Men’s Soccer

By: Kristina Mertz

The Pleasanton High School Men’s Soccer team has kicked off the season quite well. With their first game for this month against Eagle Pass where they won 2-0, meanwhile the JV lost with a score of 5-3.  There was a Varsity Tournament where, the JV team then went against Floresville and eventually tied with 0-0. On Friday January 14th, the team then went up against Canyon Lake High school and won again with a score of 4-1. That same day the JV team went against Poteet where they won 3-0. They then went up against Wimberly and lost 5-4. The Varsity Team then went up against Fox Tech on January 25th where they won with a score of 2-0. That same day JV lost against Fox Tech 8-0. Recently on January 21st the Varsity team then tied with San Antonio Christian High School. Then on January 22nd the Varsity team went against Burnet High School where they won with 3-2.

Coach Breiten says, “The season is off to a good start, we have collected a few wins which is always a good thing and we are learning who we are pretty quickly.” Brian Avery, a Junior, who is a right wing, says, “For Jv it’s [the season is] off to a slightly rough start. We’ve tied two games and lost one, but when we participated in the varsity tournament we won a game and we also lost the other, but nevertheless we’ve had a strong morale and were improving greatly.”  He later added that, “Well i would definitely say that we should work on our communication and just like having a personal understanding of each other cause they’re short with each other a lot.” While Coach Breiten said they could improve on, “learning about whoever’s on the field … trusting their abilities… we have some young people playing with us, so just being able to trust your teammate with their job…”

Brian said his favorite memory was, “Beating Poteet’s varsity was pretty cool. We didn’t beat them bad, but it just solidified that ‘hey! We might have a chance here.’” Coach Breiten then stated, “They seem like they’ve come as a team faster than years prior, which is always a good thing [as] we don’t have a lot of negative distractions.” The men’s soccer team will continue to persevere, so go catch a game some time. PRIDE PRIDE!

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