Advice Column

Advice column

By : Aaliyah Herrera


For this month’s Advice Column we have very different but interesting questions that we have got this month. Everyone will be anonymous when answering these questions. Let’s get right into it!

Here to start us off we have, “what is the best thing to do when starting your summer? – anonymous” Some ideas would be planning a week long vacation whether it be in another city / state or country! Doing this will make you feel like summer has begun. Taking a trip to the beach or lake is also a great way to start off your summer!

Next, “what is the best thing to get your mom for mothers day? – anonymous” Always get your mom flowers and her favorite snack as a starter for a gift. Your big gift for her could either depend on if your mother has always been wanting something or jewelry is always the way to go! If none of these satisfy you, take her on a trip or plan a day to go out to your local city!

Furthermore, “what do you get for a grandparent for their birthday? – anonymous” This could depend on whether it is your grandma or grandpa’s birthday. For example if the gift was for your grandma you could get her a piece of jewelry, something she may have been wanting or take a day to do something she may like. On the other hand if the gift was for your grandpa you could get him something related to fishing, hunting, or a new watch or jewelry is always preferred!

On the other hand, “what is the best vacation spot for spring? – anonymous” Some places you may find interesting are going to the Grand Canyon national park, New Orleans, Amsterdam, or even San diego. These places would be such a get away and fun experience during spring, also it’s a good way to start off your end of the year to the beginning of your summer!

Something a little different, “how do you cope with a long distance relationship? – anonymous” when coping it can be different for everybody depending on the person you are. Some things you can take into consideration are thinking positive, being loyal, doing something you both may enjoy, and trusting each other. Doing this will help you cope and strengthen your relationship with your partner. These are just opinions but if you have a different way of coping definitely do it!

Last but not least, “how do I become less controlling over things in my life? – anonymous” this also could depend on the type of person you may be but here are some options you might take into consideration, try to adapt healthier habits, improve your communication skills, or even reprogram your mind. Doing these things may help you become less controlling and more aware and even less stressed. 

These were such great questions. If you would like your questions to be answered for next month’s issue for the advice column, go into your class on google classroom and fill out the POLL form and write down your questions at the end!

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