Staff Spotlight: Ms. Davila

By: River Reyes

As students walk into Pleasanton High School, even their worst days can instantly be brightened by one of the first smiling faces they see: Ms. Davila. This radiant individual can always be there for students, no matter the scenario. The students of PHS can happily go through their day knowing Ms. Davila is in the front office, having their back. 

Ms. Davila holds many responsibilities as the substitute coordinator as well as one of the attendance staff who is charged with signing in students and handing out passes. She is also responsible for answering the front desk phone and directing callers to the appropriate staff member for whatever their concerns may be. 

When asked about her job here at PHS, Ms. Davila enthusiastically replied, “I enjoy my job, I love working with kids. I love seeing people everyday.” 

The students at PHS would like to thank the wonderful Ms. Davila for her immense contribution to better benefit the students and faculty every single day. Thank you!  

One thought on “Staff Spotlight: Ms. Davila

  1. Not only students snd staff enjoy her enthusiastic personality, as parents and grandparents we know we will be well received and addressed whether in person or by phone,, she is a gem and a great asset to PISD.

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