Homecoming Royalty

By: Dillon Myers

Homecoming is an important event here at PHS and so are the people involved. There are four representatives for the three lower classes: freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. However, there are eight for the seniors, who are running for king and queen. Here is what each senior class rep replied as to why they decided to run for Homecoming king and queen and what they’re most excited about being a representative for their class:

Claudia Acuff– “I decided to run for hoco rep because I ran last year and had a good time. It’s nice being able to spend time with my other friends who are also running. It’s also pretty cool being able to walk the field during halftime.”

Kimberly Arguijo– “The reason I decided to run for homecoming rep this year was because my first three years of high school weren’t the best, so I wanted to make the best of my senior year so therefore I decided to run for homecoming queen.”

Heaven Marquez– “I just thought it’d be fun. I’ve been a homecoming rep before, and it’s fun, like going on the field and getting your name announced.”

Aurianna Rich– “I wanted to put myself out there senior year. With all the restrictions of COVID, I wanted to use every opportunity to participate in school activities.”

Gabriel Bosquez– “Because I wanted to be a representative and since it is going to be my last year in high school, I thought it would be a great idea and to make memories with my classmates.”

Blake Moos– “I’ve been a rep the past three years of high school so I decided I wanted to keep that streak going to run for rep again. I had even more motivation this year though because I also had the opportunity to run for Homecoming King.”

Devyn Garza– “I thought I would just run for fun, you know? Like it’s senior year and it would be an enlightening experience to run again this year.”

Orlando Oltivero– “Well, I originally had no intention of running, but with COVID happening and my mom wanting us to stay home, I thought it would just be fun to go out and represent the class, especially since I wouldn’t be attending school in person.”

As with every year, all students were asked to choose amongst the senior reps and vote for a Homecoming King and Queen. The winners this year were Blake Moos and Heaven Marquez. Congratulations to every representative, and thank you for keeping the spirit of Homecoming alive!

Freshmen Adrian and Ciarah Garcia

Homecoming King Blake Moos and Queen Heaven Marquez

Seniors Claudia Acuff and Blake Moos

Sophomores Brylee Miller Ayden Parker

Juniors Oscar Leal and Natalie Muniz

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