Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Moin

By: Ariana Johnson, Autumn Webster, Libby Sanchez, Kristina Mertz


Raymond Moin, also known as Mr. Moin is teaching his first year here at Pleasanton High School. Prior to working at our school, Mr. Moin taught for 6 years at San Antonio ISD. He is currently the Criminal Justice teacher, where he teaches Forensic Science, Law Enforcement, and Principles of LPSCS. He is even the leader of PHS’s own Police Explorers, where you can get a good idea of what the students do by watching the Big E-News. Balancing all these subjects sounds like a stressful job, but Mr. Moin makes it look easy and does a fantastic job. He is a fresh new face here at Pleasanton High School, so we were excited to learn a little bit more about him. 

Mr. Moin earned his degree at Wayland Baptist University located in San Antonio. His main inspiration for teaching is his “family,” who were previously also involved in educational occupations.

Like all teachers and staff on our campus, Mr. Moin has his bad days but he’s comforted knowing he’s doing things for a bigger purpose. “Watching my students graduate then starting again with another group” is one of the most difficult things Mr. Moin faces.

Mr. Moin does it all and it’s evident through the eyes of the students. One of his students, Brylee Miller, stated: “School has barely started and he’s already taught us twenty new laws, multiple ways to handcuff and arrest people, and he just makes it fun and engaging.” 

The students here at PHS are so very thankful for Mr. Moin and his willingness to teach students something new every day. Thank you, Mr. Moin!

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