Cross Country

By: Kendall Zuniga and Allison Collins

Recently, PHS’s very own girls Varsity Cross Country team finished in 1st place at the district 27 meet on October 16 with a score of 33 points. Coach Gallegos and Coach Wood had some personal and not so personal things to say about the recent meet.

We asked “What is the hardest part about being a cross country coach?” Coach Gallegos says “I can’t say one thing about how hard it is really. I think it’s a great job to have because of the athletes that you get, cross country runners probably gotta be the most dedicated out of all athletes that I’ve ever coached personally.” Coach Wood also had this to say “For me it has to be practice, we have no time to break & trying to find stuff that’s fun for the kids.”

“ What is the best part about being a cross country coach? “ Coach Gallegos stated ” The best part is seeing the competitiveness of the runners, and seeing where we compare. I like seeing that cause most cross country runners don’t have the typical “ Athletic Body” but they have the heart to fight and that’s what I like about it.” Coach wood also Implied his input “seeing the success of the runners”

“How does the upcoming cross country season look?” Gallegos says “So we’re at the end almost, we have two more: the regional cross country meet on October 25 in Corpus. We look pretty good going into it. I think we have a great chance to be the first team in Pleasanton girls athletics as a team to go to state. We’ve gone as individuals but never as a team,and so I think this is the year to mark down in history so I think we have a great chance, we have a great group of girls too.”  All staff members of the quill would like to wish good luck to all the runners and coaches at their upcoming meet in Corpus Christi on October 25th. Pride Pride!

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