By:Layla Rodriguez

This season our Pleasanton Eagle Track team has gotten off to an amazing start! Our athletes work so hard every day to hold their place in every meet. Every day is a learning experience and they gain new aspects of the sport each day. Our latest meets have been going really well for the Eagles, and we have been maintaining a high place on the leader board at every meet.

For this month’s interview we have chose to interview the girls relay team consisting of Megan Mayse, Cianna Acevedo, Alex Baldaras, and Scarlet Travis. This amazing group of girls managed to break the school record, and here is what they have to say “We are so proud that we were able to break the record, and we were so thankful for all of the support and encouragement from our friends and family. We would also like to thank our coaches for pushing us so hard every day at practice.” As you can tell these girls put in the work this season and are so passionate about what they do. Our boys have also been competing very well and have accomplished so much, a shout out to Jayden Palacious for breaking the record for the boys 100 meter dash. 

We are very proud of our Program as a whole and we hope to continue to grow and progress. Our athletes are so great full for all of the love and support, and they will continue to thrive with y’all’s support! Our athletes  really appreciate and encourage you to come out and support our Pleasanton Track Program! 


Stress and Motivation tips 

By: Layla Rodriguez
For this month’s advice column, we will discuss how to cope with the stress from schoolwork and how to stay motivated. School can be very stressful at times, especially towards the end of the year when the workload is doubled. It becomes very difficult to stay motivated and get all of your work done, and even more difficult is you are constantly stressed. 

When school starts to become the most stressful is when your work starts to pile up, a great solution to that is to always make sure you utilize your class time, set aside special time outside of school each day dedicated to finishing extra work, and make sure you use any spare time in class to complete work from other classes if needed. By doing these few simple things, it will definitely help to lighten your workload. That being said, the less work you have, the less you have to stress about getting it done. Just doing those simple things is so important for your mental state and can bring down stress levels just like that! Stress has lots of negative effects on teens, such as: breakouts, headaches, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, and poor academic performance; that’s why it is important to keep your stress levels as low as possible.

Now we will cover the different ways to stay motivated! I get it, school work is boring, but it has to be done in order to stay successful. Doing your work and staying motivated also impacts your stress levels. Some great ways to stay motivated while in school or doing homework are: listening to music, taking brain breaks every so often, rewarding yourself, and making specific times for doing work. All of these are great ways to motivate yourself, and you always have to remember that you are doing it for a great reason; to be successful!

After reading this article hopefully you have learned some new tips and tricks to stay stress free and motivated! Let’s see you put these ideas into action!




This basketball season is slowly coming to an end and it is safe to say that we have fought very hard this season. Our lady eagles are sitting at 5th place in district, and our boys are at 6th as of right now. Here are some of the scores from our boys’ most recent games: Carrizo Springs 51-52 (loss), Devine 41-65 (win), Somerset 30-39 (loss), Pearsall 53-63 (win), and lastly Floresville 45-54 (loss). Time for the girls: Pearsall 28-36 (win), Floresville 36-61 (loss), Uvalde 30-47 (loss), Carrizo 42-37 (win). Way to fight Pleasanton Eagles!

Our Lady Eagles were very close to making it to the playoffs, and here are some words to wrap up the season from one of our Lady Eagles Tanner McDougal- “We have had a very good season considering how many of our starters graduated last year. We have had to rebuild our line up but I feel that we have done a great job of coming together and working as a team.” As you can see our players worked very hard to rebuild their team and try their best to fight this season.

Overall our basketball program has definitely had lots of rebuilding to do this season and worked very hard and came very far this season. They may not have won every game, but they always put in their best effort to connect and rebuild the teams on both girl’s and boy’s sides.

Hoopin’ into season!

By: Layla Rodriguez

This year’s 2023-2024 basketball season has begun. Our Pleasanton Eagle Basketball program has gotten off to a strong start. Our teams are very new and are starting to gel together and play more smoothly. We may not have won many games so far this season, but our teams are definitely growing stronger as one. Here are some words from our girl’s head coach, Coach G “My favorite part about being a basketball coach is watching the team improve. The season is very long, and our girls work hard to get better and better throughout the season so it is great to see their improvement.” Coach G is a very dedicated coach, and he loves to see his team work together as a whole to improve and dominate throughout the season.

Our basketball season has yet to start district, but here are some results from some scrimmages- Boys Basketball:  Pleasanton vs Foxtech 4-24 (win) Pleasanton vs Highland 43-35 (loss) Pleasanton vs Kings 54-40 (loss) Girls Basketball: Pleasanton vs Orange Grove 30-39 (loss) Pleasanton vs John F. Kenedy 27-61 (win) Pleasanton vs Marion 35-33 (loss). Though we may not have won every game we sure did make a great effort to keep the scores close and barely fall to the opponents. Our ladies and gentlemen put in lots of hard work each day at practice. Here is what a day at practice looks like for the girls and boys according to Coach G- “We usually start with conditioning, then we move into some shooting. After shooting we incorporate some basic skills and drills, and we finish off on working on our game plan and plays to use on our next opponent. That sounds like a lot of work! 

It’s great to see that our Eagle Basketball Program is off to a great start and working very hard each day to be the best we can be! It’s greatly appreciated to come out and support our basketball program this year and show them some love.

Staff Spotlight

By: Layla Rodriguez

For this month’s amazing staff member at PHS we have selected our counselor Mrs.Read for our staff spotlight! Mrs.Read is one of our new councilors this year, she was formerly a counselor at our elementary. Mrs.Read first started out teaching reading interventions at the elementary and later realized her true passion. She says “I had groups of about 10 students every class period. They all wanted to tell me stories about their lives. Some stories were fun and enjoyable to hear about, others were sad and made me wonder if the student would be okay that day. As this happened day after day, I thought how wonderful it would be if this was my actual job and I could spend time helping students all day instead of listening for 5 minutes then cutting them off to work on reading.” As you can see she started out small and quickly noticed her love for helping others, and wanted to take it a step further and be able to be there for them full time. This was when she became a full-on counselor at the elementary school.

Along with Mrs.Read came her very fun, and outgoing personality, and her true passion for helping others in what she does. Here are some words from Mrs.Read: “The best part about my job is helping students in any way I can and getting to visit with them all the time. The students here at high school are fun, outgoing, kind, and want to do their best all the time. I really enjoy helping them all on their little journeys in life.” This really shows just how much she has a love and passion for taking care of her students. Mrs.Read is also a very positive role model and an all-around great person to be around! Here are some of her words of inspiration “Stay happy, healthy, and strong. The enemy will try to beat you down, so get up every day, set your mind straight, and say Jesus you got this!” Overall we are so very grateful that we have gained her as a new staff member at our campus, and that she will continue to bring smiles to our faces!


Love For Our Student Section


By:Layla Rodriguez

Our Lady Eagles have continued to improve as this season continued. Our volleyball team has had some great support shown from our student section this season. Our student section never fails to show up and encourage our girls! Our team has also started to show some improvement, and we are blending together more nicely as we practice together every day. Here are some stats over this past month: Pleasanton vs  Devine (P-1 D-3) loss, Pearsall vs Pleasanton (Pl-3 Pe-0) win, Floresville (F-3 P-0) loss, Uvalde vs Pleasanton (P-3 U-1) win, Carrizo (P-3 C-1) win. From these results you can see that our lady eagles have been fighting hard every game, and making every point count.

This season our student section has been a huge success, and seems to expand every game. Our game play is definitely much better when we have lots of support from our student section. Our players really enjoy the student section, and our supporters, they really help them to be motivated. Here are some words from Varsity player (Senior: Jadyn Swan) “In my opinion the more the better! A small crowd definitely doesn’t bring the same energy as a larger one.” From this we can see that the student section is definitely welcomed and loved by our volleyball team. Our student section also has the same love for supporting the team. A statement from the student section (Junior: Rion Ochoa) “Our student section lets the team know that they will always have someone cheering them on whether they are winning or not, the players know that we care, and they have something to play for.” As shown from these words, the student section loves to come out and support our girls and make sure that they know they are appreciated and working hard no matter the circumstance.

Overall our girls are very grateful to have our student section to cheer them on, and our student section is more than happy to come out and support! Let’s keep the positive energy as this season continues on and it is highly encouraged to come and show some love to our lady eagle volleyball program!

Diggin’ Deep!

                                                                                                               By: Layla Rodriguez                                                                                             
Our lady eagles definitely started out their season by “diggin’ deep”, and fighting for every win! At our Edgewood tournament the eagles managed to place third overall. The next game quickly arose and the eagles dominated against South Side, capturing that win in just three sets. The following weekend they had another opportunity to dominate, and the first day of the tournament they made it to the winners bracket, the eagles had some long hard fights, and ended up in fourth place. Way to start off the season ladies!

 Some words from Head Coach Alyssa Bunch- “ I am very proud of our girls so far this season, we got off to a great start, and with lots of work and team building we will continue to grow as the season progresses.” Words from Addi Crowther- “ Our season is going pretty good so far, we had a little bit of a rocky start but we are now starting to progress. With lots of hard work and practice we will continue to grow together.” Both of these ladies are heading in the right direction and are definitely building our team! Our program is going to strive to get better and better as the season goes on; these ladies will work together at building a strong team!

Shout out to our JV and Freshman teams for starting off a great season and winning both South Side games, as well as our YWLA games! We would love it if you would come and support our ladies throughout this season! Pride, pride!