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By : Kassidy Vickers & Alexandra Garcia

The Pleasanton Girls Varsity Basketball team started off this year fighting hard. The Lady Eagles have already played over 27 games this season, and 6 so far in the month of January. As of January 20, the win-loss rate is 13-18. In January, the Lady Eagles have won 3 and lost 3.

On January 3rd, the Lady Eagles played Somerset. After a hard fight the girls fell short, ending with a score of 31-57. The girls did not let this bring them down and came back in their next game on January 6th against Pearsall with a 44-31 win. Their next game was on January 10th against Floresville where they lost 24-48. Their next game was against Uvalde on January 13 and after struggles the lady eagles pulled through and secured the win, 38-31. Four days later on January 17th, the girls received another win against Carrizo Springs with a final score of 52-32. The 6th game so far in the month of January was on January 20th against Marion. After another tough fight, the girls lost with a score of 33-41.

Stephanie Hernandez is a junior player on the varsity women’s basketball team and has been playing for four years now. For Stephanie, this team is in her words, “Kind hearted, fun, and joyful to be around.” Stephanie explains how rewarding the team’s wins and time together is. This team proves to have a strong bond and together they can achieve many great things. Hopefully together they can achieve their goal to make it to the playoffs.

The head coach of our varsity girl’s basketball team is Coach Rentfro. This year he is trying something new by switching up the offense by changing the previous two post offense to a four out ball post offense. This change has been proving beneficial as the girls’ production has gone up. The coaches have also been charting the turnovers, and how and why they happened. As a result they are able to target down the problem and the turnover output has been cut in half in the last three games! Coach Renfro said, “They have improved in so many areas! Growth is key, and they are much more resilient.” This season seems to have many positive improvements and outcomes and hopefully this will continue as the season progresses.

We want to wish the women’s basketball team the best of luck as they head to the second round of district. Pride, Pride.

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