Student Spotlight

By: Ricky Fabrow 

This student spotlight is about a very unique and hard working gal named Emma Poorboy. She’s an online learner and prefers to work at home as it is easier and quieter than school is and would rather stay there than go back. She works hard and gets every assignment that’s thrown her way done and knows when to ask for help when she needs it. She does what she does in order to pursue her career in babysitting as she does like kids.

Two of her teachers have said some very nice things about her:

“She consistently turns in her assignments, asks questions, and reaches out to teachers if she needs help.  She is very concerned about her grades and makes sure that she communicates effectively with her mom and the teachers to get the best grade.”  -Ms. Flores

“She is a very hardworking young girl. Always reaches out when she has a question either about content or assignments. She always comes to our Zoom meetings and has turned in all assignments. She is a wonderful young lady that I enjoy having in my class.” -Ms. Infante

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