Teacher Spotlight

By: Jaelyn Morales

Ms. Infante is a teacher here at Pleasanton High School. This is her first year teaching at Pleasanton and she has already made a big impact on the students here. She teaches both World History and World Geography. Ms. Infante always has a bright smile on her face and even with a mask on you can tell she enjoys teaching and takes her job seriously. “She is a fun and interactive teacher that makes it easy for us to understand and grasp the information that is being taught,” said Alexis Ramos, a student of Ms. Infante’s World History class. 

Ms. Infante graduated from Los Fresnos High School and went on to receive her Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts/Social Studies Composite from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Before coming to Pleasanton, she was a teacher at Harlingen High School for 1 year and then taught at Bruni High School for 2 years.

When asked what her favorite part about being a teacher is, Ms. Infante responded, “I love interacting with my students and I love teaching them new things.” Although there are a lot of good and fun things about being a teacher, there are also a lot of difficulties teachers go through and one in particular this year is Covid-19.

When asked what the hardest part about teaching is, Ms. Infante responded, “All the changes this year because of Covid-19 have made it more difficult, but with the help of other teachers I wasn’t as nervous my first two weeks.” This school year has been difficult for everyone in some way, but that hasn’t stopped Ms. Infante and other teachers from trying their hardest to make sure we are safe and learning new concepts, principles, and skills.

Ms. Infante has done an amazing job this year and her positivity and encouragement that has brightened many people’s days has not gone unnoticed. Thank you Ms. Infante for being a hardworking and inspiring teacher and for everything you do in and out of the classroom.

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