Advice Column

Advice Column

By: Aaliyah Herrera 

This month’s issue of Advice Column consists of many topics from our fellow peers at PHS! All questions are going to be announced anonymously. Let’s get right into it!

Here to start us off, “should I feed feral cats? – anonymous” feeding feral cats may be tempting because of how sweet they may be and how adorable they may look. I would say it would depend on where they are and where you are. If you are in your local town or city area go right ahead feeding feral cats can be potentially detrimental to the health of the ecosystem and wildlife! But if you are in one place continuously such as your home or a work area I would not because once you feed one many will come and continue to bother you. Feeding feral cats in a personal area can also cause property damage which will be harmful to you and your home. 

Next, “what can I do to earn an A in my class – anonymous” this is a very simple one,all you need to do is pay attention, take notes, do all the assignments, come to school, and turn in all of your work. Doing this you will see a major improvement in your grade! Try to make this a habit for all of your classes and start at the beginning of the year to stay caught up or at the beginning of any semesters. 

Furthermore, “when i feel bored at home, what can i do to feel better – anonymous” this could go many ways. It all depends on what keeps your mind distracted from being bored. Here are some things you can do to stop the boredom such as, watching a movie, hanging out with friends, cooking a delicious meal for you or your family, playing a board game, taking a walk, etc. any of these can get you up and going and make the boredom go away!

Such as, “how to make the most out of every moment? – anonymous” always keep a positive mind when it comes to this life. When having a positive mind you tend to have more fun and make very special memories with the people you love. Some things that might help this are hanging out with friends, exploring new places doing things your family or friends  might have never done, being outgoing everywhere you go and don’t be afraid to try new things! 

Now let’s get into the valentine spirit. Our next question is,“what are some creative ways to ask someone to be my valentine? – anonymous” some creative ways to ask are making a small arts and crafts project such as a cut out cardboard heart shape record of theirs or both of your favorite songs. Making a valentine is way more creative and special than any old card and box of chocolates! Take them somewhere uncommon and full of love! 

Finally time for the important stuff! “How much water should you drink a day and why? – anonymous” you should drink up to an 8 ounce glass of water per day. Being hydrated will  cause less headaches and keep you with enough energy to last the day! Tips to help with this are to bring a big 8 ounce bottle or cup to school/work doing this will help you drink enough water throughout the day.

At last now for the final question, “what is pet insurance? And should my pet have it? – anonymous” pet insurance is a health insurance that pays a portion of your pets medical bills based on your coverage plan. You should definitely look into or consider getting pet insurance for your pet even if you believe you have enough money to cover veterinary costs yourself, pet insurance could save you thousands or even more depending on the injury or medical issue your pet may have! 

These were very interesting questions for this month’s advice column and we like to get more like this: remember to submit your questions for next month’s issue for the advice column so you may have a chance to get your question answered! 



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