By: Jaelyn Morales

The Co-Ed Raider Team after placing 1st overall.

On November 13th, the JROTC Eagle Battalion Physical Fitness Team competed in the Alamo City Striker Drill meet at Ronald Reagan High School. Team members included Braxton Springer, River Reyes, Aries Uhl, Valdemar Herrera, Jayden Herrera, and Damon Morales for the Eagles and they placed 2nd out of 31 teams. The Lady Eagles team included Annie Araiza, Alyssa Castelar, Alania Nethken, Abigail Hotchkin, Hailey Yoho, and Gabriella Ramos who finished 5th out of 19 teams.“ The teams there were very competitive, but we tried our best and came out in 5th,” said Gabriella Ramos. The other teams that competed were the Male, Female and Mixed Color Guards and the Armed Drill Teams. The teams had their next meet on Dec 4th, which was the NEISD US Open JROTC Raider Meet. Our Co-Ed Raider Team placed 1st overall. The event results were Obstacle Course: 1st, Physical Training Test: 2nd, Team 5K Run: 1st, Rope Bridge: 1st, Cross Country Rescue: 1st. Congratulations to the Co-Ed Raider Team on their outstanding performance and hard work. 

For October, the newest Cadet of the Month was Cadet Private Yasmeen Diop. She was said to have demonstrated the best proficiency in the areas of leadership, motivation, drill, physical fitness, and cadet knowledge among the Leadership Education Level 1 cadets. “I felt very proud and confident in myself because it made me feel more capable of greater things and also the knowledge I learned from that experience really helps me in so many ways,” said Yasmeen. 

For November, the Cadet of the Month was Cadet Private Roman Martinez. He competed in the NEISD “Ultimate Raider” Competition on Dec 4th, which is a challenging solo event against other talented cadets from schools around the San Antonio area. Great job Yasmeen and Roman on both being great leaders and motivators and also great job to every team who competed in the Raider meets and good luck in your future meets. Pride Pride!

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