Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Glass

By: Shyanne Sexton

Among the many great teachers at PHS, Mrs. Glass is one of the best, teaching Principles of Health Science, Medical Terminology, and CNA (certified nursing assistant). In spite of being a nurse for years and enjoying her job, Mrs. Glass has always had a desire to become a teacher. She chose to be an educator for the same reasons she chose to be a nurse: to help people. High school is a critical time for young adults to become aware of their interests, as well as decide what they really want to do with their life. Mrs. Glass hopes to help them make the most of this time. 

As a teacher, Mrs. Glass implores to cultivate a positive relationship with students within her classroom. She proves to be an attentive listener for her students saying “People too often just listen for their turn to speak. I try to pay attention to the important things people are telling me. If there is an issue that I can help with, I want to.” Apart from listening, she takes the time to support and encourage students’ efforts and successes. She understands that motivating students is more than giving prizes, but it is also acknowledging their successes and never dwelling on their failures.

Whenever possible, Mrs. Glass strives to keep up to date on both teaching and nursing practice in order to better maintain her personal development. She states “You should always be willing to challenge current practices and investigate the possibilities of making them better.”

Aside from the classroom, Mrs. Glass has a lovely family. You can always find her in the company of one of her three sons, as she enjoys being in their presence even if it’s just driving them around.

PHS is fortunate to have such a great teacher as Mrs. Glass, and we wish to thank her for all she does.

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