PHS Tennis

By: Farah Standley

Devon Clark and his new medal

The tennis season started with a well-played tournament. The players are getting better, and preparing for an amazing season. The tennis team went into battle at Clemens on Friday, January 21st. Devon Clark got 3rd place overall and won consolation, as the only Pleasanton athlete that placed. I interviewed Shyanne Sexton after the tournament, and when asked about how she feels about the season, she replied, “I feel it started off rough, but we have a lot of new players and we are changing it up this Spring. I feel like we have a fresh start.” The players have been practicing hard every day after school. Upon being asked about practice, Shyanne stated “I feel we have made a lot of progress during practice since last year. It was awkward adjusting to the new coach and new environment, but we are getting into a groove.” The tennis team has their eyes on District, and are preparing for success. On Thursday, January 27, 2022, the JV tennis team will fight hard to win our first home tournament! The Varsity team will follow after on Friday the 28th. You can come to the home tennis courts by the ROTC building to show your support.                                                  

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