Spring Tennis

By: Carol

The thrill of any sport lies in the unpredictability of outcomes. For many years Pleasanton tennis team has been an underdog until this year took an unexpected turn when our entire team from singles to doubles put up a heck of a fight against 5-A schools even bringing home some medals.

Tennis is a different kind of competition in the spring, every man for himself. However, as anyone watching one of this year’s tournaments can see, the PHS teams’ comradery is what keeps them going through tough rounds. In competitive tournaments such as the one on March 9th at Steele High School, Pleasanton managed five medals. Most notably however their past tournament in Frederiscksberg Farah Standley brought home a medal, beating out Fredericksburg, Navarro, and Bernoe but falling short in the finals round. Coach Everett said, “She represented Eagle Tennis with pride and fought till the very end”. 

The Quill took some time to interview Farah following her recent success. She shares how this year everyone in the team helped to create a space for growth and built off each other. Going forward Farah is prepping for Pre-District, she says the motto for the rest of the year is “I am a CLEAR ball of positivity.” We’d like to wish Farah and the rest of the tennis team the best moving into district. PRIDE PRIDE. 


By: Carol

The Business Professionals of America organization is meant to build leadership, academic, and technical skills in young adults who have an interest in business-like career fields. Through this the organization allows opportunities for networking and competitions to gain greater real-life experiences. Here at PHS, our BPA students do just that and more.

Most recently our BPA students took on the State Leadership Conference in Corpus Christi with their heads held high. On day 1 of the conference, PHS was awarded the Social Media Award. On day 2 of this conference tensions were high as it was the start of individual competitions, but no need to fret as Jayden Sawn and Delaine De La Fuente both made it to finals in their events, Prepared Speech and Economic Research. Day 3 began with team competitions where PHS’s Global Marketing team and Presentation team made finals. On the final day, day 4 held the finals and award ceremony. Delanie placed 3rd in speech and will be attending Nationals in Chicago! Meanwhile, the Global Marketing team, Presentation team, and Jayden Swan all made National alternates. 

The Quill was granted to interview Delanie on her experience in BPA. For the past three years, she competed in Prepared Speech, for this event she had to write a formal speech about a business topic with a strict time limit “ it has to be between 5-7 minutes, any less or any more and you will be disqualified” she shared. Delaine has been incredibly successful this year, placing first in regionals, and 3rd in state advancing her to nationals upcoming in May. Outside of being very successful in her competition, Delaine said “ BPA has prepared me in my communication skills  and professionalism.” Congratulations to Delaine and the teams traveling with her, PHS journalism wishes them the best of luck at nationals!


By: Shyanne Sexton

The Atascosa County Stock Show, an annual gathering steeped in tradition and camaraderie, serves as a celebration of local agriculture, livestock, and the enduring bond between farmers, ranchers, and the wider community. Back in January, Atascosa County held a livestock show in which many Pleasanton FFA members participated in. Listed below are all the placements from this year:


Market Rabbits: Rebecca Martinez – 36th


Broilers: Lillian Krause – 4th, Hayes Pawelek- 8th, Luke Krause – 19th, Juan Carlos Cruz – 20th, Emery Pawelek- 21st, Holden Pawelek- 25th


Market Goats Class 2: Caylee Durbin- 3rd, Mason Taylor- 4th 


Market Goats Class 3: Mason Taylor – 2nd


Market Goats Class 6: Mason Taylor- 6th, Isabella Palacios 8th


Sr Goat Showmanship: Caylee Durbin- Champion Sr Goat Showmanship, Mason Taylor- 4th


Jr. Swine Showmenship: Kason Kelley- Reserve Champion Jr Swine Showmanship, Kaleigh Olle- 3rd


Int. Swine Showmenship: Ainsley Kelley- 3rd, Tycen King- 5th 


Sr Swine Showmanship: Ashton Barker- Reserve Champion Sr Swine Showmanship

Teacher Spotlight: Ms.Huizar

By: Shyanne Sexton 

As a first year teacher here at PHS Ms. Huizar, a name that has echoed through the hallways with much joy over the past semester, and for this reason has been elected for this month’s teacher spotlight. “I have a love and respect for the learning environment. I see teaching as a way to give back to the community,” shares Mrs. Huizar when asked about her motivation to become a teacher. Her journey into the realm of education was fueled by a profound sense of purpose—a desire to make a positive impact and nurture the minds of the next generation. Upon joining the faculty at PHS, Ms. Huizar found herself returning to familiar territory. “I chose to work at PHS because I’ve always wanted to stay close to home,” she explains. The decision to embrace this opportunity was serendipitous, yet transformative. Despite the unexpected nature of the job offer, Mrs. Huizar embraced it wholeheartedly, and it’s a decision she wouldn’t change for anything. What sets PHS apart for Ms. Huizar is not just its proximity to home, but the profound sense of camaraderie and support that permeates the school environment. “The support from peers and teachers has been unmatched,” she reflects. It’s this sense of unity and collaboration that fosters a nurturing atmosphere, both for educators and students alike. Beyond her role as an educator, Mrs. Huizar leads a vibrant life filled with diverse interests and hobbies. “In my free time, my hobbies include riding, crossfit, running, and dancing,” she shares. As Ms. Huizar continues to inspire and empower her students at PHS, her impact extends far beyond the confines of the classroom. Through her dedication, passion, and genuine care for those around her, she exemplifies the very best of what it means to be an educator.

In spotlighting Ms. Huizar’s story, we celebrate the invaluable role of educators in shaping the future and providing a community of learning and growth.

Celebrating Black History Month: Honoring Resilience, Achievement, and Legacy

By: Shyanne Sexton

As February unfolds, so does an opportunity to reflect upon and celebrate the rich African American history and culture. Black History Month serves as a poignant reminder of the strength and invaluable contributions of Black individuals throughout history. From trailblazers who shattered barriers and paved the way for progress to unsung heroes whose stories remain untold, Black History Month offers a platform to honor the diverse voices and experiences that have shaped our world.

This month, let us remember the courage of civil rights activists who marched, protested, and fought tirelessly for equality and justice. Let us pay tribute to the creativity and innovation of Black artists, musicians, writers, and thinkers who have enriched our lives with their brilliance and vision.

Moreover, let us acknowledge the countless achievements and triumphs of Black communities across the globe.

As we commemorate Black History Month, may we not only reflect on the past but also recommit ourselves to the ongoing pursuit of equality, diversity, and inclusivity in all aspects of society. Together, let us honor the enduring legacy of Black history and continue to strive toward a more just and equitable world for all.

Happy Black History Month!

Womens Soccer

By: Leighlah Silva 

Soccer season has officially started here at PHS! The quill staff have partnered up with the head coach of the girl’s soccer team and asked a few questions about how he wants this soccer season to play out. This season has barely started, but the sky’s the limit for this team!

“My expectations for this season are high because our team has no ceiling in sight. This is a talented team, but more importantly, they are coachable and committed”, Says Coach Joseph. With all this excitement about soccer season starting, comes hard challenges for these talented girls! “Before they could try out, the girls were required to complete a fitness test. The varsity fitness test was a 7:20 mile and level 15 on the Nike Yo-Yo intermittent Recovery test. The JV fitness requirement was 8:30 and level 10, respectively. The actual tryouts consisted of two weeks of technical drills and a week of small-sided games.” 

Each and every day these student-athletes are working hard for district champions. This team has so much potential and amazing talent, they will in fact go far!

Rock ‘n Bowl

By: Shyanne Sexton 

In the heart of Pleasanton, where the sense of community thrives, a new chapter in high school sports is unfolding. Pleasanton High School has revived its sense of friendship and rivalry by forming its own bowling team. This new addition to the school’s roster is about more than simply strikes and spares; it’s about cooperation, skill development, and providing students with memorable memories. Pleasanton High School’s bowling team was founded by a group of enthusiastic students who realized the need for a varied sports program. Bowling, which is commonly thought of as a leisure game, was envisioned as a way to bring together students with various passions under the umbrella of friendly competition. 

As tryouts and sign-ups commenced, a diverse group of students came forward, showcasing a mix of experienced bowlers and newcomers eager to learn. The inclusive nature of the team’s formation was intentional, reflecting the ethos of Pleasanton High School – a place where every student is encouraged to explore their passions. Beyond the scorecards and strikes, the bowling team has had a profound impact on the participating students. Friendships blossomed, and students discovered talents they never knew they possessed. Sophomore Brennan Lopez said,“It’s been a great experience, it’s a great opportunity to spend time with friends.”  The team provided a platform for personal growth, teaching resilience, discipline, and the importance of teamwork – lessons that extend far beyond the bowling alley.

NaNoWriMo Victories

By: Shyanne Sexton

National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, is an annual writing challenge that calls on participants to write a 50,000-word novel in just 30 days. This literary marathon demands dedication, creativity, and perseverance. For many aspiring writers, completing NaNoWriMo is a monumental achievement that signifies a triumph in word count and a journey of self-discovery and artistic expression. Four students here at PHS who undertook this ambitious challenge and emerged victorious. Throughout this issue and the next PHS Journalism staff will highlight 2 of the students at a time and their journeys. 

Kathryn Cornwell, a distinguished senior here at PHS fueled by a passion for storytelling and an extra hundred in the grade book, took her first steps into the realm of NaNoWriMo with trepidation and excitement. Like everything else she does Kathryn faced this challenge head-on, juggling schoolwork, jobs, and the demands of daily life. Despite initial doubts, Kathryn was captivated by the creative process, discovering hidden depths of imagination she never knew she possessed. 

Immersing herself in the hallow confines of our local Starbucks Kathryn harnessed the productive atmosphere, allowing her writing process to run ramped. The beginning of her narrative mirrored the distinctive contours of her personal life leading up to senior year as she expressed, “I wanted to tell my story but from an outside perspective.” However, as the long days of November fell by the way the story took an unexpected turn from a thin-veiled autobiography to the fictional narrative of a serial killer. Kathryn had navigated the early days of November with a steady pace, until she encountered a roadblock in her writing journey – what to do once she had shared her entire story. After days of pondering Kathryn had decided that to overcome this hurdle, she would draw inspiration from horror shows, movies, and books, shaping her character with newfound insight. As she found herself nearing the end, concluding her story became a challenging task, she had built relationships with the characters and couldn’t leave her narrative with a rushed or improper result.

The NaNoWriMo experience proved to be a roller coaster for Kathryn.  When asked if she would take on the daring challenge of NaNoWriMo again, Kathryn declined but shared her commitment to continue writing and pursuing her own creative desires. For Kathryn, the completion of NaNoWriMo signified more than just the creation of a novel. The discipline she honed during those 30 days translated into improved time management skills and heightened confidence, both academically and creatively.  

All the Journalism staff would like to congratulate Kathryn on her amazing achievement and wish her well in future endeavors.

Shelby Dambeck another Senior here at PHS also embarked on her NaNoWriMo journey this past month. The blank page stared back at her, and the challenge of writing a novel in just 30 days seemed daunting. Early days Shelby found herself grappling with a lack of direction in her story, unsure of where her characters would lead her. But, as she delved deeper into the writing process, a sense of accomplishment began to bloom.

Shelby shared that her writing started at a slow pace, the words trickling onto the page like a hesitant stream. However, as November unfolded, so did her narrative. Thanksgiving break proved to be a turning point for Shelby, a moment when everything began to click into place. With each passing day, her story gained momentum, and Shelby found herself caught up in the whirlwind of her characters’ lives. Shelby’s novel centered around a timeless theme: a love story between high school sweethearts. Yet, she approached it with a refreshing twist—deviating from the conventional narrative where the lovers live happily ever after.

The Starbucks proved once again to be a sanctuary for creativity. Armed with her favorite chai tea latte, she let the comforting hum of background noise and the warmth of her surroundings fuel her imagination. The ambiance became a backdrop for the development of her characters and the unfolding of their story. Shelby discovered that a change of scenery and a favorite beverage could be the perfect recipe for a productive writing session.

Shelby’s advice to fellow NaNoWriMo participants is simple but powerful: keep your pace and stay consistent. She emphasizes that maintaining a steady writing routine is key to alleviating the stress that can accompany such a challenge. By tackling her novel page by page, Shelby avoided the overwhelm that can often come with the pressure of word counts and deadlines. While Shelby doesn’t envision herself publishing or pursuing a career in writing, she recognizes the invaluable lessons NaNoWriMo has imparted. The discipline, determination, and creative problem-solving she cultivated during this month-long writing marathon are skills that will undoubtedly serve her well in her future endeavors to be a nurse. Whether in the classroom or any other arena, Shelby is confident that the resilience she honed during NaNoWriMo will be a guiding force.

As November drew to a close, Shelby looked back on her NaNoWriMo experience with a sense of accomplishment. Her journey from uncertainty to a completed novel is a testament to the transformative power of creativity and commitment. And, if she ever decides to take on NaNoWriMo again, there’s a promise lingering in the air—a continuation of the love story she brought to life, a narrative waiting to be unfolded in the pages of another Starbucks-fueled adventure.

Good. Better. Best.

By: Shyanne Sexton

The fall tennis season was a rollercoaster ride of triumphs and challenges for the Pleasanton team. The players gave their all in each match, and their passion for the sport was evident in every swing of the racquet. Despite finishing fourth in the district and facing a first-round exit in the playoffs, this season was not without its bright spots, thanks to a roster of standout players who showcased their skill and dedication. One of the most significant achievements of the season was district awards given to standout players who consistently delivered strong performances. Their dedication, scores, and sportsmanship were what set them apart to coaches within the district who vote on these awards 

Awards given:

First Team All-District Doubles Team (girls): Farah Standley and Shyanne Sexton

First Team All-District Singles (girls): Shyanne Sexton

First Team All-District Singles (girls): Farah Standley

Second Team All-District Singles (girls): Lauren Miles 

Second Team All-District Singles (girls): Ilianna Solorzano

Second Team All-District Singles (girls): Evelynn Caraway 

Second Team All-District Doubles Team (boys): Jace Warner and Jairo Ortiz

And Honorable Mentions to players: Evelynn Caraway, Ilianna Solorzano, Brennan Lopez, Lauren Miles, Adyson Pawelek, Marcus Lynch, Micha Klien, and Kolton Sexton.

When asked about the close of the season Coach Everett said“ The odds were definitely stacked against us in playoffs but I was astonished by the amount of hustle each player gave. Although it is the end of our fall season, I know in the spring we will continue to do great things!” PHS is beyond proud of its tennis team and all of us here at PHS Journalism wish them well rest and good luck till spring season!

Athlete Spotlight: Jacob Barrow

By: Shyanne Sexton 

In the realm of sports, some athletes shine for their exceptional skills on the field or for their drive and passion for the game, and every now and then you find an athlete who has both. Jacob Barrow a sophomore at PHS, is an outstanding athlete who has left his mark on the football field, showcasing a remarkable combination of talent, mental toughness, and a dream that drives him forward.

There is certainly something to say about a Friday night football game in small towns across South Texas. The allure of cheering crowds, high school fame, the taste of victory, the sound of bands playing at every touchdown, and a community uniting for a team of passionate players is hard to resist. For Jacob, though football isn’t just about the thrill of victory or adulation of the fans: it’s about competition and his own personal fulfillment. He thrives in the face of a challenge, outplaying opponents, pushing his limits, and having a great time while doing so. All athletes aspire to have this immense LOVE of their sport and Jacob has it in spades.

However, as any football player knows, this sport does not come without its bumps and bruises. Jacob has certainly faced his fair share of injuries. Physical setbacks led to moments of self-doubt, moments in which he questioned his ability to play the game he’s always loved. Yet, Jacob’s positive outlook is what carries him through those times. Rather than letting setbacks deter him, he uses them as motivation to push back harder and come back stronger than before. As Jacob continues through his football career he aspires to be a collegiate player, representing his school, community, and family. His dream serves as another thing that fuels his passion for the game.

When asked who his biggest motivators were Jacob didn’t hesitate “My Parents” he said. His mother and father have been a constant source of inspiration and support throughout his journey. They have cheered him on from the sidelines, attended countless long late-night games, and offered unwavering encouragement, whether he celebrating a great game or navigating the tough challenges of injuries. 

It is rare to find such an amazing young talented driven athlete and Jacob is just that. PHS is certainly lucky to have Jacob as a student and athlete. As the football season comes to a close all of us here at PHS Journalism wish Jacob and his team the best of luck!!

Chasing Horizons

By: Shyanne Sexton 

As the 2023 Cross Country season comes to a close the months of hard work, dedication, and sweat have led to a bittersweet ending, with triumphs and near misses. The spotlight shines brightly on Pleasanton’s Varsity Girls team, which secured their spot at Reginols finishing 3 overall at district. These girls gave a stellar performance. Shalyn Gutierrez, the lady Eagles top runner came in 3rd place with a time of 13:02 followed by senior Kassidy Vickers with a time of 13:26 placing 7th place. Following Kassidy and Shaylyn would be Aryana Partida (14:18 in 14th place), and Evalynn Garza (14:41 in 18th place). Jauslynn Ramirez (14:43 in 20th place), Aleza Robledo (14:46 in 21st place), and Shanna Hime (14:48 in 23rd place), and would be the final members of the team to cross the finish line for the Varsity girl’s team. These girls have pushed their limits and braved the many rigors of cross country, enduring early morning runs and grueling workouts. Above all for the Varsity girls, it is their teamwork that left an indelible mark on the season. 

While the varsity girls have clinched their spot at Regionals, the varsity boys’ team, unfortunately, narrowly missed out on securing a place. Finishing fifth overall, they showcased their immense talent and determination but fell just short of advancing any further. Leading the Varsity boys across the finish line in 12th place was Ian Rodriguez with a time of 18:43. Following only two seconds behind Ian for 13th place was Mich Klien with a time of 18:45. Following runners were Joe Martinez (19:45, 23rd place), Jayden Fox (20:02, 25th place), Dominic Leal (20:09, 26th place), Jordan Cuellar (20:19, 27th place) and lastly Zeke Garcia (20:37, 33rd place).

In the realm of junior varsity (JV) cross country, we would like to congratulate both the girls’ and boys’ teams as they celebrated the victory of the title of District Champions. These talented young athletes showcased their skills and dedication with standout performances that left spectators and fellow competitors in awe.

Overall cross country had a stellar season. When talking with senior Kassidy Vickers she expressed her immense gratitude towards all her years in this sport saying It’s a bitter-sweet ending, I’m definitely going to miss my team and the memories but I’m also ready to start my next chapter.” 

And lastly, a special congratulations from the PHS Journalism team to cross country, Let’s Go Eagles!! PRIDE! PRIDE!

Athlete Spotlight: Kiley Wiechring

By: Carol

In the world of student-athletes, there are those who stand out not only for their exceptional skills on the court but also for their dedication to academics and their ability to balance the demands of both worlds. One such outstanding individual is Kiley Wiechering, a name that has become synonymous with excellence in both sports and academics at Pleasanton High School. 

Kiley’s journey as an athlete began at a young age when she discovered her passion for sports, especially volleyball. Growing up in a family that valued athletics and education, Kiley was encouraged to explore her interests. She tried her hand at various sports, from softball to track and basketball, but ultimately found her main calling in the world of volleyball. Since the young age of about five Kiley could be found on a volleyball court. “ It’s my calm space” siad Kiley. 

As Kiley progressed through her volleyball career, her talent continued to shine. She joined our high school’s varsity team and quickly became a standout player. Her incredible work ethic, determination, and leadership skills earned her the respect of her coaches and teammates. 

Her performances on the court were nothing short of spectacular. She consistently led her team in scoring and demonstrated her versatility and ability to impact the game in multiple ways. Her dedication to the sport was unwavering, as she often spent extra hours practicing and refining her skills.

While Kiley’s love for volleyball was undeniable, she understood the importance of a well-rounded education. From an early age, she excelled in the classroom, consistently earning top grades and demonstrating a thirst for knowledge. Kiley’s dedication to academics never wavered, even as her volleyball career began to take off. She managed to strike a balance between her sports commitments and her studies, a feat that many find incredibly challenging. 

Kiley is undoubtedly a standout athlete at Pleasanton High School. Kiley’s athletic career serves as a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and dedication in achieving one’s goals. As she continues to shine both on and off the court, there is no doubt that Kiley’s dedication, work ethic, and ability to persevere in the face of challenges make her a role model for upcoming athletes.

PHS is beyond lucky to have a Student athlete like Kiley. All of us here in the PHS journalism staff would like to wish Kiley and the rest of her team good luck for the rest of their 2023 volleyball season.


Cross Country

By: Carol

For the high school cross country team, the start of the season marks the beginning of a journey filled with sweat, tears, and unrelenting determination. Theirs is a sport that celebrates the human spirit’s capacity for endurance and resilience. Whether they’re racing against the clock or supporting their teammates, these young athletes are bound by a common love for cross country running and a shared goal of personal and collective growth. As they lace up their running shoes and set off on this season’s adventure, they are a shining example of the power of passion, teamwork, and the indomitable spirit of high school sports.

Cross country is often referred to as a “team sport disguised as an individual sport,” and the camaraderie among the athletes is unparalleled. The bond formed through countless hours of training and shared experiences is one of the team’s greatest strengths. Whether it’s motivating each other during grueling hill sprints or cheering on their teammates during races, this unity is what sets them apart. The athletes on the Pleasanton high school team understand that the journey to success is paved with hard work and dedication. They’ve spent the off-season building their strength, improving their speed, and fine-tuning their running techniques in preparation for the upcoming races. 

Kassidy Vickers is a current senior on the team and gave the journalism staff an inside scoop of the team this year saying “ Our first meet was tougher than expected but we all made it through and were there for each other and I’m excited to see how our team progresses.”

All cross country stats can be found on the cross country instagram and/or facebook page. We are so proud of our cross country team and wish them nothing but success for the rest of their season.



By: Carol

With the cool breeze of fall gently ushering in a new beginning, the excitement is palpable as the high school tennis team readies itself for a brand-new season. As the tennis courts come to life with the sound of rackets and the thud of tennis balls, the team embarks on a journey filled with dedication, camaraderie and victory. 

For the athletes on the high school tennis team, tennis is more than just a sport—it’s a tight-knit community of individuals bound by a common passion. As the season begins, the players are not merely teammates; they’re family. The camaraderie built through countless hours of practice and shared victories and defeats is what sets this team apart. Senior Evelynn Caraway said, “ When we play matches two times a week and have practice almost every day the team is more like family and even though we lost many seniors last year our team bond is stronger than ever.”

Behind every successful team is a coach with a well-thought-out strategy. Coach Everett, with years of experience and a deep love for the game, has devised a practice that focuses on refining each player’s skills. From perfecting their serves to working on their volleys, the team is prepared to face any challenge that comes their way. As Coach Evertt puts it, “Success is not just about winning matches, but about growing as individuals and as a team. My goal is to develop both as players and as people.”

The high school tennis team eagerly anticipates the fierce competition that awaits them. As the schedule unfolds, they will face rival schools and neighboring districts, putting their skills to the test. The thrill of competition is what drives these athletes to push their limits and strive for victory. 


By: Carol


The PHS spring tennis season is started with a bang. The first game of the season took Pleasanton to the Somerset Varsity Invitational where Pleasanton won overall as a team. On January 27th Pleasanton hosted the first home tournament of the new year with over 5 teams in attendance. Our team took a full sweep placing 1st and/or 2nd in all brackets. On February 3rd Pleasanton attended the 44th annual Uvalde Varsity Invitational, no teams placed but head tennis Coach Everett said he could not be more proud of his players and their effort in such a competitive tournament. On February 17th Pleasanton played at the Navarro Varsity invitational, where boys doubles number one took home gold. Most recently our Eagle Tennis team played at the Cecil Vasquez Varsity invitational, placing second main draw with girls doubles, first main draw boy doubles, and first in mixed doubles. 

This month the PHS journalism staff had the opportunity to speak with the Head and Varsity Coach Everett as well as varsity girls doubles player Evelynn Caraway. Coach Everett the head tennis coach here at PHS for the past 2 years, has an amazing passion for tennis and wishes to pass that on to his players. The coach said he felt confident in the upcoming matches, the team was coming together and pushing each other to get better and better every day. He notes that there is progress to be made and the tennis program is nowhere near perfect but he is more than proud of his players and their commitment to the sport. 

Evelynn Caraway is part of the varsity girls number one team. As a junior, she is looking forward to the time the team still has with seniors and the major tournaments yet to come. Every day from 3 to 5:30 Evelynn is at the practice putting in the hard work. She says “This year we are coming together as a team. Everyone supports everyone and no matter what we can always have a great time.” Evelynn wishes the best for her and her teammates as they move further into their spring season. 

Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Yarnell

By: Carol

For this month’s staff spotlight the PHS journalism staff selected Mrs. Yarnell. With this being said, we had the opportunity to interview her and ask her some questions about her journey here at PHS. Mrs. Yarnell went to high school at Worthington Kilbourne High School in Columbus, Ohio. Receiving her Bachelors of Music Education at Harding University and Masters of Music in Percussion Performance at the University of Central Arkansas. One of her favorite things about working with the students here at PHS is getting to see them grow from the time they were in junior high barley counting rhythms till when their seniors performing at state. It is very clear to see how passionate Mrs. Yarnell is about teaching and directing here at PHS. She told us that each year brings something new, something different. The seniors graduate and incoming freshmen are finding their places in the high school band. She states “ It’s really exciting to watch the band learn about each other and how to work together at the beginning of the year.” Every year she looks forward to seeing her upperclassman grow into leadership positions showing a newer maturity than in previous years. 

Mrs. Yarnell is a valued teacher here at PHS who cares deeply for her students and is always willing to do her best to make sure her students succeed. She has shown to be very committed and attentive. Her good deeds never go unnoticed, she’s making a huge impact on students  and we at PHS can’t wait to see what she has planned for the future.


By: Carol

The Pleasanton Eagle football team played the Floresville Tigers, on October 28th with home field advantage. The Eagles took the win at this home conference game by a score of 35-14. The following Friday, November 4th The Eagles played and won their last home game against the Beeville Trojans in overtime by a score of 34-28. Entering the first round of play-offs, the Eagles were ready to dominate. Held in Corpus Christi, the Eagles played the Tuloso-Midway Warriors. Within the first 2 quarters the Eagles were leading with a 14-0 score showing no mercy as they continued on. By the third quarter the Eagles had put 28 more points on board which was quickly followed with a single 6 point touchdown made by Tuloso-Midway. In the last few minutes of the game our competitors decided to come and play adding an additional 14 points to the board by the end of the fourth quarter. Despite Tuloso’s hard fought efforts, the Eagles came out with a score of 42-20 advancing them to round 2 of play-offs against the Boerne Greyhounds. For the next week the Eagles prepped for the fight of their lives. On November 18th the Eagles traveled to Alamo Heights Stadium ready for the 7 pm kickoff. First quarter the Greyhounds came out fast with a 1 yard touchdown within the first few minutes of the first quarter. However, Eagles pushed back with a 7yd touchdown only minutes later only to be scored on once again by the Greyhounds ending the quarter with a 7-14 score. Within the second quarter Pleasanton put up another 7 points followed by another touchdown from the Greyhounds. With a 5 yard pass in the third quarter by the greyhounds quaterback they were leading 40-14 and finished the third quarter with a 43-14 lead. By the fourth quarter the eagles were feeling it but were no where close to giving up, they weren’t going down without a fight. Fourth quarter, Boerne had 1st down, with 11 minutes to go, and the ball on Pleasanton’s 12-yard line. The Greyhounds completed a 12 yard pass for a touchdown and PAT bringing the score to 50-14. Pleasanton had a 1st down with 6 minutes to go, and the ball was on Boerne’s 41-yard line. The Eagles completed a mighty 36-yard pass for a touchdown and a good PAT adding another 7 points to the board. With four minutes remaining the Eagles were giving it their all. Despite our team’s efforts, Bernoe came out with a 50-21 score advancing them to the next round and putting our season to an end.

There is no denying that our team was something special, these guys came out every Friday and fought hard in the name of our school. More than anything though this was a family, these were brothers, and the truth of the matter it was some of their last times on field. I had the opportunity to ask one of our seniors, number 78, Joe-Manuel Ortiz about his experiences as a senior on the team and what he wishes for them moving forward. This year the Eagles had a tough schedule but they played as hard as they could and Ortiz can say he was happy with the season the team had. Partly through the season, Ortiz was out of injury and he told us “ I got past my injury by working with our amazing training staff, they helped me get better and back out on the field.” There is no doubt that the ending of every year is difficult and even more so for seniors who will be moving on to the next chapters of their lives, Ortiz saying, “The hardest part of leaving this team is the memories we had together and all the time we spent together as a family.”  

Football teaches many lessons to players, and our amazing head football coach, Coach Liska can say he has seen this firsthand. Coach Liska saw the potential in his players and pushed them to be the best they could be this season despite the hecticness that came with it. “I knew we could be really good, and I knew we had the opportunity to meet all the goals we had set, our team had the opportunity to make district and play-offs,” Coach Liska. Moving into next year the team plans to improve upon discipline and team comradery. For seniors leaving Coach Liska hopes the lessons learned in football will become things they can implement in life as they grow into careers and become future fathers and husbands. For returning players it’s the work that they put in now that will determine the season next year and the coaching staff is eager to see these boys make the best out of every year in football. When asked what would be the hardest part of this season ending Liska told us “Finialty, you see the seniors walk out the door for the last time, that’s always difficult, taking up equipment is never fun, and seeing a kid walk out the door that you’re not gonna get to work with anymore and hope that the life lessons you’ve shared carry on.” 

Good luck to those graduating; your impact left a mark on this program, and we all wish you the best in life.

Farewell Mrs. Higginbotham

By: Libby Sanchez & Shyanne Carol

The month of October is filled with joy and excitement with all the events it holds. The month of homecoming week, our first homecoming dance, and pink out. Not many things could ruin the vibe October gives off, except for one. After 12 years of hard work at PHS, we bid goodbye to one of our favorite front office ladies, Mrs. Higginbotham. 

Mrs. Higginbotham was the principal’s secretary and was in charge of many tasks in that position. Always scheduling appointments for the principal, keeping tabs on files, and coordinating overall workflow and activities through the central office. It will be a huge adjustment getting used to her absence, but I have no doubt we can make that adjustment. 

One of Mrs. Higginbotham’s most admirable qualities was her willingness to listen to student concerns. Any student needing to meet with the principal would first go through Mrs. Higginbotham, and she always made sure students were prepared to give their best version of themselves. 

Though she will be greatly missed here at PHS, especially her welcoming smile when walking into the office, PHS is grateful to have had someone like her leave such a great impact on students and staff members. We wish her the absolute best retirement, and we hope she comes back to see some of her biggest fans graduate in May!

Homecoming ’22

By: Libby Sanchez & Shyanne Carol

Homecoming week is by far the week most looked forward to by students during the school year. Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors band together to decorate halls representing each theme throughout the week. Our first-ever HOCO dance was held the Saturday following homecoming week and it was an absolute blast. Our gratitude goes out to all the volunteers and participants who helped make homecoming week a success.  


Senior hallway decorating (winners) on Saturday & Sunday prior to Homecoming:

Senior, Brylee Miller wrote “one last dance” tp fit the 80’s theme in the senior hallway.

Seniors Brylee Miller, Trinity Garcia, Eileen Jaksik, and Emery Gillespie.

Monday’s bikers vs. surfers:

Senior, Bianca Cruz, dressed as a surfer during homecoming week.

Senior, Jaelyn Morales, dressed as a biker for homecoming week.

Tuesday’s country vs. country club:

Seniors Madison McDaniel, Eileen Jaksik, and Victoria Urbanzyk dressed up for homecoming week.

Seniors Sadie McAda and Trinity Garcia dressed up for homecoming week.


Wednesday’s Soccer mom vs. BBQ dad:

Senior, Michael Castillo, and junior, Chance Heyman, dressed up for homecoming week.

Junior Melinda Randolph dressed up for homecoming week.


Thursday’s Generation day:

Senior Sadie McAda wins best dressed and poses for a photo.

Seniors Sadie McAda, Elly Hernandez, Riley Porter, Trinity Garcia, Victoria Urbanzyk, and Grace Keylich pose for a picture.


Friday’s Green out: 

Juniors Raegan Hollis and Larissa Villareal showing off their homecoming mums.

Juniors Illiana Solorzano, Emree Adamitz, Kassidy Vickers, and Evelynn Caraway showing off their mums for homecoming.

Saturday’s First Annual HOCO Dance:

Senior Emery Gillespie and junior, Alex Balderas at the homecoming dance.

Seniors Paige David and Slayde Huggins at the homecoming dance.

Order on Court

By: Shyanne Sexton and Kassidy Vickers 

Doubles Partners Evelynn Caraway (left) and Makenzie Richter (right).

Pleasanton High School’s tennis team started off the season with a tournament against Ingram on Wednesday, August 14th. Though they fought hard, the match ended with a 3-10 loss. On August 8th Pleasanton played La Vernia on home courts, and they finished with a 2-12  loss. The following Wednesday the team traveled to Somerset ending the night with their first team win of  12-3. Starting the month of September, Pleasanton faced Navarro in a tough fight ending with a score of 4-15. Later on September 14th, the tennis team got their second big win of the season against Gonzales with a final score of 18-1. 

With the start of this season, we have already seen some great athletes including sophomore, Farah Standley. We interviewed Farah and she sees the start of this season as strong and even though there have been a few losses there have been wins along with it. Her teammates are also important to her and left a great message to her fellow teammates saying, “Stay out of your head and keep going and never stop fighting because the biggest comebacks are possible if you just keep working.” This is a great mindset for all athletes, especially our tennis players as they go through their season. 

We wish the Eagle tennis team the best of luck as they continue on with their season and dominate on the court. 



By: Shyanne Sexton

As a result of the loss at regionals, this tennis season has officially ended. Devon Clark, a player on our boys singles team, attended the regional tournament at HEB Corpus Tennis Center on Wednesday, April 13. Against Needville, Devon played hard to finish the first set 4-6 and fought hard to finish the second set 3-6. Although Devon was not able to continue, it was a tough  loss and a valuable learning experience. Upon finishing the season, Everett stated “I am very proud of each player for working hard and how much they have improved this season and I cannot wait to see how they do in future seasons.”

All of us here at PHS journalism wish the tennis team all the best for the future as we conclude this season.

Keep calm, Golf on

By: Shyanne Sexton

The golf season is in full swing, and our players are dominating. So far, the results of the tournaments suggest a successful season. Head golf coach, Coach Guerra envisions that during this year’s district tournament our golf team will not only win the championship for the eighth consecutive year, but also compete at the regional tournament for the 11th year in a row, as well as qualify for a state tournament for the second consecutive year.

In all tournaments so far, our men’s golf team has finished within the top five. They placed second in a home tournament, first in tournaments in both Somerset and Jourdanton, as well as third in two tournaments held by Divine. There are only three players on the girls golf team this year and therefore no team awards are given. In spite of this, Sadie McAda did perform well at the SAISD tournament, finishing as the 3rd place medalist.

Recently golf team members have been working on improving their course management skills and short game to help lower overall team scores. It is during this time that Coach Guerra likes to adjust players’ swings and from there, make minor adjustments to their game that will enable players to be more successful. I had the pleasure of interviewing Coach Gurrea last week. I asked him what makes coaching this team fun and what motivates him to continue coaching. His answer was simple: “The attitude and work ethic that these golfers show everyday are what make coaching this team fun.”

Our golf team is a great example of success; we at PHS wish them the best!

Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Lozano

By: Shyanne Sexton

Each month, the Quill publishes a “Staff Spotlight” article to highlight and celebrate some of the talented and dedicated staff here at PHS. During February and March, The journalism staff decided to highlight Staff member Mrs. Lozano. 

Mrs. Lozano is currently the Digital media and graphic specialist at Pleasanton High School. After graduating from Pleasanton High School in the year 2009, she attended Coastal Bend College to further her education. Mrs. Lozano values her personal development and chooses to surround herself with other people who are successful, such as Mrs. Moos. She and Mrs. Moos are very compatible in the work environment. They tend to collaborate which permits both of them to grow and see things from a different perspective. When asked what one good thing your boss would say about you,he responded with “I’m dependable”. She says ”The administration, staff and students at PHS have really made me feel appreciated!”This alone gives her the motivation to come to work every day and take on whatever tasks she is given. Outside of school life Mrs. Lozano loves spending time with her two beautiful daughters, Kyndall and Kaylie. As well as owning a small photography business where she gets to spend time working at sessions or editing photos.

Mrs. Lozano is a one in a million staff member. She has shown to be successful both inside and outside of school. And all of us here at Pleasanton High School are very grateful to have someone as wonderful as her working on our campus.

Boys Basketball

By: Shyanne Sexton

We are in the thick of basketball season, and the Pleasanton boy’s team is dominating. The results so far indicate a promising season despite a couple bumps on the way. Now it’s a straight shot to the district championships and perhaps even a state championship. It is the players, both on and off the court, who bring the energy, hyping everyone up and pushing them closer toward their goals.

Let’s talk about scores. The Eagles beat Great Hearts Northern Oaks 87-50 on Friday, December 12 at home. In the days following, on December 14, the boys were victorious over Brooks Academy, coming away with a 65-40 victory, and on that Friday they had a 71-50 victory against Uvalde, showing their depth and resilience. After a string of wins, the boys played London on Tuesday, December 29, and lost 55-64. But picked it up again on Friday, December 31 against Davenport, winning 69-43. After playing Fox Tech at home, the Eagles won 81-61 the following week. The next two games would be district games, both of which the team won by over a 10 point lead.

When asked how this season differed from previous ones, players said, “Last year I don’t think we were bad, but as a team we didn’t have time to develop and understand each other’s styles but we are definitely better than last year”. In addition, the boys basketball team continues to impress and PHS is very fortunate to have these players. The PHS journalism staff wishes them the best of luck throughout district play.