Hirschi Huskies PT Team Match

By: Victoria Chavez

When the devastating COVID-19 hit occurred, many of us were left uncertain about the future. In the JROTC Eagle Battalion, limited contact meant the cancellation of any and all drill meets. Though this year we are unable to compete face to face, we are still given the opportunity to compete virtually. This month we had the chance to compete in a virtual PT (Physical Training) competition. A total of 32 cadets participated, 5 male teams, 2 female teams, and one mixed team.

These cadets competed in a basketball throw, 400 meter dash, a standing long jump, and a one minute curl up category. 

When asked about the status behind the team, COL Wynder responded, “Opportunities for our physical fitness team gave a purpose and a focus for practices…” At first, many cadets worried about this new experience, but like the strong team we are, it was no contest. “[It was] easy and different [because] I wasn’t in a competitive environment… ,” said Senior, Guadalupe Quintana. Without the praise and encouragement from the side lines, the cadets had to depend on one another to keep the team going, “There were no fans but however they cheered each other on..” said COL Wynder. The unfortunate side of this event was the loss of rivalry, Senior, Edward Uhl commented on this saying , “I really didn’t [feel] like I competed with other people… I miss going to the comps…” but for others, they made the most out of it, “It was very different but very fun” said anonymous. Whether the competition is away or at home, our battalion PT team will continue to strive for excellence. 

The results will not be posted until next week but the top results between our cadets are in:

Long Jump- 106 inches Braxton Springer (11th Grade) 

400 Meter Dash- 63 seconds Timothy Miller (From Jourdanton High School)

Sit-ups- 64 Guadalupe Quintana (12th Grade)

Basketball throw- 66 feet Edward Uhl (12th Grade) 

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