May Baseball

By: Brian Avery

The varsity baseball team had an eventful season this year. On April 22nd, The Eagles played Hondo at home. Unfortunately, it ended in a loss for the Eagles with Hondo leading 5-2. Shortly after, the boys played Devine on the 26th, and lost again 2-0. When their next game on the 29th rolled around, they were ready. The Eagles took the win away from Crystal City with a score of 10-0. They had a week of preparation before entering the playoffs

The Eagles kept the streak going into the playoffs and won the next two games against Uvalde on the 6th and 7th of March, winning 12-2 on the 6th and 11-3 on the 7th. However, they couldn’t come out on top against Robstown for the next two playoff games, losing 3-0 on the 13th, and 4-0 on the 14th, ending their season. Good luck on next year’s season Eagles!

Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Stacy Downs

By: Brian Avery

One of the reasons PHS runs so smoothly is because we have so many people working behind the scenes to make sure it runs smoothly. One of them includes Mrs. Downs, our academic dean, who assists teachers in making sure their instruction is smooth.

Mrs. Downs went to CT High School, just north of Austin. She was very active within her school, as she was a cheerleader,  and in academic clubs such as Spanish and Science. After high school, she went to Angella State University, where she got a degree in Elementary Education.  She later got her masters in Curriculum and Instruction, which brought her to PISD.

Mrs. Downs started working at the Middle School campus, back when it was known as the PIC. She worked as an Instructional Coach-which is the same as an academic dean-and assisted teachers with their instructional process and lessons. She moved up to the Central Office, where she continued the same job for five years, before she joined us at PHS. She has been working on our campus for 10 years, and 20 years overall at PISD.

Mrs. Downs stated that her favorite part of working at PHS was being around so many people, and seeing how everything is changing everyday, adding that she was remorseful that she couldn’t see the change happening faster and being able to see the end result quicker.

Our campus would not be the same without Mrs. Downs working behind the scenes to make sure we have the best education possible. Thank you Mrs. Downs!

Mens Soccer

By: Brian Avery

The month of February was an exciting but short month for the Eagles Men soccer program. Both the Varsity and JV teams had many teams to play, many away from home. Here is the rundown.

To start off the events for the month, Both the JV and the Varsity teams travelled to Uvalde, beating both the JV and the Varsity team were victorious, with the JV game ending 6-1, and the Varsity team won . Moving forward to the next game, both teams travelled to San Antonio to play East Central. Unfortunately, the JV team lost 0-3 along with the Varsity winning 2-1. On Friday the 18th, the JV went to Pieper, a new school located in San Antonio, and played their varsity, who had not built enough of a record to play other Varsity teams. The JV gave a good fight, but lost 0-12. On the 22nd, the Varsity team played Foxtech again, with the game resulting in a win of 2-1. Later on in the week, on Friday the 25th, the Varsity team played La Vernia, and with great effort, they managed to tie 0-0. On Friday the 4th, both teams played Uvalde, with both teams achieving victory. JV won 8-1 and Varsity won 2-1. 

I got the privilege of interviewing Stefon Torres, the Varsity goalie, and Mason Little, a new player to the program. When asked to comment on the current state of the program this year, Torres admitted that the program has improved from year’s past in terms of attitude, stating that “we[PHS Men’s Soccer] were known for not being the best program, but it’s greatly improved since then.”  Torres admitted that the team needs more passion and dedication outside of the campus, but the program is off to a good start.  When asked the same questions, Little had very similar things to say,  stating that he greatly enjoyed his first year inside the program. He admitted that he couldn’t think of any specific ways to better the program, but was proud of how the program was progressing into the season.

The soccer boys held a fundraiser for two weeks selling cookies from Club’s Choice. It ended Friday, March 4th, but is being regarded as a success. 

The Varsity team has their eyes and hopes set on winning District, and going beyond. Good luck to both teams!

Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Pippen

By: Brian Avery

This month, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Kelly Pippen, and featuring her in this month’s staff feature.

Mrs. Kelly Pippen is a math teacher and co-head of the Special Education department here at Pleasanton High School. She has impacted many students’ lives, and continues to improve others’ lives to this day.

Mrs. Pippen graduated from Giddings High School, later attending Texas A&M in San Antonio, where she originally studied to become an accountant, however she[= switched her career path to become a teacher. She started as a math teacher, and would later become co-head of the Special Ed department. She came to Pleasanton High School 17 years ago, and is still going strong.

When asked to comment on her favorite aspect of teaching, she replied, “I love my students. I enjoy being with them, and seeing their growth from Freshman year to senior year. It’s always encouraging to know we’re[Teachers] making a difference.” She emphasized her love for the sense of family that PHS brings, from her coworkers to the students. The only thing she wished she could change at PHS is emphasizing the importance of some of the skills they teach that students don’t value. 

It was a pleasure interviewing Mrs. Pippen, and make sure you tell her hello when you see her in the halls! 

Boys Basketball November-December

By: Brian Avery

The month of November marked the start of the Boy’s Basketball season! To start off the season, we got to get commentary from Coach Mills! He has high hopes for the season, predicting that the Eagles will go undefeated in district, while watching out for Juan Lopez, Jace McCauley, and J.D. “Dawg” Marquez! He did mention that the team needs to work on rebounds, but he is confident that they can overcome this small bump! 

Moving on to scores, on the 9th of November, The JV and the Varsity teams had a few scrimmages, with the Varsity winning the first 60-6 and the second 45-25, while JV finished the first 30-26 and the second 48-10! On the 13th, the Eagles traveled to compete against Jones, with a 83-48 win for the Varsity. On the 18th, the Eagles faced off against the Wildcats, and Varsity unfortunately lost 55-64, and the following day, the Eagles played Edison, and the Varsity won 61-45. The 20th pitted the Eagles against the Southwest Dragons, and Varsity won with 79-59. The 23rd pitted the Eagles against Young Men’s Leadership Academy, Varsity won a close game of 66-61. To finish off their starting month, The Eagles played Carrizo Springs, blowing them away with 78-48. The Eagles played two teams on the 2nd of December, Varsity beating Martin 63-43 but barely losing to Cedar Park 42-43. The next day, they played Clemens, losing 46-68 and they also lost to Somerset, 51-54 in Overtime. To end their three day spree, they played Harlington South, and unfortunately lost 60-50. They played South San Antonio West on the 6th, which resulted in a Varsity destroying San Antonio 88-26. Their current record stands at 9-5, and they play Northern Oak on the 10th. Unfortunately, I failed to obtain a majority of the JV scores, and I deeply apologize for the failure. Nevertheless, Good Luck Eagles!

JROTC: October 2021

By: Brian Avery

In the month of October, the JROTC had many events planned for the program in the month of October. The first of these occurred on the second of this month, and that was the JROTC Family BBQ. It was held at the Pleasanton Park on October 2nd. It was an amazing opportunity for the new cadets and their families to meet and have fellowship with great food.

The second to occur this month was the National Night Out on October 5th. In honor of law enforcement across the country, our Eagle Battalion presented the colors at the park in honor of the Pleasanton Fire Department and Police force.

The next event that the Eagle Battalion attended was the Karen Wagner “Thunderbird Classic” Drill meet. The Academic, Unarmed, Armed, P.T., and the Male and Female color guard teams traveled to Wagner, and the Academic team finished in 4th, the highest that day. On the 16th of October, the Battalion attended the Second NISD Raider meet. The team that travelled consisted of Simon Karsky, Aries Yule, Annie Arize, Jealousy Loida, Jaiden And Valdemar Herra, Braxton Springer, Lorenzo Saminego, Hailey Yoho, Abigail Hotskin, and Alinea Neftkin.

They also held their annual meat stick fundraiser where they sold meat sticks for only one dollar. The program was scheduled for the JFK “Rocket Skills” Drill Meet on the 23rd of October, but it was unfortunately cancelled.

The final event they will be attending this month is the Somerset “Remember the Vet” Drill Meet, which will be held on the 30th of this month, and will be covered in our next article. Colonel Wynder commented on the JROTC’s performance this month, stating, “It was a busy month, but there was ample opportunity to shine light on our high school, and to glorify it.” Battalion Commander, Simon Karsky, also had praise for the Battalion, saying that they “performed beyond his expectations, putting in more work and effort then was expected, and more hours then required.” Good luck Eagle Battalion!