. We spoke to Head and Varsity Coach Breiten, JV Coach Pacheco, JV member Isiah Cruz, and Varsity Captain Sergio Banda. 

Coach Breiten, who has been coaching for 10 years, originally had no interest in soccer. However, when he started as an assistant coach for Soccer, he fell in love with the sport and stuck with it, valuing the physicality and the teamwork needed for the sport. He noted that the varsity team had good chemistry and played great defense, but said that Varsity struggled to score. He felt good coming into district season, saying “We’re going to grow a lot in the next few weeks, and then we’re going to prosper.” He mentioned that he wants to see personal growth on and off the field before the season concluded. 

Coach Pacheco, who started his first year coaching high school out of 7 years coaching, fell in love with soccer at a young age, valuing the control players have in the game. He loves the effort and the heart that the JV brings, but they lack much communication, trying to prove themselves for Varsity. “I think we’re doing good, as far as communicating. The goals will come in time, and I feel like we can do more as the season progresses and everyone falls into their roles.” He had high hopes for the rest of the season, saying they’re at a pivotal point. “Once we get the monkey off our back, the sky’s the limit.” Isaiah Cruz is new to the high school program, and he feels confident in his passing and teamwork abilities. However, he feels like he needs to work on his shooting and moving the ball up the field. Issiah believes that the JV’s defense is their strongsuit, and similar to Coach Pacheco, he believes they need to work on their communication, wanting it to be improved on more than anything. When asked about his motivation to keep going, he stated, “My love for this team and my school spirit, my Eagle Pride.” 

Sergio Banda is one of the three captains on the Varsity team, along with Timothy Klein and Stefon Torres. He is a senior, looking forward to his last year in the high school program. Sergio’s strong suit is giving it his all, working hard to improve every day in every way, but struggles to get everything done before it needs to be done. He saw the Varsity’s strength as “working hard together, pushing each other to our limits, and each day we try to exceed our expectations, but some struggle with matching the effort others give.” He wished that the team would improve their overall mentality, stating it is the reason why he manages to keep going when things aren’t going the way he’s hoped.

Good luck on the rest of your season boys! We believe in you!

Nothing but Net

By : Kassidy Vickers & Alexandra Garcia

The Pleasanton Girls Varsity Basketball team started off this year fighting hard. The Lady Eagles have already played over 27 games this season, and 6 so far in the month of January. As of January 20, the win-loss rate is 13-18. In January, the Lady Eagles have won 3 and lost 3.

On January 3rd, the Lady Eagles played Somerset. After a hard fight the girls fell short, ending with a score of 31-57. The girls did not let this bring them down and came back in their next game on January 6th against Pearsall with a 44-31 win. Their next game was on January 10th against Floresville where they lost 24-48. Their next game was against Uvalde on January 13 and after struggles the lady eagles pulled through and secured the win, 38-31. Four days later on January 17th, the girls received another win against Carrizo Springs with a final score of 52-32. The 6th game so far in the month of January was on January 20th against Marion. After another tough fight, the girls lost with a score of 33-41.

Stephanie Hernandez is a junior player on the varsity women’s basketball team and has been playing for four years now. For Stephanie, this team is in her words, “Kind hearted, fun, and joyful to be around.” Stephanie explains how rewarding the team’s wins and time together is. This team proves to have a strong bond and together they can achieve many great things. Hopefully together they can achieve their goal to make it to the playoffs.

The head coach of our varsity girl’s basketball team is Coach Rentfro. This year he is trying something new by switching up the offense by changing the previous two post offense to a four out ball post offense. This change has been proving beneficial as the girls’ production has gone up. The coaches have also been charting the turnovers, and how and why they happened. As a result they are able to target down the problem and the turnover output has been cut in half in the last three games! Coach Renfro said, “They have improved in so many areas! Growth is key, and they are much more resilient.” This season seems to have many positive improvements and outcomes and hopefully this will continue as the season progresses.

We want to wish the women’s basketball team the best of luck as they head to the second round of district. Pride, Pride.

Celebrating Musical Success

By: Ariana Johnson

The group that made it to Region Band

For the past two months, the band has been busy with The Symphonic Band. First, they had the opportunity to play for the kids at the Pleasanton Primary School on December 13th, and many kids in the band were practicing their music, playing for judges and seeing who will get into the All Region Band competition later in December. Twenty-one of the forty students that went made it to the All Region Band on December 10th: Shanna Hime, Matthew Smith, Ainzely Arnold, Samuel Bermea, Madison Nunley, Michaela Anguiano, Britney Rogers, Ricardo Alegria, Maria Huezo, Ryan Kallio, Avlaro Sanchez, Jayden Ogg, Joshua Yoho, Aiden Contreras, Hailey Tashi, Michael Lister, Kevin Tucker, Ryan Beddo, Steven Minniear, Nathan Din, and Kamryn Kendrick. Out of those twenty-one performers, thirteen of them qualified for All Area Band in Alice, Texas on January 7th: Shanna Hime, Matthew Smith, Samuel Bermea, Madison Nunley, Michaela Anguiano, Britney Rogers, Maria Huezo, Ricardo Alegria, Alvaro Sanchez, Joshua Yoho, Michael Lister, Ryan Beddo and Steven Minniear. Two of the thirteen made it to the All State Band: Michaela Anguiano and Matthew Smith.

All of the band directors are very proud of Michaela and Matthew for going to State. Micaela Anguiano gave some advice to those who are scared to play in Region. She told us, “Audition and performance anxiety are very real but one great thing about region-band auditions is that the judges cannot see you! With that said, I love to take deep controlled breaths, visualize myself in the band hall and play as if no one is listening. It is easier said than done but eventually through time, this technique can really help you. Yes the judges are there to judge you, but at the same time, they want to hear good music!” Michaela also gave some advice to those wanting to go to State as she stated, “My advice for anyone wishing to go to be an All-Starter is to work hard, stay focused and keep dreaming big. Like said in my favorite movie of all time, “no one was going to hand it to me. It was up to me to reach for my dream, grab it tight and make it come true.” – Coco ”

However, Michaela also had her obstacles, worries, and preparation before she could make it to State. Michaela’s obstacles for getting to State were balanced as Michaela had to decide what instrument she wanted to play for tryouts this year: clarinet, alto clarinet, bari-sax, Eb clarinet or flute. She is also not that great at time management and she had it tough for this semester, as she had All-State, Solo and Ensemble, her college auditions, UIL, BPA, NHS and her job. Michaela’s worries for State auditions, her feelings when she heard she was making it to state she felt relief. As Michaela made it to state last year, she felt she had some weight on her shoulders, and she felt obligated to make it to state this year. If she didn’t make it to state, she would feel embarrassed or even felt she was a bad musician. Michaela has been practicing her etudes and scales since June of last year. She took a lot of time to study her music, listen and know how it should be played. Since the beginning of the school year, she got all of the music down and perfected it by December. She spent everyday during Focus, after school, on weekends, in jazz band sometimes, over Thanksgiving, and Christmas break. Michaela deserves her spot in the All State Band as she has spent many hours on her music despite her own struggles. Everyone in the band is very proud of Michaela Anguiano and Matthew Smith. They will be playing at the Texas Music Educators Convention on February 11th at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center. Make sure to wish our State Performers good luck! 

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Vargas

By: Noah Ramos & Alex Richter

Mrs. Vargas is a physics teacher for juniors, and in this issue of The Quill, we learned how her class is one that is definitely worth taking. She is very passionate about science and is an overall great teacher toward all students of hers. Our PHS Physics teacher has liked science and how it shapes the world around us, however she didn’t always feel this way. Like most of us, she was not a fan of the subject, but one biology class completely changed her perspective on science. “I just really fell in love with it,” she states.  To start her academic journey in higher education, the now Physics teacher studied archeology for a while where she worked 3 years after graduating. However, she felt it was time for a career change, therefore a switch in professions had her test the waters of becoming a pharmacist. She decided to study more about science in college at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio. Next, she went to pharmacy school, studied hard, and worked for a while before deciding that being a pharmacist was not her true calling. Once again, our current Physics teacher went back to school to get her degree, but this time, for teaching. She decided to go back since she wanted to be able to “help others understand science and come to love it like she had”.  She had gone into a program where she became a science teacher, and while working, learned that she loved teaching science. Surprisingly, the first school she started to teach at was here in Pleasanton. During this time, there was a freeze on teachers in Texas. However, she graduated and was offered a job here after her second year and felt more than happy to work here. She first started teaching at the junior high which lasted for 7 years before moving over to the high school where she has worked for 4 years. “I had Mrs. Vargas as a teacher at the junior high my 8th grade year and I can easily say that she is the most patient teacher I know. A lot of my class was not as mature as we are now, and it was really great having her as a teacher again my junior year, getting a second chance to show her we’ve grown, and her patience with us has always been my favorite thing about her,” states Libby Sanchez, senior. So, if you see Mrs. Vargas around school make sure to show your appreciation for all the hard work she does for us here at PHS. Thank you for staying with us all these years Mrs. Vargas and to the many more we have ahead.


Student Spotlight: Joshua Yoho

By: Myame Lara and Jayden Palacios 

To start the new year off, the journalism staff decided the only appropriate student spotlight should be none other than sophomore, Joshua Yoho. Joshua Yoho is involved in many activities at PHS, some of which include band and track and field. Two members of the journalism staff got the chance to talk to Joshua Yoho and find out some more interesting facts about him!

Although it’s only Joshua’s second year in high school, he’s become a very active participant in PHS extracurricular activities. Joshua enjoys playing the saxophone, which he’s been playing for four years now and was taught by his favorite teacher, Mr. Solis. Josh expressed that Mr. Solis was his favorite teacher because, after all this time, he continues to teach Joshua new things. Being a sophomore, he has gotten the chance to meet new people and this has become one of his favorite things about high school! Along with being in band and track, Josh also enjoys building things in his free time. After high school, he plans on going to college at either Texas A&M or UT Austin for engineering, which we hope will work out for him!

The Journalism staff is grateful for the opportunity to get to know more about Josh, and we look forward to witnessing his future accomplishments. Pride, Pride!

Staff Spotlight: Ms. Summers

By: Savannah Valdez & Aaliyah Herrera


For this month’s staff spotlight we chose Ms. Summers, a wonderful health science teacher here at PHS. She is a very passionate and inspiring teacher, who is always so full of joy and determined to put a smile on students’ faces. This is why we are glad to honor her for this month’s issue!

This year is Ms. Summers first year here at PHS and she is so grateful to be a part of our community. With this being said, we had the opportunity to interview her and ask her some questions about her journey here at PHS so far. Our first question was “Why did you choose this job position here at PHS?” She replied “By trade, I have the desire to help and care for people. In doing so, I found that I love to teach and actually had an act for it. I chose this particular position because I get to be in both nursing and the education role. I hope to help students pick a path and assist in reaching that milestone.”

Ms. Summers mentioned that she loves to teach and also is dedicated to helping her students achieve their goals, so we then asked her, “What is your favorite aspect about being a part of PHS?” She stated that her favorite aspect about being a part of PHS is the connections she has made with her students and that she aspires to create and maintain a safe and positive environment for students whether they attend her class or not.

Considering her new position this year, we asked Ms. Summers, how she is liking it so far? She replied saying, “Some days I have absolutely no clue what day it is or what I am doing but I LOVE it.” With that being said we were curious as to what she does in her free time, when she isn’t helping her students. Our next question was, “What are your hobbies outside of school?” She said that her favorite thing to do besides helping her students is to make memories with her baby girl, Avery.

Ms. Summers is a very special teacher here at PHS who cares deeply for her students and is always willing to do her best to make sure not only her students, but herself succeeds. She has shown to be very committed and caring. Your good deeds never go unnoticed, she’s making a huge impact on us and we can’t wait to see what you have planned for the future.

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Athlete Spotlight: Paige David

By: Libby Sanchez & Carol

Photo Credits to TheFrontPage.

Paige David is the epitome of a phenomenal student-athlete here at Pleasanton High School. Sitting in the top 10% of this year’s graduating class, Paige also holds two officer positions in our student body and is one of three captains for our Pleasanton Women’s Varsity Soccer team. She has worked hard all four years of high school to get where she is now, and it is beyond admirable to watch her put her mind to something and not stop until she gets it.

In junior high, Paige had no interest in partaking in the sport of soccer, instead opting to be team manager. When reaching high school, a flip switched and she tried out for the team, ultimately beginning what got her to where she is today. “Paige’s story is one I’ll tell my future athletes for years to come. She started her freshman year having never laced up a pair of soccer cleats, and she is finishing her senior year as a varsity captain,” states Coach Joseph. He is beyond proud of the progress Paige has made in this sport, her work ethic does not go unnoticed. “She’s easily one of my biggest role models in this sport and in life, always pushing me to be a better version of myself whether we are on or off the field,” said Maddie Brymer, sophomore. 

On top of her athleticism and her captain position, Paige holds two more leadership positions for our student body. Always pushing herself over the top, Paige is treasurer of the National Honor Society and secretary of Student Council. “As a student council officer, Paige has many duties such as leading meetings, making decisions for the club, attending additional meetings and making deliveries on behalf of the club. Paige brings her unique flair to the club with her quirky ideas and humor. Some of the best ideas this school year were Paige’s. She has definitely made a distinctive mark on the 2022-2023 student council,” says StuCo sponsor and librarian, Mrs. Moos.

Planning ahead has always been one of Paige’s most admirable traits. Which is why when senior year began, she already knew what college she was attending. Paige is planning on attending Texas A&M University to major in Psychology and hopefully become a child psychologist. With the way Paige sets high goals for herself and stops at nothing to achieve them, the journalism staff has no doubt she will do amazing things in her future. Way to go Paige!

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Monthly Cause: National Blood Donor Month


By: Jauslyn and April

January is National Blood Donor Month - E-Z Window Cleaning

Blood donation is something that is very unheard of. Blood donation also known as blood transfusion is when a single person agrees with the withdrawal of their blood to give to another one in need. Sometimes blood donation can help someone to save a life.

In order to donate blood the person has to be at least 17 years old and 110 lbs. The first successful blood transfusion was recorded in 1665 according to the American Red Cross. In 1667 the second blood donation was attempted and almost went wrong. The patient survived but was very ill and had to take almost a month to recover.

You may ask why is donating blood so important? Why are we dedicating the month of January to it? Well if you may ask, donating blood can save lives of good people or can even help them get through a serious procedure. Donating blood is a very big deal to the people in need. Imagine someone laying in a hospital bed dying because their blood isn’t producing strong or fast enough. You can help them, you can save them. There are so many different types of blood consisting of: -O, +O, -A, +A, -B, +B, +AB, -AB, and O. There are only certain types of blood that doctors need. If the patient is a -AB then they would need +AB. January is considered the second month of winter which means the second month of giving. Blood donation is an act of giving someone another chance and helping save their lives or simply just help them. 


The Poll-January

For the first poll of 2023, we asked you what you did to celebrate the last day of 2022. Over half of you guys said that you spent it with your family, and the second most popular celebration was hanging out with your friends! Here’s to a new year!

We also asked you what New Year Resolutions you made, and here were some of the answers!

to practice as much as I can to prepare myself for college!

-To keep staying motivated no matter what trials i may face

-Achieve my goals

-Work on myself

-Learn how to drive

-To get more into shape and practice archery more so I can do well at nationals.

-Try to lose weight and try to get a glow up

-To make my health a priority

-If I can’t say anything nice, keep it to myself

_To eat more protein and less sugar

-I want to read more!

-To choose healthier food options and cut out sugar

-To finish my Master’s Degree!

-Try not to nap as much

-To be more positive and open minded

-Give up soda, lasted 3 weeks

-To improve as a person overall.

-Be physically active everyday.

-To try and get home before dark. (I broke it the first week)

-Start a DOT Journal and use it for the whole year.

-To read my Bible Daily

-Read 50 books

-To have a healthier year

-Make better habits and save money

-Be a better version of myself

-To speak up and to not be afraid of others words

-Take better care of my mental state 🙂

-To eat more healthily and have a positive mindset

-To work out at least 3x a week

-Live for myself

-Have good year and try to keep my grades up

-To pass all my classes

-To pass so I can graduate next year

-To be better, more open, and honest.

-Expand my music taste.

Finally, we asked for questions to be answered by you in next month’s advice column! 

-What is the best way to handle a student with Senioritis?

-What are some creative ways to ask someone to be my valentine?

-Should I feed feral cats?

-Do you feel that mental health gets addressed appropriately?

-What should you do when you don’t want to do something but you have to?

-What are some positive ways to react to unpleasant people you have to work with in a class?

-What would you do if you were constantly involved in drama?

Make sure to email your answers to aljackson@pisd.us!

Idaho 4: Lives To Not Be Forgotten.

By: Libby Sanchez & Carol

Picture posted by Kaylee Goncalves just hours before the murders took place.


On November 13th, 4 students were found dead, appearing to be brutally murdered by stabbing. Xana Kernodle (20), Kaylee Goncalves (21), and Madison Mogen (21) were all roommates, along with two others, Bethany Funke (21) and Dylan Mortensen (21). The roommates all lived together in a house shortly off the University of Idaho campus. Madison and Kaylee grew up together, having been best friends since the 6th grade and chose to go to college together. They were supposed to graduate this year. All five roommates were a close-knit group, a group now known around the world for their bond. Lives everyone knew too late, but lives lived to the fullest everyday if their posts on instagram and tiktok are anything to go by. In multiple videos and pictures, the girls are together cracking jokes and having a good time. It’s a tragedy that life was taken from them so soon.

 At 8:57pm on November 12th, just hours before the murder, Kaylee posted a series of happy pictures with her roommates and Ethan Chapin (20), another victim of the murders, who was dating Xana. Kaylee captioned the post, “One lucky girl to be surrounded by these ppl everyday.” Appearing to be a very happy friend group, living under one roof, enjoying what was left of their college years. That night, Madison and Kaylee hung out at Corner Club, a downtown bar, while Ethan and Xana went to a local party. At 1:41am, Kaylee and Madison were captured on a twitch livestream at a food truck downtown, grabbing a bite to eat and taking pictures before heading home for the night. A sorority driving service got Madison and Kaylee home at 1:56am, and Ethan and Xana returned home at about 1:45am, just about 10 minutes prior. The four victims were stabbed to death with a fixed knife blade between 4am and 4:25 am on the second and third floors of the home. Police later found records of Xana retrieving a doordash order at the house at about 4am. Of the surviving roommates, Dylan states she had woken up around 4am in the morning to what sounded like Kaylee playing with her dog, which seemed to have happened very often. After being woken up, Dylan claims she heard Kaylee say something to the effect of “there’s someone here.” More records were later discovered and it was shown that it could have been mistaken for Xana on her phone, as records show she was on tiktok around 4:12am, shortly after receiving her doordash order. After hearing what she thought was Kaylee saying this, Dylan looked out of her bedroom and saw nothing out of the ordinary, then returned back to her room. A few minutes passed when Dylan claims she looked out of her room for a second time after hearing crying coming from Xana’s room. She then heard a male voice saying something to the effect of “it’s okay, I’m going to help you.” Shortly after, she saw a man dressed in all black walk past her open bedroom door where she watched. She stood, frozen in complete shock, as she watched a man she didn’t recognize, walk towards the house’s sliding glass door. At 4:17am, a security camera near Xana’s room picked up audio of Kaylee’s barking dog and what sounded like voices and whimpers followed by loud thuds. The morning of November 13th, surviving housemates Bethany and Dylan called friends over to inspect what they thought was their roommates passed out on the second floor of the house. At 11:58 am on November 13th, a 911 call was made for an unconscious person.

When responding officers arrived at the scene, the four victims were found. At the time of the 911 call, the surviving suspects nor their friends were suspected to be involved in the horrifying murders. After many trial and error suspects, most of them being cleared, a surveillance camera was inspected where authorities picked up on a significant lead. It was seen in the footage that Brian Kohberger’s white Hyundai Elantra drove by the victim’s house four times around 4:04 am on the morning of November 13th. It was later uncovered that Kohberger turned his phone off between the hours 2am and 5am in order to attempt to hide his location during the time the murders took place. Phone records also revealed he returned to the house a fifth time just after 9am, 5 hours after the murders took place. Months before the murders, records showed he had been to the area 12 times in either early morning or late at night.

On November 17th, autopsies revealed all four victims were stabbed multiple times, no signs of sexual assault. Of the four victims, it’s believed that three were asleep during the horrific acts. Xana Kernodle, who received her food around 4am, and was on tik tok around 4:12am when the murdered took place, is believed to have been awake. Something so normal in generations today, staying up late, late night snacks, laughing at random videos on today’s most trending app, a life so many of us live, was taken just like that. An autopsy revealed that Xana had defensive wounds, and there is no doubt she fought to the very end. With only evidence being footage of Kohberger’s vehicle, police could not make a definitive arrest, but were on the lookout for Brian and his whereabouts. The public grew angry and disturbed as the one-month mark hit, and an arrest or new information was not made or released.

On December 15th, Kohberger was stopped by police for traffic violations. Kohberger, who had just ended his semester at Washington State, was driving with his father across the country to their home in Pennsylvania. The vehicle they were driving was in fact the white Hyundai Elantra from the surveillance camera. Brian and his father were pulled over twice, just east of Indianapolis, both times with Brian driving the vehicle. From an officer’s perspective camera, it is clear that Brian’s father is proud of his son finishing yet another semester, and enjoying the cross-country road trip with his son. While trying to answer the officer’s questions, Brian’s father is repeatedly receiving alarming looks from his son in the driver’s seat, and is even talked over multiple times by Brian who appears to be nervous.

On December 30th, Brian Kohberger was arrested for the murders of Xana Kernodle, Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, and Ethan Chapin. Arrested on four counts of first degree murder, the public and families of the victims were starting to feel as though justice had been served. Newfound evidence of the knife sheath left at the crime scene matched the DNA found at Kohberger’s home in Pennsylvania gave authorities the warrant they needed.

Brian Kohberger, a graduate student at Washington State University with a PhD in Criminal Justice is a murderer in one of the worst forms. His quadruple murder was part of his analysis on criminal offenses where he wanted to understand “how emotions and psychological traits influence decision making when committing a crime.” In the post, he described his study as “the story behind your most recent criminal offense, with an emphasis on your thoughts and feelings throughout your experience.” Brian Kohberger, is a coward, a pathetic excuse of a man. That is not bias, nor an opinion, but a fact. His name should not be known, he doesn’t deserve to be remembered after what he’s done. Instead, the nation has brought light to the four beautiful souls taken from this world far too soon.

Ethan Chapin, a 20 year old student-athlete with nothing but love in his heart. Born as a triplet to his brother, Hunter Chapin, and sister, Maizie Chapin on October 28th, 2002. Growing up with two built in best friends, Ethan and his siblings played multiple sports like soccer, basketball, and cross country. Ethan attended Mount Vernon High School but was cut short by Covid, which then sent him and his siblings to Idaho where they worked at Hill’s resort. After finishing high school, they returned back to Idaho the summer before all three of them started at the University of Idaho. The bond he had with his siblings is one that could not be broken, not even after a tragedy like this. Upon attending UIdaho, Ethan and Hunter both joined the fraternity of Sigma Chi and Maizie joined Kappa Alpha Sorority. It was clear the three of them planned to live their college years to the absolute fullest, surrounding themselves with the people and things they loved. Ethan was dating another victim Xana Kernodle, and the two appeared to have been a very happy and loving couple. Having combined friend groups, the two navigated college together as friends before beginning dating. Ethan is remembered to be quite the social butterfly, and was not the biggest fan of academics, but he loved the challenge. He continued to play sports through the years as well. “If he wasn’t on the golf course or working, you could usually find him surfing, playing sand volleyball or pickleball,” his family stated. Ethan lived a life worth living, full of good memories and laughs, a life to be remembered. Ethan’s family had all donations in lieu of flowers to be sent to Tyler Amaya, a coach in Skagit County. Tyler plans to use the money to help coach his basketball programs to local youth, as Ethan would have wanted. Ethan Chapin, a life to not be forgotten.

Kaylee Goncalves, a 21 year old wild spirit born in Concord, California on June 8th, 2001. She was the third child of Steve and Kristi Goncalves, and later after two more siblings were born, Kaylee was the middle child of 5 children. Growing up in North Idaho, Kaylee was known to be authentic and comical by all friends and family. When anyone needed a laugh or to be cheered up, they instantly turned to Kaylee Goncalves. In middle school, Kaylee met none other than Maddie Mogen. “After that day, we were no longer a family of 5 siblings. We were 6,” Kaylee’s siblings stated. The two navigated middle school and high school together before ultimately deciding they weren’t ready for life to separate them yet, and made the decision to attend the University of Idaho together. Kaylee joined the Alpha Phi sorority and was on the road to becoming an elementary school teacher, and with her personality and aura, friends and family know she would have been amazing. She was known to always stay on top of her grades, always found in a crowd of people with jokes and stories, and knew how to find an adventure out of every situation. “She was strong. She was fair. She was tough. She was dedicated. She was beautiful. She was. She was and she is love,” her parents wrote. Kaylee is survived by a long list of loved ones, as anyone who met her loved her. Along with her fur baby, a mini goldendoodle that she loved and cherished dearly, Murphy. Kaylee was born into this world surrounded by the strongest love imaginable, and her family is at peace knowing her best friend and chosen sister, Maddie Mogen, is by her side through it all. Kaylee Goncalves, a life to not be forgotten. 

Madison Mogen, a 21 year old blessing born on May 25th, 2001 in Eugene, Oregon. Maddie was loved by all, and known for lighting up a room with her smile. Her sense of humor was claimed to match no other, another reason her and Goncalves got along so well. Mogen was beyond dedicated and motivated to reach every goal she set for herself, she knew what she wanted, and she worked hard to earn every bit of her future she had planned. Maddie was a senior at the University of Idaho, and made the Dean’s List every semester, a phenomenal accomplishment her family is beyond proud of her for. She joined the Pi Beta Phi sorority, had her bestest friend Kaylee by her side, and a long distance relationship with her boyfriend of a year and a half, Jake Schriger. “You were so ready to take on the world and you were going to do such amazing things,” Jake writes on an instagram post, “I promise to make you proud from heaven and carry on your values of showing and spreading love to everyone.” Maddie was majoring in marketing and working at the Mad Greek restaurant alongside Xana during their college years. Madison was a full of life person, this is clear in some of her posts on today’s most trending app: tiktok. Her best friend, Kaylee, also had an account with many videos that had gone viral before the tragedy, one of which consisted of her, Maddie, Xana, and the other roommates pretending to be each other. In the video, their laughs are contagious, and watching them goof off with one another does exactly what their families say they did, bringing a smile to everyone’s face. It’s a beautiful sight to see, and how the family wishes to remember them, because they were nothing but good. On Maddie’s account, she also chose to have her liked videos be shown to the public. One that caught many attention was a video of a random group of adults meeting up and having a great time captioned, “having ur old college roomies over at ur house for dinner, remembering the days where we all lived under the same roof.” The background song being “Where’d All the Time Go?” Maddie had such bright plans, and knowing she saw the people she surrounded herself with as her forever people, the family is comforted knowing not only did she live, but she loved. Madison Mogen, a life to not be forgotten.

Xana Kernodle, a 20 year old outgoing, force to be reckoned with spirit was born on July 5th, 2002 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Growing up in Post Falls, Xana loved gymnastics from an early age and was talented beyond measure. In high school, she used her outgoing energy to partake in many extracurricular activities including: volleyball, track, and soccer. During high school she kept a stable job with Texas Roadhouse, with her social personality, it was a given she was a people person, always greeting everyone with a smile. As part of the graduating class of 2020 of Post Falls High School, Xana decorated her mortarboard with flower and butterfly cut-outs and the words, “For The Lives That I Will Change.” Change would be an understatement for what Xana has done. Upon attending the University of Idaho where she made lasting friendships and memories, Xana joined the Pi Beta Phi sorority alongside Mogen and the Vandal Solutions Sales Team. Like Maddie, Xana was also majoring in marketing. Staying close to home for college was a no-brainer for Xana, who was extremely close with her family. Often going on vacations and spending time with her dog, Shoeshine, and attending concerts in her free time. “Her desire to live life to the fullest, and contagious sense of humor, has made a lasting impression on all those who knew her. Xana was just starting to become the woman she was destined to be, and the world will be a lesser place without her,” stated her family. In a relationship with one of the other victims, Ethan Chapin, Xana writes, “Nobody else I would rather celebrate 20 years around the sun with,” on her birthday post picturing her and Chapin enjoying a day at the lake together. “I know she loved living in her house in Moscow with her friends. I hear so many stories of her and her roommates and it made me so happy to know she had such great friendships,” states Kernodle’s sister, Jazzmin. Of the roommates, it’s hinted that Xana was the most organized, picking up the slack when her roommates forgot to do their chores, but never being angry at them for it. Her roommates mocked her for this, and for the fact that she would always request to have a “small” party with 3-4 people at most. Surprise! Much like the other’s, Xana was very social. It was always more than 3-4 people. She lived a good time, all the time. Xana Kernodle, a life to not be forgotten.

Four victims taken way too soon, four so full of life, four inspirations. A reminder that life is short, so live it to the fullest every day you’re blessed with. Their names should not be forgotten, but they should be remembered as inspirations, not victims. Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin, lives to not be forgotten.

Poem of the Month

January Morn

“Bare branches of each tree

on this chilly January morn

look so cold so forlorn.

Gray skies dip ever so low

left from yesterday’s 

dusting of snow.

Yet in the heart of each tree

waiting for each who wait

to see new life as warm sun

and breeze will blow,

like magic, unlock springs

sap to flow, buds, new leaves,

then blooms will grow.”


By: Nelda Hartmann

Weather in Texas has always been unpredictable as it could be sunny and warm one day and the next day it’s cloudy and cold. So maybe we will get snow again but it will all come later. As the new semester starts Spring sports are now starting their practices and getting ready for track meets, basketball games, tennis matches, soccer games, and softball and baseball games.



The Passionate Poet


Sweet Treat

By: May Smith

Dark Chocolate No-Bake Cookies

If you want a delicious treat that is not only sweet but also healthy, then I have a treat for you. Not only that, but it is quick and perfect for you and your family to enjoy together.

Here are the ingredients that you will need for these yummy no-bake cookies:


  • 1/2 cup peanut butter (or almond butter)
  • 2/3 cups oats
  • 1/2 cup dark chocolate, chopped (around 100g)
  • 3 Tbsp chopped nuts
  • 1 Tbsp coconut oil

Now for the instructions to make this delicious treat.


  1. In a bowl mix the peanut butter, oats and chopped nuts.
  2. Melt the dark chocolate and the coconut oil. I did it using the microwave, heating in 30s intervals, mixing in between – it took me 2 times.
  3. Add the dark chocolate to the peanut butter mixture and mix them until combined.
  4. Take a Tbsp of this chocolate mixture and place on a baking sheet or a large plate that’s been lined up with parchment paper. 1 Tbsp is for 1 cookie. Don’t be discouraged if the mixture loses its shape and becomes more of a bark and not that much of a cookie – still tastes great.
  5. Leave in the fridge for around an hour and then eat some. Store in the fridge in an airtight container (these melt at room temperature).

Once you finish this delicious treat, you can enjoy it with friends or family or~ have them all to yourself. Either way, this is a perfect treat for this season, it is healthy but sweet for all to enjoy. Have an amazing Winter, enjoy, and have fun!