At Home Movies

By: Kori Miller

Considering everyone is currently stuck at home, the easiest accessible option to pass time is by watching movies. Fortunately, I’m a bit of an expert on the matter. Below is a list of films to keep you entertained as we all adapt to our newfound isolation, even if it is for the best.

Birds Of Prey And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (Available on Google Play, rated R): Birds Of Prey is the story of a recently dumped Harley Quinn and her journey towards self-discovery, and the realization that the Joker was probably just holding her back. A female empowerment film with lots of entertaining action and comedy, it is guaranteed to lift your spirits. It’s better than Suicide Squad, at least.

The Call of the Wild (Available on Google Play, rated PG): The Call of the Wild is the story of a big-hearted dog named Buck, and John Thorton, the man he must learn to trust. Based on the Jack London novel of the same name, it’s a heartwarming family film that teaches the importance of learning your place in the world and the friends you make along the way. It’s genuine, emotional, and satisfying. That is when you get past the awkward CGI dog.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (Available on Netflix, rated PG-13): Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is a stylized comedy film about Scott, a somewhat lost 22-year-old who has fallen head over heels for a distant and bright-haired girl named Ramona Flowers. However, if Scott plans on making what he has with this girl more than just a one time fling, he has to defeat her seven evil exes in video game themed combat. It’s a comedy film that has never failed to entertain, even after multiple watches. 

Train to Busan (Available on Netflix, rated R): Train to Busan is a Korean thriller about a zombie virus outbreak that takes place on a speeding train with fleeting hope. I don’t want to say much about this film, it’s one that you simply have to watch to appreciate. It has well-choreographed action, memorable characters, and scenes that will make your stomach churn. It’s also easily the best zombie movie I’ve seen, at least to my memory.

Central Intelligence (Available on Google Play, rated PG-13): Central Intelligence is a comedic action film that teams up Dwayne Johnson with Kevin Hart. It’s quick, sharp, upbeat, and downright entertaining in every shot complete with shootouts and espionage. Just about every type of person can find something to appreciate. 

Her (Available on Netflix, rated R): No movie recommendation list would be complete without a romantic tragedy. Theodore Twombly is a sensitive and soulful man who loses his grip on life in the midst of a bitter divorce. Left heartbroken, he slowly becomes infatuated by an artificially intelligent operating system he calls Samantha. But can love exist between a man and a computer program, even an intelligent one? Beautifully composed and painfully dramatic, Her is one of the best-handled romances in recent history.

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