Womens Soccer

By: Leighlah Silva 

Soccer season has officially started here at PHS! The quill staff have partnered up with the head coach of the girl’s soccer team and asked a few questions about how he wants this soccer season to play out. This season has barely started, but the sky’s the limit for this team!

“My expectations for this season are high because our team has no ceiling in sight. This is a talented team, but more importantly, they are coachable and committed”, Says Coach Joseph. With all this excitement about soccer season starting, comes hard challenges for these talented girls! “Before they could try out, the girls were required to complete a fitness test. The varsity fitness test was a 7:20 mile and level 15 on the Nike Yo-Yo intermittent Recovery test. The JV fitness requirement was 8:30 and level 10, respectively. The actual tryouts consisted of two weeks of technical drills and a week of small-sided games.” 

Each and every day these student-athletes are working hard for district champions. This team has so much potential and amazing talent, they will in fact go far!

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