Things To Do While Bored

By: Adriana Clark

List of things to do to avoid boredom:

  1. Exercise: This improves one’s health but can also help manage any anxiety.
  2. Painting: A creative outlet during this time, people can try a new technique they have never tried before. 
  3. Reading: Reading helps with one’s imagination; some people read to help get away from their lives-many people would use that as an outlet to take their minds off of COVID-19.
  4. Do a puzzle: This can be satisfying once the puzzle is complete; puzzles challenge our brains.
  5. Clean: Cleaning helps us take advantage of the time we have right now.
  6. Learn something new: Learning something new can help sharpen our skills, expand our horizons, or it can just help you realize you might have had an interest in something that you just never had time to try before.
  7. Talk to friends: Connecting with others is important.

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