By:Layla Rodriguez

This season our Pleasanton Eagle Track team has gotten off to an amazing start! Our athletes work so hard every day to hold their place in every meet. Every day is a learning experience and they gain new aspects of the sport each day. Our latest meets have been going really well for the Eagles, and we have been maintaining a high place on the leader board at every meet.

For this month’s interview we have chose to interview the girls relay team consisting of Megan Mayse, Cianna Acevedo, Alex Baldaras, and Scarlet Travis. This amazing group of girls managed to break the school record, and here is what they have to say “We are so proud that we were able to break the record, and we were so thankful for all of the support and encouragement from our friends and family. We would also like to thank our coaches for pushing us so hard every day at practice.” As you can tell these girls put in the work this season and are so passionate about what they do. Our boys have also been competing very well and have accomplished so much, a shout out to Jayden Palacious for breaking the record for the boys 100 meter dash. 

We are very proud of our Program as a whole and we hope to continue to grow and progress. Our athletes are so great full for all of the love and support, and they will continue to thrive with y’all’s support! Our athletes  really appreciate and encourage you to come out and support our Pleasanton Track Program! 


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