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Mental Health Awareness Month is a time to raise awareness for people’s health mentally, rather than physically. Mental health is important because it impacts relationships, attitude, community wellness, work productivity, and most of all, the stressing of life. 

However, many people suffer from their mental health. This month is the month to encourage others to seek the health care they need. This month provides the opportunity to focus on self care and show the importance of mental health. Many people have been through traumatic events and it has had a negative impact on their minds. 

Mental Health Awareness was established since 1949 and was created mostly to educate people on conditions like depression, bi-polar disorders, anxiety, and copying with toxic family environments . Over time, substance abuse has increasingly grown and harmed others in the long run causing some to go dumb, cause migraines, and severe breathing problems .

  You can help raise awareness by asking how people are doing, or doing a good deed to enlighten someone’s day. You can greatly impact a person’s life just by one little doing.

New Discoveries

By: Jauslyn Ramirez


Titanosaur | Size, Length, & Facts | Britannica

Geologists discovered 92 fossilized nests filled with 256 Titanosaur eggs, one of the biggest dinosaur hatcheries ever found. Six species of these, long necked herbivores laid eggs there, and more diversity than expected. The animals nested close together, like many modern day birds do. Scientist have been growing closer and closer to the discovery of how dinosaurs inhabited and everyday life. The nests also indicate that the Titanosaur may have had a similar physiology to modern birds, where they  laid their eggs. The close nesting of these dinosaurs is similar to modern day birds like great egrets, cormorants and brown pelicans. They are compatible to birds almost exactly. This great discovery is remarkable!!



By: Jauslyn Ramirez

BPA or Business Professionals of America is an organization of students striving to become an innovator in career and technical education, providing their members opportunities for growth through education, competition, community service, and personal development. 

Mrs. Olivari is the sponsor of the school’s business program and strives to make students better and excel. 

BPA members competed at Medina Valley High School for their regional conference this past weekend; Individuals qualifying for state:


Jadyn Swan – Economic Research – 1st place

Elynore Hernandez  – Digital Media Production  – 1st place

Delanie De La Fuente – Prepared Speech – 1st place

Alexis Ramos – Presentation Individual- 1st place

Stefon Torres – Health Leadership Topics – 1st place

Michaela Anguiano – Administrative Support Project – 1st

Alexandria Balderas – Administrative Support Project – 2nd place

Lauren Miles – Fundamental Word Processing  – 2nd place

Bennack Conroy, Elynore Hernandez,  Gage Pawelek – Video Production


Team  – 1st place

Tanner McDougal, Maribel Cerrillo, Sophie Zeng – Global Marketing Team – 1st place

Adyson Pawelek, Geneve Turner, Isabella Trapp – Presentation Team – 1st place

Other competitors earning State Alternates placings are:

Alejandra Martinez – Banking and Finance – 9th place

Preston Pilgrim – Banking and Finance – 8th place

Alexandria Balderas, Preston Pilgrim – Podcasting Production Team – 3rd place

Emree Adamitz, Sadie Hartmann – Small Business Management Team – 4th place


In addition, Alexandria Balderas has been installed as the next Area 2 Region 2 President!


Starting March 2nd these candidates will travel to Dallas for state to compete their hearts out. Lets go eagles!

Monthly Cause: National Blood Donor Month


By: Jauslyn and April

January is National Blood Donor Month - E-Z Window Cleaning

Blood donation is something that is very unheard of. Blood donation also known as blood transfusion is when a single person agrees with the withdrawal of their blood to give to another one in need. Sometimes blood donation can help someone to save a life.

In order to donate blood the person has to be at least 17 years old and 110 lbs. The first successful blood transfusion was recorded in 1665 according to the American Red Cross. In 1667 the second blood donation was attempted and almost went wrong. The patient survived but was very ill and had to take almost a month to recover.

You may ask why is donating blood so important? Why are we dedicating the month of January to it? Well if you may ask, donating blood can save lives of good people or can even help them get through a serious procedure. Donating blood is a very big deal to the people in need. Imagine someone laying in a hospital bed dying because their blood isn’t producing strong or fast enough. You can help them, you can save them. There are so many different types of blood consisting of: -O, +O, -A, +A, -B, +B, +AB, -AB, and O. There are only certain types of blood that doctors need. If the patient is a -AB then they would need +AB. January is considered the second month of winter which means the second month of giving. Blood donation is an act of giving someone another chance and helping save their lives or simply just help them. 


DIY Christmas Crafts

By: Jauslyn Ramirez 

Finished product of the wreath!


~White Christmas ball wreath~

Want a way to be festive but not expensive? Using ONLY beautiful ornaments from last year! I am sure you have seen a lot of tutorials that hot glue the ornaments to a foam frame. That method works just fine but I already had some wire wreath frames laying around so I decided to use those instead.


  • Glue gun
  • Shatterproof ornaments of your choice
  • Craft wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire wreath form

Step 1:

You will first want to cut a bunch of wire pieces, each about 7-8 inches long and then bend the wires in half. These will be used to tie bundles or ball ornaments together.

Go ahead and cut 30 or so. You can always add more later, if needed.


Step 2:

Next bundle them, simply take one piece of folded wire and thread 3 ornaments through their hangers. Then, twist the wire snugly 2 or 3 times to secure them.


Step 3:

you will take that cluster of ornaments and secure it to the wreath frame by wrapping the ends of the wire around it tightly.

Then simply, repeat making clusters and attaching them to the frame until the entire front and side of the wire form is covered with ornaments.

Make sure the clusters are snug against each other. You don’t want them to be shaky or loose.


Step 4:

If you wish, you can always trim the excess wires. Just don’t trim them too short so you don’t lose any ornaments!

Finally, check over the completed wreath for any gaps or holes in the ornaments.

Now that you have completed your DIY Christmas wreath with ball ornaments, the only thing left to do is add a bow and hang it!



By: Jauslyn Ramirez

The Lady Eagles have been dominating and working hard on the court and have a current record of 40-2. On September 21st, the Lady Eagles traveled to Somerset and fought hard to hold the opposing team from scoring. The girls had a rough start but got the hang of it holding Somerset 3-0. Then Pearsall came to play at home and the Eagles won 3-0. On September 28th, the girls traveled to Floresville with a mindset of winning, and had a nail-biting game that ended with the Lady Eagles winning 3-2. The following week the team played against our well known Uvalde team and once again came out ready to work for the win. Uvalde gave a fight, but our Eagles were ready for anything that came at them. The score was 3-1, a win for our hard working ladies. The team found their rhythm as they worked on flaws and fixed their issues before they took on Carrizo Springs and dominated once again with a win 3-0 with plenty of great sets and assists.

After a couple days of working on drills and plays the Lady Eagles went on to face La Vernia at home in a non-district match-up. The Eagles fought hard but ended with a 1-3 loss, but they knew this wasn’t the end. The Lady Eagles then traveled to Devine to battle it out with the Arabians which led to a 3-1 win. The Lady Eagles then went on to beat and shut-out Somerset and Pearsall before playing Floresville on senior night and shutting them out as well. Their last district game was against Uvalde and the Lady Eagles again shut them out and were awarded undefeated district champs. Way to go girls! The Lady Eagles have been doing great and work so hard trying to perfect their plays and their progress has shown throughout the games. Good Luck to the Lady Eagles as they start playoffs with a game against Orange-Grove on October 31st. Pride! Pride!