Advice Column: Homecoming

By: Aaliyah Herrera 

Homecoming has officially arrived. We have amazing themes this year for each day of the week! We had very unique outfits for this year’s dress-up themes! Here are the dress-up days for the week below:

Monday – Bikers vs Surfers 

Tuesday – Country vs Country Club

Wednesday – Soccer Moms vs Barbeque Dads

Thursday – Generation Day 

Friday – Green Out 

Monday’s theme was Bikers Vs Surfers. For both outfit options, many people did an amazing job participating. For the people who decided to dress as a biker some things you might have seen for the outfit: a leather jacket or vest, bandanna, rad sunglasses, and some biker boots. If not a biker, people had dressed up as a surfer with some things you might enjoy seeing: a surfer suit or Hawaiian shirt, Hawaiian shoes and shorts of choice, and some groovy sunglasses. Monday’s theme was a success with many awesome outfits. 

Tuesday’s theme was Country Vs Country club. We had seen many students dress as western cowboys or cowgirls. Some things you might have seen in the halls or throughout the school are: a western shirt, some blue jeans or boot-cut jeans, a cowboy hat, and some boots. If not, the other half of the school prefers the country club. Here are some awesome outfits you might have seen: a sun blazer or baseball cap, some shorts or tennis skirt, an active shirt or plain T-shirt, and some tennis shoes. Tuesday’s theme sparked more interest in students to dress up and show some school spirit. 

Wednesday’s theme was Soccer Mom Vs Barbeque Dad. Many students who wanted to support their ¨child¨ as a soccer mom let the inner parent in them come out for this year’s homecoming 2022.  Soccer mom outfits that were spotted in the halls included: leggings and or black pants, a sweater or puffy vest, long sleeve or short sleeve T-shirt, a baseball cap, and some tennis shoes. There were also many soccer mom vans custom-made that caught many eyes here at PHS. If you prefer to cook up some ribs or BBQ in the backyard and go as a BBQ Dad some things you might have seen in many students’ outfits: An apron, BBQ tools, khaki shorts, plain or graphic T-shirt, and shoes of choice. Wednesday’s theme was by far the most popular. Many students were involved and let out their inner parents. 

Thursday’s theme was Generation day. Many participated, freshmen dressed as babies, some things you had seen for Thursday’s theme was: a onesie, stuffed animal, bottle or pacifier, and shoes of choice. Sophomores dressed as college students, an idea of that roaming around in the hall included: College T-shirt, shoes, and pants of choice. Juniors dressed as middle-aged professionals or middle-aged crazy’s some crazy or professional outfits you saw were: a suit wear or professional outfit, shoes of choice, and a handy briefcase. Many students like to go more on the crazy side of a middle-aged person, some things you might have seen were: very colorful clothes or funky clothes, lots of pregnant bellies, and some crazy hair. Seniors dressed as senior citizens some ideas that we had seen from our old folks here at PHS could be: cane or walker, grandma or grandpa clothes, shoes of choice, and gray senior citizen hair. 

Friday’s theme was green out for PHS. Game Day! Many students participated and showed school spirit for PHS. Many had included in their final outfit for homecoming this year: green, white, gray, or black plain T-shirt or eagle shirt, mums and garters, face paint of green and white, and shoes and jeans of choice. 

We had an amazing homecoming week! Many participated and showed their school pride. We thank everyone involved with decorating the halls and getting everyone into the homecoming spirit! Pride, Pride, Eagle Pride!


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