Making the Best of Our Home

By: Hayden Schmidt

Despite the changes and protocols in place due to COVID-19, PHS did not fail to make Homecoming Week as fun and special as it has always been. Throughout the week, students and staff alike dressed up to match this year’s theme, “Lettuce Celebrate”. Though everyone who participated showed incredible spirit, these people went above and beyond to become the spirit winners for their respective days.

Monday’s theme was a tropical “Thousand Island”, with the winners being McAda Rutherford, Luke Raney, and Toby Bird.

Tuesday was “Chopped” in two, and the twinning winners were Fe Vielma and Lindsey Klein, Adriano and Mariano Gutierrez, & Brooke Rankin and Sadie McAda.

Wednesday brought along a country “Ranch” theme, with Shyla Williamson taking the cake.

Thursday followed the annual “Tossed” Generation Day theme, and Diya Chandra, Jussiah Lopez, and Linda Rodriquez won.

Friday rounded off the week with a “House” spirit themed day, the winners being Ariel Mejia, Este’van Jackson, and Preston Pilgrim.

Sadly, this year, classes could not participate in decorating the halls. Student Council President April Findley and teacher Mr. Garcia gave their respective inputs on the reasons behind this and other troubles that came along with organizing Homecoming this year.

We’re very limited in what we’re allowed to do. Like this year, we aren’t allowed to decorate halls, due to COVID. Also, we have to be more cautious about the activities we plan and ensure that everyone can safely participate.” – April Findley

“Normally we have what we call a walk of honor. Graduates ending in a specific year, this year all the classes of ‘0, are honored at the football game by gathering and walking down the middle of the field. Due to COVID, we can’t gather them in groups. It’s too difficult in getting everyone separated. So, we made the decision to cancel that walk of honor. Another thing that we used to do was decorate the hallways, and we would spend the week and weekend before with students and sponsors, and you’d walk in on Monday and see all these wonderful decorations, but due to COVID, we can’t have the students here after 6, so the janitors can do their magic. The kids’ participation so far has been very good. It’s incredibly important to pick a good theme, and our student council did a wonderful job.” – Mr. Garcia

Kaitlyn Garcia & April Findley dress as two “Chopped” tomatoes.

Renata Osorio & Sofia Rivera starting off with tropical wear.

Shyla Williamson rocking some country attire.

Seniors participate in Generation Day.

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