Artful Isolation

By: Grace Bogenschneider

    Being stuck at home hasn’t stopped the flow of creativity within the numerous students in the art classes here at PHS, given it has been a bit of struggle at times. The art teachers at the high school have been working hard to make fun and creative art projects to assign to their students. They have been keeping in mind that every student has different supplies on hand and have been making the projects both simple enough to create with limited supplies and also a joy to make. Students have begun to embrace the circumstances and have been hard at work creating these works of art. When asked how he felt about the switch to online classes Richie Chavez, a senior in AP Art, said, “ Art class online has been pretty easy … only have one art piece a week [so I] can work more hours on it than when [we were] in school.”. Jasmine Lopez, a senior in Sculpture, voiced, “… online classes are a very odd experience. For sculpture, it’s a lot of improvising…”  Even with the challenges of being at home, these upcoming artists have found a way to make creative masterpieces.

Painting done by Richie Chavez


Jasmine Lopez’s Narwhal made from salt dough.

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