Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Blanco

By: Myame Lara and Allison Collins

Mrs. Blanco

Often you might see other adults walking around your classrooms helping other students, those people are called paraprofessionals. Paraprofessionals, also known as teachers aids, are often overlooked and underappreciated. Mrs. Blanco is a paraprofessional here at PHS and has spent her time helping students here for four years starting as a long time substitute and then becoming a paraprofessional. 

Mrs. Blanco is an inclusion aid at PHS, this means she provides classroom support to all students to ensure that they’re getting their academic needs met. Being an inclusion aid means  Mrs. Blanco follows a set schedule that is also subject to change depending on extra duty assignments. Mrs. Blanco states, “As a para[professional], managing our time to ensure that we are finishing up is very important.” Which can sometimes be stressful or challenging. As a paraprofessional, Mrs. Blanco doesn’t focus on a certain subject, but because of her history as a PIT teacher at PHS, Mrs. Blanco is the person to go to for technology trouble

Mrs. Blanco states, “I really enjoy what I do, I’ve told this every year, everytime, I see you guys as my own children. I love spending time with these kids because I get to see them for four years with our PHS families, they start off as freshman and then I get to see the final outcome as a senior and see them move forward to becoming a better adult.” Paraprofessionals are often undervalued and uncredited, so when you see one, don’t forget to let them know just how thankful you are for all of their help! 

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