Advice Column

By: Aaliyah Herrera 

Summer is just around the corner and this month’s issue we have mainly summer questions for this month’s advice column. All questions will be anonymously by students here at PHS. Let’s get right into it!

Here to start us off, “what are some fun things to do during the summer if you have no money and you have no transportation? – anonymous” some ideas are taking a walk in your neighborhood, having a picnic or camping out in your backyard, or even inviting friends over for a sleepover at your house. 

Next, “what are some ways to keep track of your memories for this school year? – anonymous” what could help is vlogging or even writing down about your memories or fun experiences from this year! Having them fresh in your mind would help out even more to get exactly every detail right in that particular memory. 

Furthermore, “what is a good way to plan out a summer trip – anonymous” a good way that could help you plan is communicating with the people you are traveling with to figure out a good date to schedule the trip doing so will help a lot and make things easier when it comes to the day of the trip. Assign who will bring what on the trip so everybody could pitch in for the trip. And find a place to stay as soon as possible for the trip. 

Following, “what can keep me occupied during this summer? – anonymous” some options are taking a week long vacation whether it be a beach trip or going camping doing this will keep you occupied and exposed to outdoor activities. Also taking a trip to another state or city is a great way to get out and explore new places!

Last but not least, “what are some indoor activities to do during this summer? – anonymous” If you’re wanting to keep cool this summer some indoor activities could consist of going to a museum or indoor attraction such as, arcade, skate rink, or even an aquarium! These are just some ideas there are so much more you could find online or near you!

These were such great questions for this month’s issue. If you enjoyed this and want your questions answered in the next advice column next year go to your class in google classroom and go to the POLL where you can ask your questions there!

Advice Column

Advice column

By : Aaliyah Herrera


For this month’s Advice Column we have very different but interesting questions that we have got this month. Everyone will be anonymous when answering these questions. Let’s get right into it!

Here to start us off we have, “what is the best thing to do when starting your summer? – anonymous” Some ideas would be planning a week long vacation whether it be in another city / state or country! Doing this will make you feel like summer has begun. Taking a trip to the beach or lake is also a great way to start off your summer!

Next, “what is the best thing to get your mom for mothers day? – anonymous” Always get your mom flowers and her favorite snack as a starter for a gift. Your big gift for her could either depend on if your mother has always been wanting something or jewelry is always the way to go! If none of these satisfy you, take her on a trip or plan a day to go out to your local city!

Furthermore, “what do you get for a grandparent for their birthday? – anonymous” This could depend on whether it is your grandma or grandpa’s birthday. For example if the gift was for your grandma you could get her a piece of jewelry, something she may have been wanting or take a day to do something she may like. On the other hand if the gift was for your grandpa you could get him something related to fishing, hunting, or a new watch or jewelry is always preferred!

On the other hand, “what is the best vacation spot for spring? – anonymous” Some places you may find interesting are going to the Grand Canyon national park, New Orleans, Amsterdam, or even San diego. These places would be such a get away and fun experience during spring, also it’s a good way to start off your end of the year to the beginning of your summer!

Something a little different, “how do you cope with a long distance relationship? – anonymous” when coping it can be different for everybody depending on the person you are. Some things you can take into consideration are thinking positive, being loyal, doing something you both may enjoy, and trusting each other. Doing this will help you cope and strengthen your relationship with your partner. These are just opinions but if you have a different way of coping definitely do it!

Last but not least, “how do I become less controlling over things in my life? – anonymous” this also could depend on the type of person you may be but here are some options you might take into consideration, try to adapt healthier habits, improve your communication skills, or even reprogram your mind. Doing these things may help you become less controlling and more aware and even less stressed. 

These were such great questions. If you would like your questions to be answered for next month’s issue for the advice column, go into your class on google classroom and fill out the POLL form and write down your questions at the end!

Advice Column

Advice Column

By: Aaliyah Herrera 

This month’s issue of Advice Column consists of many topics from our fellow peers at PHS! All questions are going to be announced anonymously. Let’s get right into it!

Here to start us off, “should I feed feral cats? – anonymous” feeding feral cats may be tempting because of how sweet they may be and how adorable they may look. I would say it would depend on where they are and where you are. If you are in your local town or city area go right ahead feeding feral cats can be potentially detrimental to the health of the ecosystem and wildlife! But if you are in one place continuously such as your home or a work area I would not because once you feed one many will come and continue to bother you. Feeding feral cats in a personal area can also cause property damage which will be harmful to you and your home. 

Next, “what can I do to earn an A in my class – anonymous” this is a very simple one,all you need to do is pay attention, take notes, do all the assignments, come to school, and turn in all of your work. Doing this you will see a major improvement in your grade! Try to make this a habit for all of your classes and start at the beginning of the year to stay caught up or at the beginning of any semesters. 

Furthermore, “when i feel bored at home, what can i do to feel better – anonymous” this could go many ways. It all depends on what keeps your mind distracted from being bored. Here are some things you can do to stop the boredom such as, watching a movie, hanging out with friends, cooking a delicious meal for you or your family, playing a board game, taking a walk, etc. any of these can get you up and going and make the boredom go away!

Such as, “how to make the most out of every moment? – anonymous” always keep a positive mind when it comes to this life. When having a positive mind you tend to have more fun and make very special memories with the people you love. Some things that might help this are hanging out with friends, exploring new places doing things your family or friends  might have never done, being outgoing everywhere you go and don’t be afraid to try new things! 

Now let’s get into the valentine spirit. Our next question is,“what are some creative ways to ask someone to be my valentine? – anonymous” some creative ways to ask are making a small arts and crafts project such as a cut out cardboard heart shape record of theirs or both of your favorite songs. Making a valentine is way more creative and special than any old card and box of chocolates! Take them somewhere uncommon and full of love! 

Finally time for the important stuff! “How much water should you drink a day and why? – anonymous” you should drink up to an 8 ounce glass of water per day. Being hydrated will  cause less headaches and keep you with enough energy to last the day! Tips to help with this are to bring a big 8 ounce bottle or cup to school/work doing this will help you drink enough water throughout the day.

At last now for the final question, “what is pet insurance? And should my pet have it? – anonymous” pet insurance is a health insurance that pays a portion of your pets medical bills based on your coverage plan. You should definitely look into or consider getting pet insurance for your pet even if you believe you have enough money to cover veterinary costs yourself, pet insurance could save you thousands or even more depending on the injury or medical issue your pet may have! 

These were very interesting questions for this month’s advice column and we like to get more like this: remember to submit your questions for next month’s issue for the advice column so you may have a chance to get your question answered! 



Student Spotlight: Emily Morales

By: Savannah Valdez and Aaliyah Herrera

For this month’s student spotlight we chose Emily Morales. Emily is a sophomore here at PHS who is involved in many activities. She is a very kind and generous person. Which is why we were very excited to interview her for this month’s issue!

We interviewed Emily and asked her some questions. One of the questions we asked was what school events Emily participated in. She had replied “I am in softball and I also participate in UIL, I do the math portion.” We then asked her more about softball regarding what positions she plays and how long she’s been playing. She replied saying “I play first base, and I really started getting into it because of my sister, but I started playing my freshman year.” 

Emily mentioned that she was in UIL this year and that she participates in the math portion. She seems to take pride in this subject, so we then asked her what is a school subject she takes pride in. She responded saying “Math because I’m best at it.” We then asked, who her favorite math teacher was or is currently, and what she remembers about them? She answered saying “I really don’t have a favorite but this year, I have Mr. Roberson as a teacher. He is very funny and nice. Last year I also had Mrs. Leal and she was such a sweet teacher.” 

Aside from math, Emily mentioned that she is interested in going to college after school. Emily plans to attend college at the University of Mary Hardin Baylor and pursue her career going into real estate. Emily was a strong Student Spotlight candidate for this month’s issue because she is very determined and has a bright future ahead of her. Emily is just a Sophomore and takes pride in all that she does. We look forward to seeing all that you will accomplish!


Advice Column


 By: Aaliyah Herrera 

For this issue, we decided to ask our Quill readers some questions we thought would be interesting to get advice from. Many replied with great advice and such interesting detail in their answers! Each question is a different person that decided to keep themselves Anonymous.

Best way to say goodbye to your friends when you graduate?  

The best way is by taking a multiple day road trip with all of them… by the end of the road trip, you will have made some great memories, but you will also be ready to get the heck away from them. – Anonymous

What came first, the color orange or an orange? 

Answering from a gardening perspective, the fruit exists way ( it is green at first) way before it becomes the color orange. – Anonymous 

Do you ever get old for Halloween? 

In some ways, yes, you can get too old for Halloween because some activities you grow out of. But on the other hand no because you still might enjoy eating candy, dressing up for your kids/siblings, or a party you might have gotten invited to. – Anonymous 

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? 

I would give to my family first if they are struggling, and if I have some leftover, I would give to a charity. – Anonymous 

Who might be your Secret Crush? 

Harry styles because he treats everyone with kindness no matter who they are, and he’s very fashionable! – Anonymous 

Would you cheat on your s/o with Ryan Reynolds? 

No, because we would never get a break or hang out because he’s famous and is always busy either acting for a movie or seeing his fans. – Anonymous 


Make sure to check your class in google classroom for our recent issue. The Poll is where you can give your advice to your questions! We are now going to start doing Advice Column like this hoping we could start hearing from our Quill readers for fun or interesting advice they would like to share! 

Advice Column: Homecoming

By: Aaliyah Herrera 

Homecoming has officially arrived. We have amazing themes this year for each day of the week! We had very unique outfits for this year’s dress-up themes! Here are the dress-up days for the week below:

Monday – Bikers vs Surfers 

Tuesday – Country vs Country Club

Wednesday – Soccer Moms vs Barbeque Dads

Thursday – Generation Day 

Friday – Green Out 

Monday’s theme was Bikers Vs Surfers. For both outfit options, many people did an amazing job participating. For the people who decided to dress as a biker some things you might have seen for the outfit: a leather jacket or vest, bandanna, rad sunglasses, and some biker boots. If not a biker, people had dressed up as a surfer with some things you might enjoy seeing: a surfer suit or Hawaiian shirt, Hawaiian shoes and shorts of choice, and some groovy sunglasses. Monday’s theme was a success with many awesome outfits. 

Tuesday’s theme was Country Vs Country club. We had seen many students dress as western cowboys or cowgirls. Some things you might have seen in the halls or throughout the school are: a western shirt, some blue jeans or boot-cut jeans, a cowboy hat, and some boots. If not, the other half of the school prefers the country club. Here are some awesome outfits you might have seen: a sun blazer or baseball cap, some shorts or tennis skirt, an active shirt or plain T-shirt, and some tennis shoes. Tuesday’s theme sparked more interest in students to dress up and show some school spirit. 

Wednesday’s theme was Soccer Mom Vs Barbeque Dad. Many students who wanted to support their ¨child¨ as a soccer mom let the inner parent in them come out for this year’s homecoming 2022.  Soccer mom outfits that were spotted in the halls included: leggings and or black pants, a sweater or puffy vest, long sleeve or short sleeve T-shirt, a baseball cap, and some tennis shoes. There were also many soccer mom vans custom-made that caught many eyes here at PHS. If you prefer to cook up some ribs or BBQ in the backyard and go as a BBQ Dad some things you might have seen in many students’ outfits: An apron, BBQ tools, khaki shorts, plain or graphic T-shirt, and shoes of choice. Wednesday’s theme was by far the most popular. Many students were involved and let out their inner parents. 

Thursday’s theme was Generation day. Many participated, freshmen dressed as babies, some things you had seen for Thursday’s theme was: a onesie, stuffed animal, bottle or pacifier, and shoes of choice. Sophomores dressed as college students, an idea of that roaming around in the hall included: College T-shirt, shoes, and pants of choice. Juniors dressed as middle-aged professionals or middle-aged crazy’s some crazy or professional outfits you saw were: a suit wear or professional outfit, shoes of choice, and a handy briefcase. Many students like to go more on the crazy side of a middle-aged person, some things you might have seen were: very colorful clothes or funky clothes, lots of pregnant bellies, and some crazy hair. Seniors dressed as senior citizens some ideas that we had seen from our old folks here at PHS could be: cane or walker, grandma or grandpa clothes, shoes of choice, and gray senior citizen hair. 

Friday’s theme was green out for PHS. Game Day! Many students participated and showed school spirit for PHS. Many had included in their final outfit for homecoming this year: green, white, gray, or black plain T-shirt or eagle shirt, mums and garters, face paint of green and white, and shoes and jeans of choice. 

We had an amazing homecoming week! Many participated and showed their school pride. We thank everyone involved with decorating the halls and getting everyone into the homecoming spirit! Pride, Pride, Eagle Pride!


Advice column

By: Aaliyah Herrera 

Need some advice on how to be more environmentally conscious? I have some advice for you! 

  • How can I be more environmentally conscious?

Think twice about the things you do to the environment before you cause harm not only to yourself but to others such as animal life and the plant life. Be more aware of what you throw out the window of your car and the trash you leave behind outside when you go out. 

  • What are certain things you can do to help your environment?

You can go out with family and friends and go out on the side of the road and pick up trash and other items that were left there. You could also encourage people not to throw trash out in your community environment. Some other specific things you could do to help is sign up for a help your community group and go help your environment little by little. 

  • Is joining a help the environment group good for your community and environment?

Yes I positively believe that it is good to join a help the environment group for your community. It is always good to be helpful for your community for the sake of your environment that we humans live in. 

  • Why should we be more environmentally conscious?

You should be more environmentally conscious because you would be doing a big favor for the health and well being of the world around us, you would be a positive role model for your community to get involved in helping to save the environment from toxic waste,trash,oil spills, etc. it is good to want to be a positive role model for your community than not at all. 

Advice Column

By: Aaliyah Herrera 

Do you have a valentine? If so, are you having trouble finding things to do or to get for your valentine? You’re in luck. I have the perfect advice for you!

  • “What do you do if you don’t have a valentine?” 

If you don’t have a valentine do whatever makes you feel good, read a book or some magazines. Watch some movies or your favorite TV show. Try and avoid the sappy stuff that puts you in a bad mood about Valentine’s day. Try to be active. For example, go for a walk, find a relaxing park to enjoy the outdoors or even sit in your backyard enjoying nature around you. Go to the gym, or even take a fitness class, being active can take your mind off of so many things spoil yourself because you sure do deserve it. 

  • “What are some things to get for your valentine?”

Some things you can get for your valentine are of course the traditional things such as  chocolate/candy, flowers, a big stuffed animal. And the rest would be up to you. Find something they really enjoy and pay close attention to the little things they see either on their phone or if yall go out see what they look or pick up first. 

  • “What are the best flowers to get for your valentine?” 

Traditionally red roses are typically given on valentines day, but some people go off on their valentine’s favorite flower just to understand and pay attention to what they like and I’m sure they’ll love it. 

  • “What’s a good restaurant to go to for Valentine’s Day?” 

Some nice restaurants to go to are Morton’s the Steakhouse, Las Canarias, and Blis . They are all located in San Antonio TX. if not any of those find out what your valentines favorite food or favorite restaurant is and take them there. 

  • “What are some places to go for Valentine’s Day?” 

If you and your valentine are outdoor people and don’t know where to go, go to the Japanese Tea Garden located in San Antonio TX. It is a beautiful place to take pictures or even just walk around with your valentine. If you and your valentine are indoor people and don’t know what to do at home, set up a fort and make it very beautiful and romantic for you and your valentine find a movie you’d both enjoy and make dinner, dessert, and drinks off of the movie you are going to watch. 


By: Aaliyah Herrera

FFA is dealing with agriculture and livestock, its a dynamic youth organization that changes lives and prepares members for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agriculture education.The culture of raising animals for the Atascosa County Livestock Show runs deep in our school. Many of our students participate in acquiring, raising and showing their prized animals. 

Mrs. Kelly, who sponsors FFA at Pleasanton Highschool, helps students navigate their stock show experience. I had interviewed Mrs. Kelly and asked her some questions about her experience with stock show, and some challenges. She did have a big challenge when students returned from Christmas break she had said “there was a spike in COVID”, which led them having to find substitute exhibitors. “All hands on deck,” she said. If a student was out the substitute would care for their animals. She also had said there were more exhibitors and animal entries which had made pen availability tight and more trips hauling animals in on the trailer. Preparations she had done was, every year they would have to set up pens and clean the barn ACLS, trailers had to be cleaned, disinfected, and set the animals needed to have new shavings and all pigs and goats had to have their hair clipped. I had asked Mrs. Kelly explained why she decided to sponsor FFA. She had said “FFA is an inter-curricular organization, meaning every student enrolled in an AG class is part of FFA..” students who are enrolled in AG can extend their knowledge and also have fun. “FFA not only instills knowledge about agriculture but also gives students opportunities to use that knowledge in real-world applications” she said. 

Mrs. Kelly is a teacher here at Pleasanton High School she had said “I was always aware I wanted to be a teacher with agricultural classes.” She gets to teach real world skills over an unlimited amount of different topics here at Pleasanton High School. 

2022 ACLS Pleasanton FFA Results:

Market Broilers – 

Skylar Mitchell 6th 

Allyson Sherley 8th 

Market Turkeys- 

Allyson Sherley (4th Hen 4th Tom)

Poultry Showmanship-

Xochitl Hernandaez 5th 

Intermediate Market Steers- 

Jayce Krauskopf 1st Class (1 Brahman 5th Class 3 ABC 5th Class 4 ABC)

Sadie Schimelpfening 1st Class (3 Brahman Reserve Champion Brahman Reserve Champion Steer Brooke Rankin 1st Class 1 Exotic Beef Showmanship)

Sadie Schimelpfening (3rd Intermediate) 

Jayce Krauskopf (Champion Senior)

Brooke Rankin (3rd Senior) 

Rabbit Showmanship – 

Rebecca Martinez (5th Senior) 

Breeding Swine – 

Ainsley Kelley (3rd Class 1)

Tristan Barker (2nd Class 2)

Brennan Lopez (9th Class 2) 

Kaydin Olle (1st Class 3)

Reserve Champion BreedingGilt 

Jayce Krauskopf (2nd Class 3) 

Brennan Lopez (4th Class 3) 

Bryndan Olle (5th Class 3) 

Connor Lopez (7th Class 3)

Market Swine – 

Class 2- Dark OPB (Ashton Barker  3rd) 

Class 3- Dark OPB (Trey Hagen 1st and Reserve Breed Champion)

Ryder Smith  (2nd)

Bryndan Olle (7th)

Class 4- Duroc Corgin King  (3rd) 

Zurie Lauderdale        (9th)

Class 5- Duroc Sadie McAda (7th)

Savannah Lauderdale  (8th) 

Wyatt Porter  (9th)

McAda Rutherford  (10th)

Class 6- Duroc Kinsley Barker (2nd) 

Class 7- Duroc Jaxon Bryan (2nd)

 Phoenix Eddins (3rd)

Lanie Porter (4th)

Brooke Rankin (5th)

Ainsley Kelley (9th)

Brady Stevens (11th)

 Class 8- Hamp Jace Olle (1st)

Cade Mitchell (4th)

Matthew Gudea (13th) 

Class 9- Hamp Madlyn Olle (6th)

Adeline Collins (7th) 

Madlyn Olle (8th)

 Class 10- Hamp Trey Hagen (3rd) 

Jaxon Bryan (4th)

Skylar Mitchell (6th)

Connor Lopez (14th)

Class 11- Hamp Jayce Krauskopf (2nd)

Brooke Rankin (4th) 

Skylar Mitchell (6th) 

Dylan Olle (12th) 

Class 12- Light OPB Connor Lopez (6th) 

Class 13- Light OPB Ashton Barker (2nd) 

Class 14- Light OPB Cade Mitchell (2nd)

Kinsley Barker (5th) 

Savannah Lauderdale (8th) 

Class 15- York Tristan Barker (5th) 

Class 16- York Cade Mitchell (2nd) 

Brennan Lopez 3rd 

Class 17- York William Turner (1st and Reserve) 

Grand Champion Swine – 

Kaydin Olle (2nd and Reserve Breed Champion 4th)

Class 18- Cross Trey Hagen (4th) 

Ainsley Kelley (9th)

Cade Mitchell (15th) 

Class 19- Cross Lanie Porter (8th) 

Class 20- Cross Jayce Krauskopf (1st)

Bryndan Olle (2nd)

Wyatt Porter (4th) 

Brennan Lopez (5th)

Cooper Smith (7th) 

Tycen King (8th)

Colt Pruski (12th)

Mason Jones (13th)

Class 21- Cross Sadie Schimelpfening (2nd)

Dylan Olle (4th) 

Whitney Martin (9th) 

Class 22- Cross Trey Hagen (4th)

Jayce Krauskopf (8th) 

Allyson Sherley (9th)

Class 23- Cross Jace Olle (2nd) 

Jayce Krauskopf (4th)

Tristan Barker (8th)

Savannah Lauderdale (9th)

Genieve Turner (13th)

Swine Showmanship – 

Tycen King (2nd Junior)

Ainsley Kelley (3rd Junior) 

Jace Olle (4th Intermediate) 

Jayce Krauskopf (3rd Senior) 

Swine Skillathon –  

Ashton Barker (Champion Intermediate) 

Allyson Sherley (4th Senior) 

Ag Mechanics Show –  

(Class I- Farm Equipment 1st Ryan Martinez- 3 Point Ball) 

(Class II- Truck Accessories 1st Colby Fey- Rear Bumper)

(Class III- Wildlife Equipment 1st Montgomery Cain, Wyatt Tom- Rifle Range Target)

(Class IV- Trailers 1st Hunter Bauer- 16’ Tilt Trailer) 

(Class V- Livestock Equipment 1st Montgomery Cain- 16’ Entrance Gate 2nd Tristan Barker- Hog Wash Racks) 

(Class VII- Picnic Table & Outdoor Furniture 1st Montgomery Cain- Elk Firewood Rack 3rd Austin Rich- Volleyball Firewood Rack)

(Class VIII- BBQ Pits 1st Montgomery Cain, Jacob Montezuma- Air Compressor Pit 3rd Buck Quinonez- Fire Pit)

(Class X- Reconstructed 2nd Mallory Fey- Restored Old School Bell 3rd Ally Sherley- Children’s Seat) 

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