Cross Country

By: Wanish Tortes-McGinnis 

Varsity Cross Country Girls getting ready to run.

The Pleasanton Eagles have begun the school year in Cross Country with a great start. Natalia was the first meet, and overall, the Varsity girls took First Place! The Varsity boys did great as well, coming in 4th overall. For the girls, 1st place was Caitlyn Nieschwitz, Kennedy Guajardo 3rd, Mary Martinez 4th, and Kassidy Vickers 5th. For the boys, Alberto Vielma placed 16th, with Wanish Tortes-McGinnis in 17th, Xavier Rodriguez, 18th, Zander Zamora in 25th place, and Jaydon Ogg in 29th. 

During the second meet, it had rained the night before, so there were some rather damp areas to run through. Our guys and gals did quite well, for many schools were at this invitational. 

Caitlyn Nieschwitz again came in 1st, Kennedy Guajardo coming in 2nd and Kassidy Vickers in 3rd only being a couple of seconds behind Kennedy. Kara Hinojosa came in 16th, Mary Martinez finished strong with 22nd place, and pulled up the rear where Karolyna Arguijo came in 32nd. Fe Vielma in place at 33rd, and Jillian at 44th, with Raylin Castillo 52nd. Even with as many participants as there were, the girls managed to come in 12th. The boys ran hard, and Alberto Vielma came in 63rd, Wanish Tortes-McGinnis in 64th, Xavier Rodriguez in 70th, Zander Zamora in 73rd, and Jayden Ogg in 83rd. Overall, the boys came in 12th.

The last meet which was held in Bandera, brought JV girls Jillian Barcomb in 1st place, Raylin Castillo in 4th place, Sofia Aguilar in 16th place, Savannah Clark in 24th place, and Adriana Clark in 25th place. Varsity girls included Caitlyn Nieschwitz in 3rd place, Kennedy Guajardo in 7th place. Kassidy Vickers placed 9th, and Kara Hinojosa placed 13th. Mary Martinez placed 24th, followed by Karolyna Arguijo in 27th, and Fe Vielma in 32nd place. 

The Varsity Boys included Wanish Tortes-McGinnis, 24th place, Xavier Rodriguez in 27th place, Zander Zamora in 28th place, and Jayden Ogg, at 41st place.                                                    

Dilley is our next big meet, held at the High School this Saturday, September 26. Wish us luck~

Pride, Pride. Eagle Pride                                                               




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