Ace, Ace, Baby

By: Courtney Henson

The Pleasanton JV and Varsity tennis team assist with a food drive at the Pleasanton First United Methodist Church.

On Monday, August 3, after a very long break, the Pleasanton tennis team returned to practice. With a very exciting fall season ahead of them, the team was very anxious to get back. They worked very hard with a positive outlook on the season, but unfortunately this season has not gone as they hoped it would. On August 26th the Pleasanton Tennis team faced Hondo and fell 15-4. On September 2, the Pleasanton Eagles were beaten 16-3 by Devine and on September 12, with 4 players gone, they lost 19-0. Recently, on September 26, the Pleasanton tennis team defeated Somerset 10-7.

When asked about his thoughts and outlooks on this season, senior Blake Moos says, “This year we have new teams in our district so it’s going to be a difficult season for us. We’re all having fun though and that’s what really matters.” When asked the same question, junior Emalee David said “This season we’ve been doing really good so far. Despite the new challenges and regulations everyone has grown and gotten better each day.”

Coach Schwab is known to be a very optimistic person, and this answer reflects just that. When asked about his thoughts on the season Coach Schwab said “Well my thoughts on this season are that it’s 2020 and this whole season is just… wack. It’s different than any of us have ever imagined, I mean we’re on the court in masks and we can’t touch anybody. I mean we have to follow protocols on the bus. Everything is different so we’ve had to adjust to that, and it’s been crazy.” This year the tennis team is facing a district with much stronger teams, but Coach Schwab remains positive about the outlook of the season saying “we’re just as ready as we can be and we’re gonna go play. I mean we’re going in true eagle pride and eagle fashion and were going to go play and do the best of our ability. That’s all we can hope for and that’s all we’re gonna do. We’re all going to be there and we’re all going to do our best and we’re all going to walk off that court with our heads held high, whether win or lose and we’ll see what happens at the end of the 5 week run.”

The tennis teams, along with other sports, have been greatly affected by the new rules regarding Covid-19, however, they have handled them with respect and ease. Senior Blake Moos says, “Due to COVID, it is somewhat difficult to find teams that want to have matches with outside teams, but Coach Schwab has done a great job finding us matches. Also, wearing a mask on the court is a real struggle for our stamina, but we make it work!” Regarding the changes Covid has made to the team, junior Emalee David says, “Some schools can only travel with their varsity team, so our JV team doesn’t always get to play at every tournament. We also have to wear masks on and off the court, and even while we play, which has been a big challenge. Fortunately, all of my teammates are willing to get past the mask and focus on the sport.”

Although this season has not turned out as the team had hoped, they will continue to work hard and stay positive. Through this tough time, your teammates have some words of encouragement for you. Blake Moos says “Just keep coming to practice and we will keep getting better together.” Emalee David says to her fellow teammates, “For my fellow athletes in tennis and any other sport I just want to say that I’m so proud of everyone. Each new challenge that we face, we have gotten passed and are ready to face the next one. I just ask that everyone keeps persevering and looks at the positive. We’re all in this together.”

Lastly, from Coach Schwab to his players, “We’re still a team that’s standing. We haven’t even been scared about it, so the encouragement is they know that if they go out there and do what they are supposed to do things are gonna fall right and I don’t know what can be more encouraging than that. I’m proud of them, I’m proud of the work they have put in, I’m proud of what they’re gonna put in and I just hope that we’ve done enough. Well, find out. We’re gonna find out one way or another. And that’s where we’re at. We’re in one of the hardest districts we have and they are just doing so amazing. They really are awesome.” While Coach Schwab provides encouragement to his players everyday, they also encourage him and continue to make him proud everyday. “They do what they have to do, they want to play tennis,” Schwab said, “and that’s what I find so encouraging and so incredible that they want to play tennis.”

Although this season has not started as you hoped it would, we wish you the best of luck on the rest of your matches to come Eagle Tennis. Pride! Pride!

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