ROTC-May Edition

By: Brian Avery and Dev Patel

Welcome to the last ROTC article of the year! This month, the ROTC participated in many different activities, so let’s not waste any time and get right to it!
The first thing we will be covering is the ROTC Drill team! They went to nationals last month. Nationals were held in Daytona Beach, Florida! Cadet Major Courtney Cearly was recognized as the best overall driller at the event, so congratulations Courtney! The Eagle Battalion was a part of the Battle of the Flowers Parade for Fiesta in San Antonio on April 28th. They marched with other battalions from different ROTC programs, and Valdemar “Val” Herrera marched at the front, carrying the U.S. flag. The Battalion had a blast participating in the parade, and it was great to spend time with other ROTC members!

  We asked several ROTC members about their thoughts on the ROTC program as the year draws to a close. Val Herrera, a Command Sergeant Major who graduates this year, praised the development of the ROTC program, “My first year is nothing like what we have today. A lot of competitions we didn’t place at, but compared to now, we have trophies in the lunchroom, lobby. These last two years we have really excelled.” Cadet Staff Sergeant also praised the growth the ROTC program has experienced, “It makes a difference on our performance, and how well we do. For being a small town, we really are excelling.” Val agreed, stating that he believed they were being held to a higher standard, which contributed heavily to their success. Colonel Wynder believes that the ROTC program has only improved since he joined 4 years ago, the program better than it was the year before. “When Cadets want to be here, they get involved, and it becomes a family atmosphere.” When asked about the performance of the Cadets, he said “I know that no matter what a cadet comes with when they come here, I know they are going to reach their max potential because we challenge them and encourage them, and they meet their goals.” 

Val is heading out for active military duty whenever he graduates high school. Good luck to Val, and the rest of the ROTC program in all their future endeavors!!

The Quill- May Edition

Welcome to the last Poll of the 2022-2023 school year! This month, we asked you a slew of different questions, so lets get into it!

We asked you about what you would miss when the school year would draw to a close, and the popular answer was “My Friends!” It’s great to have such strong bonds, and we hope you are all able to stay in contact and spend time together over the summer! After that, we gave everyone a chance to shout-out someone or multiple people who made an impact on you! Here are our answers!

– I would like to thank Mrs. Williams, she has been one of my favorite teachers and her teaching style is what I feel like a lot of our teachers should do. She is amazing and always makes me feel welcome and I was so happy I was able to have her for a teacher.
– Mrs infante
– Ms.Minnear and Coach Everett had a big impact on my life and I am very thankful and grateful for everything they’ve done for me .
– Definitely Mr. Stub, he’s funny especially with his dad jokes and really enjoyed his class.
– Brianna Lopez had such an amazing impact on me and I love her more than anything! She makes me life better everyday, just by being in it!
– Mr.Salinas without him I wouldn’t be doing good and understanding math like I am now.
– To my favorite person, Liam Powell. He’s been an amazing person in my life this year and has really help me changed for the better.
– Ms Roberson has been one of the best teachers I have ever had and her class was one of my favorites I was always happy to go to her class.
– I want to shout out to Juan Casis for staying in art without Juan I probably would’ve had a way different year.
– Michaela Anguiano, she taught me many things inside and outside of school. She is a senior so she would always teach or tell me tricks that I can apply to school as well as she helped me tremendously with anything musical involved. As well as outside of school she taught me how to be courageous and calm even in hard situations. It’s hard to see her go and I will miss her lots but I can never thank her enough for how great of a friend she has been to me.
– Thank you Mrs.Hardy
– Austin Ludlam & Karen Harris
– Shout-out to all my teachers not just the ones from senior year but from all grades up to today for pushing me and believing in me when i did not believe in my self.
– I will like to thank my junior teachers most of them gave me one of the best year to remember and I learn so much that year so I was able to do great things this year
– Alexis Padilla because she is the only reason I even came to school everyday, even when she wasn’t here.
– Rylee Maspero, she is my best friend and dearest sister, and I love her and appreciate her every single day of my life.
– My shout out would go to Mrs. Vargas because she is very understanding and patient.
– The entire senior yearbook/journalism staff.
– Mrs. Lasater is so down to earth and has the most interesting perspectives/ life you can learn a lot just by having a conversation
– Mrs. Breiten is just the dopiest teacher this is been know she just a cool person and a great teachers
– My Mom
– Raylin, senior she’s made me grow as a person and I’ll miss her
– Someone who has made a huge impact in my life would be Cierra she has help me thought a lot this pass school year and I’m sad she has to leave this year and I am going to miss are coventsing that we have on the bus or just at school she has been there for me my whole life she is my best friend/my favorite person/my favorite senior/ Like my big sister.
– We asked you to give us some advice to feature at the start of next year, We thank you for all of your contributions!
As we draw this year to a close, we thank you dear readers for sticking with us and supporting this year. We wish you a wonderful summer!

One Last Goal!

By: Brian Avery

Welcome to the last Soccer article of the 2022-2023 school year! For this article, we are combining the Women’s and Men’s soccer articles into one! Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

First, let’s check in on the Men’s Soccer Team. Both teams traveled to Uvalde where the JV tied 1-1, and the Varsity lost 1-3. After that, both teams went to Floresville, with the JV losing 0-1, and the Varsity tied 1-1. Both teams played Somerset, and the JV won 3-2, with the Varsity the varsity winning 2-1. Now, the varsity boys were in the play-offs, and the boys played La Vernia in the first round. It was a long tough fight, and with the regular time of the game ending 0-0. They went into overtime, an extra 20 minutes, and they were still tied after that, so they went to penalty kick shootouts. Unfortunately, the Eagles lost 3-5 in shootouts, and the boy’s season was over.

Picking up where we left off , the varsity team played Uvalde at home, unfortunately losing 1-2. Dusting themselves off, they traveled to Floresville, tying the home team 0-0. They came home to play Somerset, and lost again 0-2. After all these losses, the girls picked themselves up and beat Poteet 5-0 at home. The girls were now in the playoffs, going against Gonzales in the first round. After a long game, the girls were barely beaten 0-1, ending their season. 

To conclude both seasons, I reached both head coaches, and a varsity player from each team. For the Women’s team, I spoke with Coach Joseph, but unfortunately was unable to get in contact with one of the players. When asked about the lady’s season, Coach Joseph said “Overall, I am happy with the season. Coaching a young team with over 50% first-year varsity players as a first-year head coach proved to be a challenge, but I felt as though we handled the challenge well and began building something special this season.” He also praised the leadership of Grace Keylich and Paige David, “Those seniors truly upheld both the program’s core values and their coach’s standard on and off the field.” Coach Joseph did express his disappointment that the ladies didn’t get as far as he hoped, but held his head high, stating that he feels good about the future. “That loss will continue to serve as a reminder that we have work to do this off-season and next pre-season. Humility fuels hunger!” Looking forward, he spoke of his excitement for next season, as the majority of the team will be at PHS still next year, and he expects another level of understanding and drive next year, “I am retaining nearly my entire squad who now has an excellent understanding of what I expect from them in their play and conduct.” 

As for the Men’s Team, they had similar things to say. Coach Breiten expressed satisfaction with the season’s results, praising the team’s chemistry on and off the field, but had a hunger for more. Stefan had similar sentiments, stating “I didn’t have any regrets, it was a process going through the season with all the younger guys, and I think that we didn’t finish too bad.” Coach Breiten was impressed with Keeton Diaz, a Freshman, and his rapid improvement throughout the season, “I didn’t know he had that type of ability as a Freshman.” Coach Breiten and Stefan were very happy with the last game of the season and stated that even though they lost, it was an amazing game. Stefan mentioned that he wished that more pressure was placed on the players to focus up and take things seriously, such as drills during practice, which Coach Brieten agreed with, “Some of the little things added up and caught us in the long run.” Stefan believes that if the upcoming team gets into the right mindset and follows the new process and training that Coach Brieten has set out for them, they will do well. Coach Brieten felt optimistic about the team for next year but admitted that the remaining players have a lot of work to do, “It’s going to be interesting, we’re going to see who steps up.” He wishes the Class of 2023 success in their future endeavors!

The Poll-April Edition

By: Brian Avery

Welcome to the second last month of the 22-23 school year! For this month’s poll, we asked you three separate questions!

For the first question, we asked about your thoughts coming towards the end of the school year on a scale of 1-5, one being not ready for the year to end and five was get me out of here!  The number most chosen was a tie between 3 and 5, with 4 coming in third, 1 in 4th, and 2 in last! I think we can all agree when we say this year has been like no other!

Next, we asked about your experiences at Prom! Here are some of the things people had to say about Prom!

  • I talked to friends and danced.
  • I was a chaperone where I got to see all my students dressed to the nine’s! It was super fun!
  • Spent time with my friends
  • Not much, danced a little
  • Danced all night
  • Hang out with friends
  • I went with my friends, and we had a blast.
  • Talked to my friends
  • I danced and had fun with my senior friends before they graduate.

We here at the Quill hope everyone who went had a blast!!

Finally, we asked for questions to featured in next month’s advice column, the last one of the school year!

  • How do you sign up for duel credit?
  • What are some fun things to do during the summer if you have NO MONEY and you have no TRANSPORTATION?

Thank you for the questions, and see you in next month’s article!!

Saving the Season

 By: Brian Avery


The last two months have been full of action for the Men’s Soccer Team, with two games almost every week. The Varsity team has played in two tournaments, and 12 since we left off in the last article, and the JV has played in 5 games since then. 

We pick up in the first tournament Varsity played in, which was at Ingleside. The Varsity won their first two games of the tournament, but lost the third game, which placed them in a game battling for third, which they won, securing a trophy. After that, on 11/10, both teams played Memorial High School, and unfortunately, the JV lost 1-3 and Varsity tied 3-3. Shortly after, the Varsity participated in their home tournament, but were unable to secure a top 3 ranking, as they won their first game but lost the other two. From there, the JV and Varsity went on to play Foxtech, where JV won 1-0 and Varsity tied 1-1. After that game, both teams played Eagle Pass, where JV (Missing), while Varsity lost 1-3. Next, both teams played JFK, JV winning 3-1 and Varsity tied 2-2. Next, both teams played Gonzales, with JV (missing) and Varsity won 2-1. Next, both teams played Hondo, where both teams lost 0-1. Then the Varsity played Persall in Persall’s first ever high school soccer game and the Eagles won 9-0. Both teams played Uvalde, where JV 1-0 and Varsity 2-0. Varsity lost to Floresville 0-1, won against Somerset 2-0, beat Poteet 8-0, and tied Hondo 2-2. 

The program held their Senior Night, honoring the Seniors of the program, which includes Stefon Torres, Morgan Garcia, Adriano Guitierrez, Sergio Banda, Brian Avery, Toby Bird, Timothy Klein, Donovan Alaniz and Alex Cabrerra. The Varsity team played Persall that night, winning 8-0. 

We got in contact with JV captain Louis Manzanares and Varsity captain Timothy Klein. When asked about the team’s improvements, both captains said that their respective teams were improving on communication and passing, but they still struggle with communicating. As Tim said “We struggle with communication and talking in certain games, and just showing up ready to play as well.” Tim went on to say that they struggled to clean up the little things, from passing in practice to showing up, ready to play and focused in, with Louis saying similar things. When asked what was going better than expected, Louis said communication once again, “The attitude has changed a lot, which improves the ease of communication and teamwork between them.” Tim mentioned that he was impressed with some individuals’ drive and work ethic, and how they’ve become better because of it.

Good luck to both teams!!

The Poll Feburary/March 2023

By: Brian Avery


We had two questions for you guys this month! The first one was about your Valentine’s Day activities, the one that seemed to be most popular was taking care of themselves. After that, we asked about your spring break plans, and it was quite an even split, with vacationing barely squeezed out on top. Now, for your questions!

What is the best thing to do when starting your summer?

What are some good ways to keep us motivated until summer? 🙂

How do you cope with a long distance relationship????

How do I become less controlling over things in my life?

What is the best thing to do to reduce stress

If friends are acting more distant than they used to, should i just let them go instead of trying so hard to keep them?

How would you know if you’re doing the wrong thing?

How to manage time at home and work

How can you have friends for so long that did nothing but be there for you and almost completely ignore them or turn them away for a whole “man”. Why does this happen? Is it worth it?

Why is working after school so stressful.

Email your answers to!


Men’s Soccer: January 2023

By: Brian Avery

Right after we posted our last Issue, the Men’s soccer team played their first scrimmage against Sam Houston High School on December 9th, 2022 at home. The JV lost 3-6 and the Varsity won 4-0. The following week, the Varsity team played in their alumni scrimmage, winning 3-0. They broke for the Christmas break, and came back in 2023. On January 3rd, both teams played against Beeville at home, with JV winning 2-1, and Varsity tying 1-1. Two days later, the varsity team traveled to Ingleside for a tournament which lasted from the 5th to the 7th. They placed 3rd, having a tournament record of 2-1. On the 10th, both teams traveled to the Veterans Memorial Stadium in San Antonio where they played Memorial High School. The JV team lost 1-3, and the Varsity team tied 3-3. Later that week, the Varsity team started their home tournament which lasted three days. They played on the first day to start off the Tournament, and again later that day. They won their first game, lost their second and their third unfortunately, not placing in the top three. Both teams played Fox Tech on the 17th,  with JV winning 1-0, and Varsity tying 1-1. Both teams played Eagle Pass on the 20th, with JV and Varsity both losing 1-3. Finally, on the 24th, both teams played JFK, and JV won 3-1, but Varsity tied 2-2. 

We got the opportunity to interview 4 people for this article. We spoke to Head and Varsity Coach Breiten, JV Coach Pacheco, JV member Isiah Cruz, and Varsity Captain Sergio Banda. 

Coach Breiten, who has been coaching for 10 years, originally had no interest in soccer. However, when he started as an assistant coach for Soccer, he fell in love with the sport and stuck with it, valuing the physicality and the teamwork needed for the sport. He noted that the varsity team had good chemistry and played great defense, but said that Varsity struggled to score. He felt good coming into district season, saying “We’re going to grow a lot in the next few weeks, and then we’re going to prosper.” He mentioned that he wants to see personal growth on and off the field before the season concluded. 

Coach Pacheco, who started his first year coaching high school out of 7 years coaching, fell in love with soccer at a young age, valuing the control players have in the game. He loves the effort and the heart that the JV brings, but they lack much communication, trying to prove themselves for Varsity. “I think we’re doing good, as far as communicating. The goals will come in time, and I feel like we can do more as the season progresses and everyone falls into their roles.” He had high hopes for the rest of the season, saying they’re at a pivotal point. “Once we get the monkey off our back, the sky’s the limit.” Isaiah Cruz is new to the high school program, and he feels confident in his passing and teamwork abilities. However, he feels like he needs to work on his shooting and moving the ball up the field. Issiah believes that the JV’s defense is their strongsuit, and similar to Coach Pacheco, he believes they need to work on their communication, wanting it to be improved on more than anything. When asked about his motivation to keep going, he stated, “My love for this team and my school spirit, my Eagle Pride.” 

Sergio Banda is one of the three captains on the Varsity team, along with Timothy Klein and Stefon Torres. He is a senior, looking forward to his last year in the high school program. Sergio’s strong suit is giving it his all, working hard to improve every day in every way, but struggles to get everything done before it needs to be done. He saw the Varsity’s strength as “working hard together, pushing each other to our limits, and each day we try to exceed our expectations, but some struggle with matching the effort others give.” He wished that the team would improve their overall mentality, stating it is the reason why he manages to keep going when things aren’t going the way he’s hoped.

Good luck on the rest of your season boys! We believe in you!

The Poll-January

For the first poll of 2023, we asked you what you did to celebrate the last day of 2022. Over half of you guys said that you spent it with your family, and the second most popular celebration was hanging out with your friends! Here’s to a new year!

We also asked you what New Year Resolutions you made, and here were some of the answers!

to practice as much as I can to prepare myself for college!

-To keep staying motivated no matter what trials i may face

-Achieve my goals

-Work on myself

-Learn how to drive

-To get more into shape and practice archery more so I can do well at nationals.

-Try to lose weight and try to get a glow up

-To make my health a priority

-If I can’t say anything nice, keep it to myself

_To eat more protein and less sugar

-I want to read more!

-To choose healthier food options and cut out sugar

-To finish my Master’s Degree!

-Try not to nap as much

-To be more positive and open minded

-Give up soda, lasted 3 weeks

-To improve as a person overall.

-Be physically active everyday.

-To try and get home before dark. (I broke it the first week)

-Start a DOT Journal and use it for the whole year.

-To read my Bible Daily

-Read 50 books

-To have a healthier year

-Make better habits and save money

-Be a better version of myself

-To speak up and to not be afraid of others words

-Take better care of my mental state 🙂

-To eat more healthily and have a positive mindset

-To work out at least 3x a week

-Live for myself

-Have good year and try to keep my grades up

-To pass all my classes

-To pass so I can graduate next year

-To be better, more open, and honest.

-Expand my music taste.

Finally, we asked for questions to be answered by you in next month’s advice column! 

-What is the best way to handle a student with Senioritis?

-What are some creative ways to ask someone to be my valentine?

-Should I feed feral cats?

-Do you feel that mental health gets addressed appropriately?

-What should you do when you don’t want to do something but you have to?

-What are some positive ways to react to unpleasant people you have to work with in a class?

-What would you do if you were constantly involved in drama?

Make sure to email your answers to!

Men’s Soccer

By: Brian Avery

The week following Thanksgiving break, men’s soccer held their team tryouts. Under the guidance of new Head Coach Breiten, the tryouts lasted from Monday, November 29th to Thursday, December 1st. Three teams were compiled from the tryouts which are the Developmental, Junior Varsity, and Varsity. The Developmental team is also known as the reserve team. The roster practices with the other teams during the period but not after school. 

The players that made the Varsity team are Donovan Alaniz, Brian Avery, Sergio Banda, Toby Bird, Alex Cabrera, Keeton Diaz, Jorge Garcia, Morgan Garcia, Nick Garza, Adrianno Guitierez,  Humberto Hernandez, Andrew Leal, Mason Little, Micah Klein, Timothy Klein, Mason Little, Joaquin Olvera, Jario Ortiz,  Wylee Tom, Stefon Torres, and William Trapp. Congratulations to all! 

Keep an eye out for the next men’s soccer article, where we will be bringing you the latest from the start of their season!

Student Spotlight: Carlos Cruz

By: Brian Avery & Letizia Perrino

This month for Student Spotlight, we chose Carlos Cruz. He is only a freshman, yet he is involved in many parts of school, from the student council to athletic events. We got the opportunity to interview him and ask him some of our questions.

Carlos defines himself as someone who wants to be better than they were yesterday, focusing on his self-confidence and social skills. His high school experience has just started but the activities he is involved in are keeping him busy and excited. He is an officer in FFA, so he competes and represents his chapter while helping his fellow members with other officers. He is preparing for leadership in the student council, as he’s shadowed and watched older representatives as they work. He’s involved in soccer and tennis, constantly trying to be better than he was yesterday. He doesn’t stop once he leaves the school building as he helps referee the local TCYSA games, helping younger kids discover their love for sports, and he still has time to pursue his interests, such as playing guitar.

Carlos has many years left in high school, but he has already been touched by our amazing staff. One of the teachers he named Dr. Ayers, saying “He’s always been understanding, and is always trying to help me out.” Many students have positive feelings towards Carlos, one said “Carlos is kind and down to earth, he’s just Carlos.” As we finished our interview, we asked him what his advice would be to himself a year ago, and he said that he would tell himself to focus on what makes him happy and not worry so much about what others think of him. Thank you Carlos for your time, and we look forward to seeing what you do!


October Poll

October Poll

By: Brian Avery

This month, the popular choice was to go trick or treating with friends! We have a new addition to the poll this month, where you ask us your personal or thoughtful questions! The questions you asked are:

Best way to say goodbye to your friends when you graduate?

What came first; the color orange or an orange?

Do you ever get too old for Halloween?

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

Who is your Secret Crush?

Would you cheat on your s/o with Ryan Reynolds?

We would love to hear your answers to these questions! Email your answers to Mrs. Minniear at

August-September Poll

To start off the new school year, we wanted to see how everyone felt about their break! The majority of people felt like their summer was good overall with 38.7%, with amazing summers coming in close second at 34%!  Alright had 19.8%, and kinda boring was last with 7.5%. Fortunately, no one had a bad summer! We here at the Quill are so glad to hear it, and we hope this school year is amazing as well!

Op-Ed August-September 2022

Anonymous 9th grade, 8/25/22

Should social media companies be doing more to make social media safer for children?

The question “How young is too young for social media?” has been heavily debated by parents and children alike ever since social media’s rise. It is clear now that social media is here to stay, and kids under 13 all over the world have access to it. There is little way of preventing kids under an appropriate age from accessing social media, so should companies do more to make social media a safer place for kids?

It has been made apparent that an alarming amount of young kids are on social media. Parenting tactics are subjective, and everyone has different opinions, so what can be done about the next generation’s well-being concerning social media? I believe that because some children will find a way to social media no matter the age restrictions, the responsibility lies in social media companies’ hands to make social media safer for children. There are many things that these companies are doing to ensure their users get hooked, and a social media addiction is incredibly harmful to a child that is still developing mentally. To help limit the likelihood of social media dependence, social media companies should stop targeting children with addicting algorithms. Senator Markey of Massachusetts has proposed a bill to solve the said issue, but thus far, nothing has been passed.

This issue applies to every generation, but especially ours. We can all most likely agree that we have, at some point, felt we spent too much on social media. If you want to make a difference on a large scale, email your representatives and advocate publicly for the cause by showing support for movements such as Log Off and Reboot and Recover. To help this issue on a smaller scale, have conversations on this matter with your friends and family. Nothing will change if we do not discuss these issues with the people around us. Everyone has the power to cause change, even if it be informing others about your views on trending topics, so use your voice.


May Baseball

By: Brian Avery

The varsity baseball team had an eventful season this year. On April 22nd, The Eagles played Hondo at home. Unfortunately, it ended in a loss for the Eagles with Hondo leading 5-2. Shortly after, the boys played Devine on the 26th, and lost again 2-0. When their next game on the 29th rolled around, they were ready. The Eagles took the win away from Crystal City with a score of 10-0. They had a week of preparation before entering the playoffs

The Eagles kept the streak going into the playoffs and won the next two games against Uvalde on the 6th and 7th of March, winning 12-2 on the 6th and 11-3 on the 7th. However, they couldn’t come out on top against Robstown for the next two playoff games, losing 3-0 on the 13th, and 4-0 on the 14th, ending their season. Good luck on next year’s season Eagles!

Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Stacy Downs

By: Brian Avery

One of the reasons PHS runs so smoothly is because we have so many people working behind the scenes to make sure it runs smoothly. One of them includes Mrs. Downs, our academic dean, who assists teachers in making sure their instruction is smooth.

Mrs. Downs went to CT High School, just north of Austin. She was very active within her school, as she was a cheerleader,  and in academic clubs such as Spanish and Science. After high school, she went to Angella State University, where she got a degree in Elementary Education.  She later got her masters in Curriculum and Instruction, which brought her to PISD.

Mrs. Downs started working at the Middle School campus, back when it was known as the PIC. She worked as an Instructional Coach-which is the same as an academic dean-and assisted teachers with their instructional process and lessons. She moved up to the Central Office, where she continued the same job for five years, before she joined us at PHS. She has been working on our campus for 10 years, and 20 years overall at PISD.

Mrs. Downs stated that her favorite part of working at PHS was being around so many people, and seeing how everything is changing everyday, adding that she was remorseful that she couldn’t see the change happening faster and being able to see the end result quicker.

Our campus would not be the same without Mrs. Downs working behind the scenes to make sure we have the best education possible. Thank you Mrs. Downs!

Mens Soccer

By: Brian Avery

The month of February was an exciting but short month for the Eagles Men soccer program. Both the Varsity and JV teams had many teams to play, many away from home. Here is the rundown.

To start off the events for the month, Both the JV and the Varsity teams travelled to Uvalde, beating both the JV and the Varsity team were victorious, with the JV game ending 6-1, and the Varsity team won . Moving forward to the next game, both teams travelled to San Antonio to play East Central. Unfortunately, the JV team lost 0-3 along with the Varsity winning 2-1. On Friday the 18th, the JV went to Pieper, a new school located in San Antonio, and played their varsity, who had not built enough of a record to play other Varsity teams. The JV gave a good fight, but lost 0-12. On the 22nd, the Varsity team played Foxtech again, with the game resulting in a win of 2-1. Later on in the week, on Friday the 25th, the Varsity team played La Vernia, and with great effort, they managed to tie 0-0. On Friday the 4th, both teams played Uvalde, with both teams achieving victory. JV won 8-1 and Varsity won 2-1. 

I got the privilege of interviewing Stefon Torres, the Varsity goalie, and Mason Little, a new player to the program. When asked to comment on the current state of the program this year, Torres admitted that the program has improved from year’s past in terms of attitude, stating that “we[PHS Men’s Soccer] were known for not being the best program, but it’s greatly improved since then.”  Torres admitted that the team needs more passion and dedication outside of the campus, but the program is off to a good start.  When asked the same questions, Little had very similar things to say,  stating that he greatly enjoyed his first year inside the program. He admitted that he couldn’t think of any specific ways to better the program, but was proud of how the program was progressing into the season.

The soccer boys held a fundraiser for two weeks selling cookies from Club’s Choice. It ended Friday, March 4th, but is being regarded as a success. 

The Varsity team has their eyes and hopes set on winning District, and going beyond. Good luck to both teams!

Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Pippen

By: Brian Avery

This month, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Kelly Pippen, and featuring her in this month’s staff feature.

Mrs. Kelly Pippen is a math teacher and co-head of the Special Education department here at Pleasanton High School. She has impacted many students’ lives, and continues to improve others’ lives to this day.

Mrs. Pippen graduated from Giddings High School, later attending Texas A&M in San Antonio, where she originally studied to become an accountant, however she[= switched her career path to become a teacher. She started as a math teacher, and would later become co-head of the Special Ed department. She came to Pleasanton High School 17 years ago, and is still going strong.

When asked to comment on her favorite aspect of teaching, she replied, “I love my students. I enjoy being with them, and seeing their growth from Freshman year to senior year. It’s always encouraging to know we’re[Teachers] making a difference.” She emphasized her love for the sense of family that PHS brings, from her coworkers to the students. The only thing she wished she could change at PHS is emphasizing the importance of some of the skills they teach that students don’t value. 

It was a pleasure interviewing Mrs. Pippen, and make sure you tell her hello when you see her in the halls! 

Boys Basketball November-December

By: Brian Avery

The month of November marked the start of the Boy’s Basketball season! To start off the season, we got to get commentary from Coach Mills! He has high hopes for the season, predicting that the Eagles will go undefeated in district, while watching out for Juan Lopez, Jace McCauley, and J.D. “Dawg” Marquez! He did mention that the team needs to work on rebounds, but he is confident that they can overcome this small bump! 

Moving on to scores, on the 9th of November, The JV and the Varsity teams had a few scrimmages, with the Varsity winning the first 60-6 and the second 45-25, while JV finished the first 30-26 and the second 48-10! On the 13th, the Eagles traveled to compete against Jones, with a 83-48 win for the Varsity. On the 18th, the Eagles faced off against the Wildcats, and Varsity unfortunately lost 55-64, and the following day, the Eagles played Edison, and the Varsity won 61-45. The 20th pitted the Eagles against the Southwest Dragons, and Varsity won with 79-59. The 23rd pitted the Eagles against Young Men’s Leadership Academy, Varsity won a close game of 66-61. To finish off their starting month, The Eagles played Carrizo Springs, blowing them away with 78-48. The Eagles played two teams on the 2nd of December, Varsity beating Martin 63-43 but barely losing to Cedar Park 42-43. The next day, they played Clemens, losing 46-68 and they also lost to Somerset, 51-54 in Overtime. To end their three day spree, they played Harlington South, and unfortunately lost 60-50. They played South San Antonio West on the 6th, which resulted in a Varsity destroying San Antonio 88-26. Their current record stands at 9-5, and they play Northern Oak on the 10th. Unfortunately, I failed to obtain a majority of the JV scores, and I deeply apologize for the failure. Nevertheless, Good Luck Eagles!

JROTC: October 2021

By: Brian Avery

In the month of October, the JROTC had many events planned for the program in the month of October. The first of these occurred on the second of this month, and that was the JROTC Family BBQ. It was held at the Pleasanton Park on October 2nd. It was an amazing opportunity for the new cadets and their families to meet and have fellowship with great food.

The second to occur this month was the National Night Out on October 5th. In honor of law enforcement across the country, our Eagle Battalion presented the colors at the park in honor of the Pleasanton Fire Department and Police force.

The next event that the Eagle Battalion attended was the Karen Wagner “Thunderbird Classic” Drill meet. The Academic, Unarmed, Armed, P.T., and the Male and Female color guard teams traveled to Wagner, and the Academic team finished in 4th, the highest that day. On the 16th of October, the Battalion attended the Second NISD Raider meet. The team that travelled consisted of Simon Karsky, Aries Yule, Annie Arize, Jealousy Loida, Jaiden And Valdemar Herra, Braxton Springer, Lorenzo Saminego, Hailey Yoho, Abigail Hotskin, and Alinea Neftkin.

They also held their annual meat stick fundraiser where they sold meat sticks for only one dollar. The program was scheduled for the JFK “Rocket Skills” Drill Meet on the 23rd of October, but it was unfortunately cancelled.

The final event they will be attending this month is the Somerset “Remember the Vet” Drill Meet, which will be held on the 30th of this month, and will be covered in our next article. Colonel Wynder commented on the JROTC’s performance this month, stating, “It was a busy month, but there was ample opportunity to shine light on our high school, and to glorify it.” Battalion Commander, Simon Karsky, also had praise for the Battalion, saying that they “performed beyond his expectations, putting in more work and effort then was expected, and more hours then required.” Good luck Eagle Battalion!