Run fast or be last!

By: Ariana Johnson

Pleasanton girls first meet at home field


February 10, was the start of the Pleasanton Eagles track season where the Pleasanton Eagles track team went against Juordanton, Hondo, and Dilly at the Pleasanton Track. The Pleasanton Eagles the Varsity team placed 1st in this track meet and JV placed 3rd.  For the girls discus the girls placed 4th and 5th by Genavieve Alvarado and Ariana Johnson for the JV and Sofia Aguilar placed 5th for Varsity. Sofia Aguilar said, ¨It is different for sure with covid but it is what it is. I also want to improve on how far I throw and improve my form. I want to make memories with my team and friends.¨ For shot put Genavieve placed 2nd for JV and Sofia Aguilar placed 3rd for Varsity. Genavieve said, ¨Things go pretty well with masks and trying to keep everyone safe and doing our events during covid. I also want a good season and get over 20 feet in the shot put. I also want to get along with her teammates and get to know them better and go to other track meets with other great throwers.¨ For the Varsity hurdles Jillian Barcomb placed 1st and Emily David placed 2nd for Varsity. Jillian Barcomb said, ¨It’s pretty normal for this season just with extra health precautions. To get faster in hurdles. To hopefully get past the district meet.¨ For the girls high jump Kara Hinojosa placed 3d and Victoria Castillo tied for 2nd for Varsity. Kara Hinojosa said, ¨It’s definitely challenging and it definitely feels different from what I’m used to. Just the P.R. for my mile time. The comparison for this season cause I´m new here and I want to see what they got.¨ For the girls pole vault McAda Rutherford had no height and she did not place for the JV. McAda Rutherford said, ¨I don’t feel like it’s not that different from what we usually do, just smaller teams. My goals for this season to show some improvement from the beginning of the season to the end of this season. I’m looking forward to actually having a season and COVID not shutting us down.¨

For the 2 mile Caitlin Hernandez placed 1st for JV and Kassidy Vickers placed 1st and Fe Vielma placed 3rd for Varsity. Caitlin Hernandez said, ¨I feel like everything is more empty and I feel more open and less likely to win. Just try my best and make a new PR. Just to be with my friends and having fun and seeing how much better I have gotten.


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