Celebrating Musical Success

By: Ariana Johnson

The group that made it to Region Band

For the past two months, the band has been busy with The Symphonic Band. First, they had the opportunity to play for the kids at the Pleasanton Primary School on December 13th, and many kids in the band were practicing their music, playing for judges and seeing who will get into the All Region Band competition later in December. Twenty-one of the forty students that went made it to the All Region Band on December 10th: Shanna Hime, Matthew Smith, Ainzely Arnold, Samuel Bermea, Madison Nunley, Michaela Anguiano, Britney Rogers, Ricardo Alegria, Maria Huezo, Ryan Kallio, Avlaro Sanchez, Jayden Ogg, Joshua Yoho, Aiden Contreras, Hailey Tashi, Michael Lister, Kevin Tucker, Ryan Beddo, Steven Minniear, Nathan Din, and Kamryn Kendrick. Out of those twenty-one performers, thirteen of them qualified for All Area Band in Alice, Texas on January 7th: Shanna Hime, Matthew Smith, Samuel Bermea, Madison Nunley, Michaela Anguiano, Britney Rogers, Maria Huezo, Ricardo Alegria, Alvaro Sanchez, Joshua Yoho, Michael Lister, Ryan Beddo and Steven Minniear. Two of the thirteen made it to the All State Band: Michaela Anguiano and Matthew Smith.

All of the band directors are very proud of Michaela and Matthew for going to State. Micaela Anguiano gave some advice to those who are scared to play in Region. She told us, “Audition and performance anxiety are very real but one great thing about region-band auditions is that the judges cannot see you! With that said, I love to take deep controlled breaths, visualize myself in the band hall and play as if no one is listening. It is easier said than done but eventually through time, this technique can really help you. Yes the judges are there to judge you, but at the same time, they want to hear good music!” Michaela also gave some advice to those wanting to go to State as she stated, “My advice for anyone wishing to go to be an All-Starter is to work hard, stay focused and keep dreaming big. Like said in my favorite movie of all time, “no one was going to hand it to me. It was up to me to reach for my dream, grab it tight and make it come true.” – Coco ”

However, Michaela also had her obstacles, worries, and preparation before she could make it to State. Michaela’s obstacles for getting to State were balanced as Michaela had to decide what instrument she wanted to play for tryouts this year: clarinet, alto clarinet, bari-sax, Eb clarinet or flute. She is also not that great at time management and she had it tough for this semester, as she had All-State, Solo and Ensemble, her college auditions, UIL, BPA, NHS and her job. Michaela’s worries for State auditions, her feelings when she heard she was making it to state she felt relief. As Michaela made it to state last year, she felt she had some weight on her shoulders, and she felt obligated to make it to state this year. If she didn’t make it to state, she would feel embarrassed or even felt she was a bad musician. Michaela has been practicing her etudes and scales since June of last year. She took a lot of time to study her music, listen and know how it should be played. Since the beginning of the school year, she got all of the music down and perfected it by December. She spent everyday during Focus, after school, on weekends, in jazz band sometimes, over Thanksgiving, and Christmas break. Michaela deserves her spot in the All State Band as she has spent many hours on her music despite her own struggles. Everyone in the band is very proud of Michaela Anguiano and Matthew Smith. They will be playing at the Texas Music Educators Convention on February 11th at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center. Make sure to wish our State Performers good luck! 

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