Advice Column


 By: Aaliyah Herrera 

For this issue, we decided to ask our Quill readers some questions we thought would be interesting to get advice from. Many replied with great advice and such interesting detail in their answers! Each question is a different person that decided to keep themselves Anonymous.

Best way to say goodbye to your friends when you graduate?  

The best way is by taking a multiple day road trip with all of them… by the end of the road trip, you will have made some great memories, but you will also be ready to get the heck away from them. – Anonymous

What came first, the color orange or an orange? 

Answering from a gardening perspective, the fruit exists way ( it is green at first) way before it becomes the color orange. – Anonymous 

Do you ever get old for Halloween? 

In some ways, yes, you can get too old for Halloween because some activities you grow out of. But on the other hand no because you still might enjoy eating candy, dressing up for your kids/siblings, or a party you might have gotten invited to. – Anonymous 

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? 

I would give to my family first if they are struggling, and if I have some leftover, I would give to a charity. – Anonymous 

Who might be your Secret Crush? 

Harry styles because he treats everyone with kindness no matter who they are, and he’s very fashionable! – Anonymous 

Would you cheat on your s/o with Ryan Reynolds? 

No, because we would never get a break or hang out because he’s famous and is always busy either acting for a movie or seeing his fans. – Anonymous 


Make sure to check your class in google classroom for our recent issue. The Poll is where you can give your advice to your questions! We are now going to start doing Advice Column like this hoping we could start hearing from our Quill readers for fun or interesting advice they would like to share! 

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