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By: River Reyes

January is coming to a close and Track season will be moving into motion. All participating members have spent the month diligently training for the upcoming season. From footraces, to hurdles, to high jump to polevault, there’s a training regiment to be fulfilled every practice.

Starting the second week of January, athletes started conditioning by running and building both endurance and speed. Something new this season is that runners will be going to the weight room after practice in order to maintain muscle for their respective sports and general fitness. Athletes will generally begin practices from 3-4 pm and finish anywhere between 5-6 pm. Improvement is the key and our runners have spent the better part of the month getting times and planning for improvement. 

As for our field events, most have yet to really get started, but the Discus and Shotput throwers have been working on their throws for the past few weeks. The rest of the field events will be getting into motion as the season progresses and the athletes get with their coaches and plan for their respective training.

With a strong start, the season is looking to be very prospective as the varsity athletes set their sights for the State meet at UT in the coming months. 

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  1. this article is very interesting and really hits home! our track team has been working day in and day out and it’s nice to be recognized!

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