Spring Tennis

By: Carol

The thrill of any sport lies in the unpredictability of outcomes. For many years Pleasanton tennis team has been an underdog until this year took an unexpected turn when our entire team from singles to doubles put up a heck of a fight against 5-A schools even bringing home some medals.

Tennis is a different kind of competition in the spring, every man for himself. However, as anyone watching one of this year’s tournaments can see, the PHS teams’ comradery is what keeps them going through tough rounds. In competitive tournaments such as the one on March 9th at Steele High School, Pleasanton managed five medals. Most notably however their past tournament in Frederiscksberg Farah Standley brought home a medal, beating out Fredericksburg, Navarro, and Bernoe but falling short in the finals round. Coach Everett said, “She represented Eagle Tennis with pride and fought till the very end”. 

The Quill took some time to interview Farah following her recent success. She shares how this year everyone in the team helped to create a space for growth and built off each other. Going forward Farah is prepping for Pre-District, she says the motto for the rest of the year is “I am a CLEAR ball of positivity.” We’d like to wish Farah and the rest of the tennis team the best moving into district. PRIDE PRIDE. 

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