DIY Halloween Costumes

By: Kristina Mertz

Halloween is more widely known for the candy, movies and the creepy aesthetic but today costumes will be the main focus. Halloween is a chance for people to get in touch with their creative side, as making costumes can be lots of fun.


Materials: Black and white face paint, White T-shirt and black tank top.

Instructions: Begin cutting horizontal holes on the left and right side into the black tank top with your scissors, make sure to cut horizontal holes left and right on the shirt, but be sure to not cut in the middle. Put the black tank top over the white shirt, and now you have the body. Next either by yourself or with assistance from a friend, paint your face white along with your lips black. Done!

“That’s none of my business” Kermit costume:

Materials: Light Green shirt, Scotch bonding strips, Sheet of green felt and finally a mini poster board

Instructions: Cut 3 wide triangles and 4 thinner and longer triangles out of the green felt. Next, use the scotch bonding tape to tape the felts onto the green shirt, after that you can write the quote “But that’s none of my business” onto the whiteboard to complete the old viral internet meme.

Happy Halloween!

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