Water The Bamboo

By: Courtney Henson

Over the Christmas break the women’s soccer teams kicked off their season. Both the JV and Varsity teams partook in many scrimmages to begin the season and get a feel for things with new teams. On January 3, the teams faced Wimberly for the first game of the season. Unfortunately for the Varsity team they lost 7-1. Soon after this, Pleasanton high school hosted a tournament for varsity teams. At this tournament the varsity team lost to Wagner 2-1, lost to Buda Johnson 4-1, lost to Southside 3-0, tied Uvalde 1-1, and beat Wagner due to forfeit. Days later on January 11, both the Varsity and JV teams faced Boerne, falling short, the varsity team lost 5-0, and the JV lost 4-0. 

On the weekend of January 13-15, the Varsity team participated in the Wimberly tournament. At this tournament, after a few long fights, the Varsity team lost to Lake Belton 11-0, lost to Fredericksburg 4-1, and lost to Tivy 3-0. The weekend of January 21-22 the JV team partook in their home tournament. They opened the tournament with a 1-1 draw against Southwest. They soon lost to Medina Valley 1-0, but came back and beat Poteet 6-0. 

On January 26, both teams traveled to Fredericksburg for their next game, where the Varsity fell 5-0 and the JV tied 0-0. 

On January 28, the women’s Varsity team faced Fox Tech High School. Making their comeback, the varsity team won 8-0. 

Although this season has not begun as the teams had hoped it would, the girls remain hopeful and motivated. For junior Slayde Huggins, she looks “forward to getting to know my teammates better and getting to work out this new formation.”

As the season continues and the girls continue fighting, we wish you the best of luck. Pride! Pride!

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  1. I am really proud of this article because I like to watch their games and this is very accurate thank you for writing this thank you!!

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