*That’s the Goalie*

By: Dillon Myers

The boys’  Eagle’s JV soccer team had two games, which took place on February 8th and 19th. On the 8th, they came out with a tie against Bandera, while they beat Beeville 3-1 on the 19th of February.

As far as Varsity went, the Eagle boys played five games on 2/18, 2/21, 2/25, 2/28, and 3/3. On the eighteenth of February, the Mighty Eagles faced Fox Tech and came out with a victorious 6-1 score. At 6:00 p.m. on the 21st, the boys beat the Yoakum bulldogs on their own turf. The score ended up 4-1. On 2/25, the Eagle boys had a close match against La Vernia with the end score being 3-2. At 7:00 p.m., February 28th, the Eagle boys lost to Gonzales 0-4.  On March the 3rd, the boys faced and won against Yoakum once more. The score concluded with a whopping 2 and 0. La Vernia beat the Mighty Eagles on Friday the 6th. On March 17th, their final game, the gnarly Eagle boys…did not get to play due to COVID-19. All sports seasons were abruptly canceled as of March 13th.

Tim Klein, a freshman here at PHS, commented, “I am sad the season ended the way it did, but I am happy to have had the privilege to play this season with this amazing team.”

Coach Breiten later stated, “Unfortunately, this past Friday, the UIL (who governs all extracurricular activities) stated that any spring sports will be canceled for the rest of the school year. As a coach, I know the UIL did what they needed to do to try and keep us safe, even though it was a tough decision.” When asked how he feels about soccer, quarantine, and all that is happening, he said, “I believe we had a great soccer team this year that was poised to make a potential playoff run. I know quarantine is hard on most of us because it took the ‘norm’ out of our lives. The biggest piece of advice I can give about quarantine is to try to stay positive and try to make the best out of this situation.” “For the most part, us as coaches make contact through Google Classroom, phone calls, or text messages. I know of many athletes are completing home workouts or still practicing their craft even though their seasons for this year is over.”

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