Men’s Soccer

By: Brian Avery

The week following Thanksgiving break, men’s soccer held their team tryouts. Under the guidance of new Head Coach Breiten, the tryouts lasted from Monday, November 29th to Thursday, December 1st. Three teams were compiled from the tryouts which are the Developmental, Junior Varsity, and Varsity. The Developmental team is also known as the reserve team. The roster practices with the other teams during the period but not after school. 

The players that made the Varsity team are Donovan Alaniz, Brian Avery, Sergio Banda, Toby Bird, Alex Cabrera, Keeton Diaz, Jorge Garcia, Morgan Garcia, Nick Garza, Adrianno Guitierez,  Humberto Hernandez, Andrew Leal, Mason Little, Micah Klein, Timothy Klein, Mason Little, Joaquin Olvera, Jario Ortiz,  Wylee Tom, Stefon Torres, and William Trapp. Congratulations to all! 

Keep an eye out for the next men’s soccer article, where we will be bringing you the latest from the start of their season!

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