Homecoming ’22

By: Libby Sanchez & Shyanne Carol

Homecoming week is by far the week most looked forward to by students during the school year. Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors band together to decorate halls representing each theme throughout the week. Our first-ever HOCO dance was held the Saturday following homecoming week and it was an absolute blast. Our gratitude goes out to all the volunteers and participants who helped make homecoming week a success.  


Senior hallway decorating (winners) on Saturday & Sunday prior to Homecoming:

Senior, Brylee Miller wrote “one last dance” tp fit the 80’s theme in the senior hallway.

Seniors Brylee Miller, Trinity Garcia, Eileen Jaksik, and Emery Gillespie.

Monday’s bikers vs. surfers:

Senior, Bianca Cruz, dressed as a surfer during homecoming week.

Senior, Jaelyn Morales, dressed as a biker for homecoming week.

Tuesday’s country vs. country club:

Seniors Madison McDaniel, Eileen Jaksik, and Victoria Urbanzyk dressed up for homecoming week.

Seniors Sadie McAda and Trinity Garcia dressed up for homecoming week.


Wednesday’s Soccer mom vs. BBQ dad:

Senior, Michael Castillo, and junior, Chance Heyman, dressed up for homecoming week.

Junior Melinda Randolph dressed up for homecoming week.


Thursday’s Generation day:

Senior Sadie McAda wins best dressed and poses for a photo.

Seniors Sadie McAda, Elly Hernandez, Riley Porter, Trinity Garcia, Victoria Urbanzyk, and Grace Keylich pose for a picture.


Friday’s Green out: 

Juniors Raegan Hollis and Larissa Villareal showing off their homecoming mums.

Juniors Illiana Solorzano, Emree Adamitz, Kassidy Vickers, and Evelynn Caraway showing off their mums for homecoming.

Saturday’s First Annual HOCO Dance:

Senior Emery Gillespie and junior, Alex Balderas at the homecoming dance.

Seniors Paige David and Slayde Huggins at the homecoming dance.

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