‘Tis the Season

By: Hayden Schmidt

Merry on Main 2020 comes to a close with the spectacular firework display

The first week of December marked the true beginning of the Holiday season, with cold weather finally setting in and the first festivities being held. The annual Merry on Main was held Friday the 5th and Saturday the 6th on Main Street in Pleasanton, and was met with huge success.

Though it was up in the air how everything would occur with the looming presence of COVID-19, the event was held without troubles and had just as many participants as it always has. Businesses along Main Street opened their doors to hundreds of customers Saturday morning, and many people set up booths down the street. Homemade foods, crafts, and antiques were sold to passersby. I had the opportunity to interview Noel Wilkerson Holmes, a member of the Merry on Main planning committee, about this year’s event. 

The Merry on Main planning committee has a very important task each year, as they must organize what is arguably the largest community event of the year in Pleasanton. Noel, who handles advertisements and promotions for the event with the Pleasanton Express, spoke highly of the committee and the work they do. “There are 14 people on the committee, and we stay very organized. Each of the members has specialties that we use so we’re able to be ready and hit the ground running.” The committee doesn’t stop once the year’s event is over, either. “We begin planning the event almost immediately after the previous occasion. We meet again next Tuesday to start the process for next year.” Noel’s comments show that this group puts in a great amount of time and effort to give the community this event.

Noel also spoke on the troubles the committee faced this year with the issue of COVID-19 protocols. “We were already well into planning Merry on Main for 2020 when COVID hit back in March. The committee meets monthly, and so every meeting we met with the Pleasanton Emergency officials to go over protocols and safety we would have to implement.” Noel said that protocols were followed with the help of health officials and law enforcement, and that there were no issues. 

All in all, Merry on Main was a huge success this year, and Noel highly agrees. “Without hesitation, I think it was phenomenal. We faced a pandemic, rain, and the coldest day of the year so far, and still thousands came out to show. Vendors didn’t close down, either. They stuck it through and showed great spirit.” The entire community thanks Noel and the Merry on Main planning committee for the hard work they put in to plan this event, and cannot wait for next year’s!

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