Kicking off the Season

By: Kassidy Vickers

Senior, Brylee Miller running her timed mile at soccer tryouts.

The 2022-2023 Women’s Soccer season has kicked off to a start with the conclusion of tryouts on Friday, November 18th. The tryouts consisted of a long week that included speed, skills, and discipline. All of the girls tried their absolute hardest when it came to running their mile, doing the beep test, and showing off their ball-touching skills.

This is a new and exciting season with a new head coach and assistant coach. Starting this season Coach Joseph has moved up to be the head coach and Coach Townsend as the assistant coach. When it comes to Coach Joseph’s new position, he says, “I feel very proud to be the new head women’s soccer coach. It is an honor to be the second head coach in the program’s 21-year history, and it is a blessing to inherit a program that has such a positive and unique culture.” When it comes to this season compared to the 2021-2022 season, Coach Joseph plans to utilize new tactics and run different systems which ultimately come with a different set of instructions and practices, as well as evolve the girls weight training. Coach Joseph sees this upcoming season in a positive light as he predicts that, “…us running our new system of play effectively and building unbreakable chemistry. There will be trial and error, but as long as we remain committed to learning and acting in the best interests of the team, we will continue to foster trust and belief.”

Senior Brylee Miller is one of the girls who made this year’s varsity team. For this upcoming season, Brylee says that it is hard to tell how the season will play out but she is staying positive saying, “I know that we are all excited. It’s always good to predict wins over losses.” Some of Brylee’s goals to achieve this season she says is, “Of course winning the game is the number one goal, but with me being a senior and my best friends playing being seniors, I just hope that we all have the most fun that we can and whatever happens this season we’re going to be thankful that we got to play this sport for four years together.” Brylee is setting a good tone for this upcoming season and it will surely be one to remember.

Congratulations to all the girls who made the women’s varsity team this 2022-2023 season: Madalyn Allen, Kathrein Banda, Madeline Brymer, Adeline Collins, Paige David, Trinity Garcia, Slayde Huggins, Grace Keylich, Emerie Lopez, Kara Medina, Brylee Miller, Madison Peters, Melinda Randolph, Paige Read, Makenzie Richter, Sarah Scharmann. Also, congratulations to all the other girls who will be representing our school this soccer season. We wish y’all all the best of luck this season!

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