VASE Goes Virtual

By: Gabby Palacios

Due to Covid-19, this year’s Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE) will be held virtually, with participants submitting all of their interview answers and photo documents electronically. Previously, PHS Art teachers and students would travel to the region event hosts, East Central High School, where they would go through a physical interview process.

According to the Texas Art Education Association (TAEA) website, the mission of VASE is to “recognize exemplary student achievement in the Visual Arts by providing art students and programs a standard of excellence in which to achieve.” For this year’s event, participants completed an online Student Intent form that explained the composition and creative process of their work and digitally submitted reference photos and final photos of their completed work.

After submitting the form, each entry is evaluated by jurors and given scores based on research and application to the work, technique, use of elements and the principles of art, aesthetics and critical judgment, and personal expression. The artwork is evaluated on the purpose, technique, personal expression, organization, and integration of the piece. A score of four achieves a regional award and qualifies the piece for judging for the state event. Ten percent of the qualifying pieces advance.

Last school year, Michael Castillo (current sophomore), Grace Bogenschneider (graduated), and Katelyn Rivera, and Alaina Caballero (current seniors) advanced to state with their pieces. This year, a total of 37 PHS participants received regional medals and sophomore Trey Martinez, juniors Kennedy Guajardo and Juan Lopez, and seniors Korin Ramos and Gabby Palacios advanced and will compete at the state virtual event, taking place on April 23-24, where they have the opportunity to participate in workshops and adjudication awards. 

Although the circumstances of the event are different this year, our PHS students did an amazing job and enjoyed the event. Sophomore Juan Lopez, explains, “This was my first year in art so I was surprised, but I am very excited for state.” 

On the other hand, an anonymous senior explains that they “wish it was different.” They explained, “I’m thankful we got to do it, but it’s unfortunate that I couldn’t physically be there my senior year.” 

Though the circumstances weren’t the best, PHS did an amazing job at VASE. Good job to all of the regional medalists and good luck to the state qualifiers! Pride Pride!



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