Horoscopes – Jan/Feb

By: May Smith

Aries – Burnout is real, and you can’t remedy it on the fly, Aries. This week it’s important that you create space in your life for self-care. I’m not talking about pedicures and sheet masks, as fun as those things are. What you need is time and space for your body and your emotions to catch up. This may feel like sitting around and doing nothing, which can be really frustrating for you. But, too much time and energy spent on doing can actually block getting things done in the long run.


Taurus – As you change, all that you encounter is likely to feel a little bit different. This can be off putting or confusing at times, but the key is to stay emotionally connected to your values and intentions. The truth is that sometimes discomfort or unease is the assignment of the moment. You may be doing everything right, but if you don’t investigate, it’s hard to gain clarity. Make room for the vulnerability and emotional awkwardness that comes with change, Taurus.


Gemini – This week, it’s important that you learn from past experiences. You may be feeling restless or uncomfortable with the way things are, but if you allow yourself to act or react from that place, without taking the time to notice the patterns that are at play, you’re likely to miss some important information. Don’t forget to be curious about the themes at play in your life so that you can both better understand them, but also remember to make choices that reflect what you’re excited about.


Cancer – People talk about letting go all the time, but what does it mean really? The practice of letting go is not one of pulling your heart and love back and being less invested in your motivations and what you’re doing. It is instead about releasing your attachment to how you believe things should go and what timeline things have to happen on. It’s also about releasing your requirement for proof or evidence in order to have faith in the process. So when you hear that it’s time to let go, now you know the assignment.


Leo – You have so much to be grateful for, and the more that you align with that, the better you’re going to be able to leverage the opportunities in front of you, Leo. This week may find you making major moves in your relationships and personal life. The key is to not confuse attention with love or affirmation. You are in the right space to make healthy compromises that help to improve the state of love in your life.


Virgo – You’re wrestling with some really major stuff, Virgo, and it’s likely to trigger some big emotions and even bigger ideas. Do your best to find ways of slowing down and getting into your body so that you can figure out what you’re really feeling and what you need. If you stay too in your head about things, you run the risk of letting your ego take over. While your ego isn’t inherently bad, it’s not the most reliable internal resource for making wise decisions. Check in with your gut this week.


Libra – Take the time to reflect on how far you’ve come, Libra. You’ve been navigating some really important emotional changes, and if you don’t take stock of how far you’ve come, you may not incorporate that growth into your identity. Sometimes the most important work you can do on yourself and in your life is to take it all in and digest it. Seeking equilibrium will help you a great deal this week.


Scorpio – This week, it’s important that you put yourself out there and make some big moves. That said, if you don’t approach matters in a collaborative way, you’re likely to feel overloaded, which will backfire on you pretty quickly. Don’t allow fear or pride to motivate you, Scorpio. Now is the time for you to be the change that you want to see in your life, regardless of your current circumstances.


Sagittarius – It’s hard to have peace of mind when you’re in a state of restlessness. This week, you may be seeking certainty where it doesn’t exist or looking for affirmations before they’re ready. Find and cultivate a sense of equilibrium or balance within yourself, Sagittarius. Essentially, this means returning your energy to its centre and developing non-attachment to what happens, expected timelines, or how things will unfold.


Capricorn – If you can motivate yourself based on your passions instead of competition or scarcity-based thinking, you’ll not only be happier but you’ll also be more successful. This week, you may be feeling agitated or defensive, and if that’s the case, you need to get your energy back in line. You are perfectly capable of handling whatever is in front of you in a wise and sustainable way; all it will take is a shift in your perspective and a willingness to see things differently.


Aquarius – When frustrations are high, it is really easy to lose track of yourself. Do your best to get and stay grounded this week, especially when things are not going your way. How you respond to your circumstances is much more a reflection on you than on the people around you. In other words, don’t let your most unruly emotions define you, Aquarius. Learn to sit with and nurture your feelings when you need it most.


Pisces – If your friends can’t celebrate your wins with you, are they really your friends? This week, you may be questioning the welfare of some of your close relationships, and while that’s not fun, it’s important to do so. Acknowledging problems in your relationships isn’t a rejection of the people you’re connected to; it’s an investment. By identifying what is and isn’t working, you can invest in the people and situations that are uplifting you and work on or with the ones that aren’t.

Hoopin’ into season!

By: Layla Rodriguez

This year’s 2023-2024 basketball season has begun. Our Pleasanton Eagle Basketball program has gotten off to a strong start. Our teams are very new and are starting to gel together and play more smoothly. We may not have won many games so far this season, but our teams are definitely growing stronger as one. Here are some words from our girl’s head coach, Coach G “My favorite part about being a basketball coach is watching the team improve. The season is very long, and our girls work hard to get better and better throughout the season so it is great to see their improvement.” Coach G is a very dedicated coach, and he loves to see his team work together as a whole to improve and dominate throughout the season.

Our basketball season has yet to start district, but here are some results from some scrimmages- Boys Basketball:  Pleasanton vs Foxtech 4-24 (win) Pleasanton vs Highland 43-35 (loss) Pleasanton vs Kings 54-40 (loss) Girls Basketball: Pleasanton vs Orange Grove 30-39 (loss) Pleasanton vs John F. Kenedy 27-61 (win) Pleasanton vs Marion 35-33 (loss). Though we may not have won every game we sure did make a great effort to keep the scores close and barely fall to the opponents. Our ladies and gentlemen put in lots of hard work each day at practice. Here is what a day at practice looks like for the girls and boys according to Coach G- “We usually start with conditioning, then we move into some shooting. After shooting we incorporate some basic skills and drills, and we finish off on working on our game plan and plays to use on our next opponent. That sounds like a lot of work! 

It’s great to see that our Eagle Basketball Program is off to a great start and working very hard each day to be the best we can be! It’s greatly appreciated to come out and support our basketball program this year and show them some love.

Womens Soccer

By: Leighlah Silva 

Soccer season has officially started here at PHS! The quill staff have partnered up with the head coach of the girl’s soccer team and asked a few questions about how he wants this soccer season to play out. This season has barely started, but the sky’s the limit for this team!

“My expectations for this season are high because our team has no ceiling in sight. This is a talented team, but more importantly, they are coachable and committed”, Says Coach Joseph. With all this excitement about soccer season starting, comes hard challenges for these talented girls! “Before they could try out, the girls were required to complete a fitness test. The varsity fitness test was a 7:20 mile and level 15 on the Nike Yo-Yo intermittent Recovery test. The JV fitness requirement was 8:30 and level 10, respectively. The actual tryouts consisted of two weeks of technical drills and a week of small-sided games.” 

Each and every day these student-athletes are working hard for district champions. This team has so much potential and amazing talent, they will in fact go far!

Rock ‘n Bowl

By: Shyanne Sexton 

In the heart of Pleasanton, where the sense of community thrives, a new chapter in high school sports is unfolding. Pleasanton High School has revived its sense of friendship and rivalry by forming its own bowling team. This new addition to the school’s roster is about more than simply strikes and spares; it’s about cooperation, skill development, and providing students with memorable memories. Pleasanton High School’s bowling team was founded by a group of enthusiastic students who realized the need for a varied sports program. Bowling, which is commonly thought of as a leisure game, was envisioned as a way to bring together students with various passions under the umbrella of friendly competition. 

As tryouts and sign-ups commenced, a diverse group of students came forward, showcasing a mix of experienced bowlers and newcomers eager to learn. The inclusive nature of the team’s formation was intentional, reflecting the ethos of Pleasanton High School – a place where every student is encouraged to explore their passions. Beyond the scorecards and strikes, the bowling team has had a profound impact on the participating students. Friendships blossomed, and students discovered talents they never knew they possessed. Sophomore Brennan Lopez said,“It’s been a great experience, it’s a great opportunity to spend time with friends.”  The team provided a platform for personal growth, teaching resilience, discipline, and the importance of teamwork – lessons that extend far beyond the bowling alley.

Student Spotlight: Emiliano Lugo

By: Leighlah Silva

Good afternoon PHS! The quill staff are coming to you with yet another student spotlight article. This month Emiliano Lugo has been selected as our spotlight. Emiliano is a highly gifted and talented student both in and out of the classroom. He participates in many extracurricular activities such as chess club, art club, and bowling club which is a new club here at PHS! You can say he is very active in and out of school. Emiliano says that all of these extracurricular activities have helped him experience new things and meet new people. His chess instructor Ms.Infante has very good feedback she says “He is very polite and generous, he helps his teammates improve in many things, even though sooner or later they will be going against each other in chess. He has a very great mindset about everyone being a winner”. 

Emiliano says that his peers have impacted his life in ways that many don’t and that is what is important because he has experienced many opportunities that he wouldn’t have experienced if it weren’t for them. Emiliano says he has adapted to the high school lifestyle by walking a lot in the hallways and meeting new teachers. 

The PHS quill staff are thrilled to have this opportunity to get to know Emiliano and honor him for being such a great student! 

Staff Spotlight

By: Layla Rodriguez

For this month’s amazing staff member at PHS we have selected our counselor Mrs.Read for our staff spotlight! Mrs.Read is one of our new councilors this year, she was formerly a counselor at our elementary. Mrs.Read first started out teaching reading interventions at the elementary and later realized her true passion. She says “I had groups of about 10 students every class period. They all wanted to tell me stories about their lives. Some stories were fun and enjoyable to hear about, others were sad and made me wonder if the student would be okay that day. As this happened day after day, I thought how wonderful it would be if this was my actual job and I could spend time helping students all day instead of listening for 5 minutes then cutting them off to work on reading.” As you can see she started out small and quickly noticed her love for helping others, and wanted to take it a step further and be able to be there for them full time. This was when she became a full-on counselor at the elementary school.

Along with Mrs.Read came her very fun, and outgoing personality, and her true passion for helping others in what she does. Here are some words from Mrs.Read: “The best part about my job is helping students in any way I can and getting to visit with them all the time. The students here at high school are fun, outgoing, kind, and want to do their best all the time. I really enjoy helping them all on their little journeys in life.” This really shows just how much she has a love and passion for taking care of her students. Mrs.Read is also a very positive role model and an all-around great person to be around! Here are some of her words of inspiration “Stay happy, healthy, and strong. The enemy will try to beat you down, so get up every day, set your mind straight, and say Jesus you got this!” Overall we are so very grateful that we have gained her as a new staff member at our campus, and that she will continue to bring smiles to our faces!


True Crime Vol. XXXVI: Jonestown Massacre(Jim Jones)

By: Kendall Zuniga 

How do you drink your Kool-Aid? Cold and sweet? Chunks of ice and light sugar? Bitter and poisoned with cyanide? Sadly that’s how the followers of “Jonestown” drank their Kool-Aid. It’s estimated that over 900 followers of Jim Jones had died that day from Cyanide poisoning, making it the largest mass intentional civilian death to be recorded since before the events of September 11th, 2009. 

The Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ(more formerly known as Jonestown) was founded in 1955 in Indianapolis, Indiana by Jim and Marceline Jones. Pastor, Jim Jones, would preach to a racially-integrated congregation during church services. At the height of its popularity during the 1970s, the Temple had a membership estimated in the thousands and was courted by local politicians in San Francisco, California. But by 1977, Jones had grown paranoid from the media scrutiny over the Temple’s suspicious activities, so he and his numerous followers moved to an agricultural settlement in Guyana, a remote country east of Venezuela.

U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan visited Jonestown in November 1978. Ryan was spurred to visit Jonestown after hearing word from a friend and former Peoples Temple member who couldn’t reach family members at the commune, as well as an written statement from Deborah Layton Blakey, a Jones aide who sought refuge at the American embassy, who recounted the goings-on at Jonestown. Sources say Jones had been rehearsing people for weeks on end on what to say to Ryan and the media. Soon after checking out the settlement, Ryan was shot to death along with four other people by Temple gunmen at an airstrip. 

The fear in Jones was setting in and believed something had to be done to keep his dark secret from reaching the light of day. Jones would often hold mass suicide rehearsals in order to see who his true followers were and which of his followers would give him the most trouble, making the trouble makers line up first to take the poison. He would also come to decide that if he were to “kill off” all the children, their parents wouldn’t have any reason to live. So, he starts with the babies and the people want to believe that this is just another rehearsal. For a lot of them it was just surreal. They couldn’t believe this man, who professed to have their best interests in mind, would actually kill them. It wasn’t until they saw the babies frothing at the mouth and writhing that they realized what was going on. 

The people of Jonestown, some acceptant and serene, others probably coerced, queued to receive cups of cyanide punch and syringes. When Guyanese troops reached Jonestown the next morning, they discovered an eerie, silent vista, frozen in time and littered with bodies. A tiny number of survivors, mainly people who had hidden during the poisoning, emerged. Jim Jones was found dead of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot.

NaNoWriMo Victories

By: Shyanne Sexton

National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, is an annual writing challenge that calls on participants to write a 50,000-word novel in just 30 days. This literary marathon demands dedication, creativity, and perseverance. For many aspiring writers, completing NaNoWriMo is a monumental achievement that signifies a triumph in word count and a journey of self-discovery and artistic expression. Four students here at PHS who undertook this ambitious challenge and emerged victorious. Throughout this issue and the next PHS Journalism staff will highlight 2 of the students at a time and their journeys. 

Kathryn Cornwell, a distinguished senior here at PHS fueled by a passion for storytelling and an extra hundred in the grade book, took her first steps into the realm of NaNoWriMo with trepidation and excitement. Like everything else she does Kathryn faced this challenge head-on, juggling schoolwork, jobs, and the demands of daily life. Despite initial doubts, Kathryn was captivated by the creative process, discovering hidden depths of imagination she never knew she possessed. 

Immersing herself in the hallow confines of our local Starbucks Kathryn harnessed the productive atmosphere, allowing her writing process to run ramped. The beginning of her narrative mirrored the distinctive contours of her personal life leading up to senior year as she expressed, “I wanted to tell my story but from an outside perspective.” However, as the long days of November fell by the way the story took an unexpected turn from a thin-veiled autobiography to the fictional narrative of a serial killer. Kathryn had navigated the early days of November with a steady pace, until she encountered a roadblock in her writing journey – what to do once she had shared her entire story. After days of pondering Kathryn had decided that to overcome this hurdle, she would draw inspiration from horror shows, movies, and books, shaping her character with newfound insight. As she found herself nearing the end, concluding her story became a challenging task, she had built relationships with the characters and couldn’t leave her narrative with a rushed or improper result.

The NaNoWriMo experience proved to be a roller coaster for Kathryn.  When asked if she would take on the daring challenge of NaNoWriMo again, Kathryn declined but shared her commitment to continue writing and pursuing her own creative desires. For Kathryn, the completion of NaNoWriMo signified more than just the creation of a novel. The discipline she honed during those 30 days translated into improved time management skills and heightened confidence, both academically and creatively.  

All the Journalism staff would like to congratulate Kathryn on her amazing achievement and wish her well in future endeavors.

Shelby Dambeck another Senior here at PHS also embarked on her NaNoWriMo journey this past month. The blank page stared back at her, and the challenge of writing a novel in just 30 days seemed daunting. Early days Shelby found herself grappling with a lack of direction in her story, unsure of where her characters would lead her. But, as she delved deeper into the writing process, a sense of accomplishment began to bloom.

Shelby shared that her writing started at a slow pace, the words trickling onto the page like a hesitant stream. However, as November unfolded, so did her narrative. Thanksgiving break proved to be a turning point for Shelby, a moment when everything began to click into place. With each passing day, her story gained momentum, and Shelby found herself caught up in the whirlwind of her characters’ lives. Shelby’s novel centered around a timeless theme: a love story between high school sweethearts. Yet, she approached it with a refreshing twist—deviating from the conventional narrative where the lovers live happily ever after.

The Starbucks proved once again to be a sanctuary for creativity. Armed with her favorite chai tea latte, she let the comforting hum of background noise and the warmth of her surroundings fuel her imagination. The ambiance became a backdrop for the development of her characters and the unfolding of their story. Shelby discovered that a change of scenery and a favorite beverage could be the perfect recipe for a productive writing session.

Shelby’s advice to fellow NaNoWriMo participants is simple but powerful: keep your pace and stay consistent. She emphasizes that maintaining a steady writing routine is key to alleviating the stress that can accompany such a challenge. By tackling her novel page by page, Shelby avoided the overwhelm that can often come with the pressure of word counts and deadlines. While Shelby doesn’t envision herself publishing or pursuing a career in writing, she recognizes the invaluable lessons NaNoWriMo has imparted. The discipline, determination, and creative problem-solving she cultivated during this month-long writing marathon are skills that will undoubtedly serve her well in her future endeavors to be a nurse. Whether in the classroom or any other arena, Shelby is confident that the resilience she honed during NaNoWriMo will be a guiding force.

As November drew to a close, Shelby looked back on her NaNoWriMo experience with a sense of accomplishment. Her journey from uncertainty to a completed novel is a testament to the transformative power of creativity and commitment. And, if she ever decides to take on NaNoWriMo again, there’s a promise lingering in the air—a continuation of the love story she brought to life, a narrative waiting to be unfolded in the pages of another Starbucks-fueled adventure.

Monthly Cause: Military Family Appreciation Month

By: May Smith

National Military Family Month has a rich history dating back to 1996 when it was officially recognized by the Armed Services YMCA; a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving military families. It has since gained national recognition and has become an important occasion for honoring and supporting military families. Throughout the years, National Military Family Month has evolved into a nationwide effort to acknowledge the sacrifices and resilience of military families and to provide them with the appreciation and assistance they deserve.

Military Family Appreciation Month is a time set aside to honor the importance of military families. Military families know what it means to serve. Every day, you get up and support your service members standing by during long training and deployments. You know the risks, but you accept this life of service anyway. You are the backbone of our military. You are the quiet, but steady fuel at home that keeps the fire burning. You keep track of military pay, benefits, and news, because you know they make a day-to-day difference in your life. When your time as an actively serving family comes to an end, you support your veteran. Serving is just what you do.

Traditionally, the president signs a proclamation recognizing that service and declaring November as Military Family Month. Over the month, families just like yours are honored, and recognized for their commitment as well as contributions in support of our military and nation.

Advice column: Expert Advice to Crush Stress and Thrive in Your Journey!

By: Brittney Rodriguez

Dealing with stress as a student can be super overwhelming, especially when the semester is coming to an end but don’t worry. Here are some tips that can help you manage your stress.

To start it’s important to take breaks and give yourself some time to relax and recharge. Between studying or participating in activities, take short breaks to do something you enjoy. It could be listening to music, going for a walk, or even just taking a few deep breaths. These little breaks can make a big difference in helping you manage stress.

Staying organized is another key to dealing with stress. Try making a to-do list and prioritize your tasks. Breaking them down into smaller, manageable parts can make them feel less overwhelming. Plus, there’s something satisfying about checking things off your list. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and helps you stay focused. 

Taking care of yourself is crucial when it comes to managing stress. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating nutritious meals, and staying hydrated. Try engaging in activities that make you happy and help you relax, like reading, drawing, or spending time with friends. Self-care is not selfish, it’s necessary for your well-being.

Don’t keep your stress bottled up. Talking it out can be helpful. Reach out to someone you trust, whether it’s a friend, family member, or even a counselor. They can offer support, guidance, and helpful advice. Sometimes just sharing your feelings with someone who understands can make a huge difference.

Finding healthy outlets for your stress is important too. Engage in activities that help you release stress and channel your energy. Exercise is a great way to do this, whether it’s going for a run, doing yoga, or playing a sport. Journaling can also be a helpful tool for expressing your thoughts and emotions. Don’t forget to pursue hobbies or interests that bring you joy and help you relax.

Remember stress is a normal part of high school, but it doesn’t have to consume you. By taking breaks, staying organized, practicing self-care, talking it out, and finding healthy outlets, you can manage and conquer stress. 


By: May Smith


Aries – Expect the unexpected on the 11th. Dreams may have some insights for you about how to make more money on the 17th & 18th. Don’t let frustrations get a hold of you on the 25th.


Taurus – Don’t believe everything that friends tell you on the 3rd. Travel can be particularly fun on the 6th. You are exceptionally charming on the 15th. 


Gemini – Expect the unexpected on the 4th. Ideas come to you about how you can improve your career on the 6th. Don’t believe everything that you hear on the 27th. 


Cancer – You know just what to say and just how to say it on the 3rd. The 17th is an excellent time to have a discussion with your mate. Don’t let others get you into an argument on the 18th. 


Leo – Be careful not to overdo it on the 3rd. Expect the unexpected on the 13th. Inner intuitions on the 17th can help you determine how to make more money. 


Virgo – Creativity is yours on the 6th. Changing your thought processes on the 8th can bring great benefits. Confusion may be around on the 27th, so avoid making major decisions. 


Libra – This whole month is especially lucky for you. A dream could bring positive changes into your life on the 6th. Folks like what you have to say on the 15th. 


Scorpio – You are full of lots of ideas on the 8th. People like what you have to say on the 17th. A personal change proves fortuitous on the 29th. 


Sagittarius – Be careful not to overdo it on the 3rd. You are particularly lucky on the 14th. Focusing on work can bring rewards on the 25th. 


Capricorn – Be careful what you disclose on the 10th. Everybody loves you and what you have to say on the 17th. Sleep becomes more important after the 22nd. 


Aquarius – Expect the unexpected on the 4th. There may be some conflict between home & career on the 13th. Everybody loves you on the 9th. 


Pisces – It is not the best day to have a discussion with your mate on the 3rd. Travel beckons and could be a lot of fun on the 17th. Your intuition is right on the money on the 21st. 

The Christmas Vampire

By: Alex Richter

In the heart of a quaint town, where carolers sang, and holiday lights twinked, lived a young vampire named George in a snowy cottage. For about a decade, he’d been disguised as a plain, young man. He’d taken the habit of adopting the tradition of the era he was in, even though it was vastly different from when he was living. Throughout the years, George had always had a special place in his heart for Christmas.

The last blue ornament was placed carefully on the tree as George sighed, admiring the beautiful Christmas tree that he’d spent hours decorating. He grabbed his phone, pocketing it, before stepping into the cold snow. Though the ground was frozen, George’s town bustled with warmth and excitement. He loved his town, and often participated in the festivities, especially during Christmas.

Rumors spread throughout the vampire community about a mysterious and mystical potion known as the “Crimson Cocoa;” this potion was known to grant any supernatural creature permanent mortality. However, since many of the vampires were hidden within the crowds, George had difficulty learning about it. He’d always dreamed of finding another vampire and being able to bond once again, yet he’d always found himself alone.

Being mortal again was what George had always wanted. A vampire gave George a map whose identity was a mystery to him. The journey appeared long and boring; even with his inhuman running skill, he’d get there in about a day or so.

The outside of George’s town was ghostly. Once he passed it, he let his legs take him as fast as he possibly could go. The birch trees were painted a bright white and black and appeared to be wooshing by him at the speed of light. The leaves changed from a deep green to a sea blue and a velvet purple. This was the enchanted forest.

George was on his feet for hours, yet didn’t struggle too much, as he was willing to speed through vast terrains to reach his goal. As he got closer to the Crimson Cocoa, he managed to find two vampires and a young ghost whom he’d recognized from his mortal life. The vampires were traveling together, yet they looked nothing alike. Their names were Clay and Tommy. The ghost, Wilbur, was a schoolmate of George’s as a teen.

“Clay shut it. You’re not my dad,” Tommy grunted as they jogged through the terrain.

“Ugh, I wouldn’t want to be your dad with you complaining this much. I don’t know how your parents tolerate you,” Clay snapped.

“Chill out, everyone. And stop walking so fast,” Wilbur murmured as he struggled to keep up with the swift creatures.

As Christmas approached, they ended up in a building that, according to the legend, held the infamous Crimson Cocoa. The air was thick with anticipation as he unlocked the door to the kitchen. Once inside, he was surprised to find not only one glimmering mug of Crimson Cocoa but three. Now the question remained, did he give it to his friends, or keep one for himself, and let one of his friends wander alone and immortal on this day?

“George go ahead, you deserve it,” Clay smiled. 

“Well, I want one!” Tommy shouted excitedly, grabbing one for himself. “If you don’t mind Wilbur…”

“Tommy, you can go ahead and do whatever you want. There’s nothing I can do to stop you,” Wilbur chuckled.

“I don’t know… Clay, are you sure you don’t want this?” George asked.

“George, take it,” Clay said, placing the warm mug into George’s cold hands.

The choice weighed heavily on George’s immortal soul, but ultimately, he’d decided to extend the gift of humanity with his supernatural companions. He would simply have to live with immortality until he found another way. Though his Christmas was merry and bright, the time ended. George stayed a vampire, and as sad as he was, his now mortal friends stuck with him through and through, waiting for the day that George’s opportunity would come.

Diggin’ In The Cleats!

By: Kendall Zuniga

This past Friday on October 20th, our mighty eagles traveled to La Vernia to take on the La Vernia bears. Sadly the eagles lost with a final score of 40-7 and soared back home. Though our eagles were disheartened, they are not giving up the fight! With only 2 games left in the season, the boys are working hard to make their comeback this Friday against the Floresville Jaguars. Let’s Go Eagles! Pride! Pride!

Love For Our Student Section


By:Layla Rodriguez

Our Lady Eagles have continued to improve as this season continued. Our volleyball team has had some great support shown from our student section this season. Our student section never fails to show up and encourage our girls! Our team has also started to show some improvement, and we are blending together more nicely as we practice together every day. Here are some stats over this past month: Pleasanton vs  Devine (P-1 D-3) loss, Pearsall vs Pleasanton (Pl-3 Pe-0) win, Floresville (F-3 P-0) loss, Uvalde vs Pleasanton (P-3 U-1) win, Carrizo (P-3 C-1) win. From these results you can see that our lady eagles have been fighting hard every game, and making every point count.

This season our student section has been a huge success, and seems to expand every game. Our game play is definitely much better when we have lots of support from our student section. Our players really enjoy the student section, and our supporters, they really help them to be motivated. Here are some words from Varsity player (Senior: Jadyn Swan) “In my opinion the more the better! A small crowd definitely doesn’t bring the same energy as a larger one.” From this we can see that the student section is definitely welcomed and loved by our volleyball team. Our student section also has the same love for supporting the team. A statement from the student section (Junior: Rion Ochoa) “Our student section lets the team know that they will always have someone cheering them on whether they are winning or not, the players know that we care, and they have something to play for.” As shown from these words, the student section loves to come out and support our girls and make sure that they know they are appreciated and working hard no matter the circumstance.

Overall our girls are very grateful to have our student section to cheer them on, and our student section is more than happy to come out and support! Let’s keep the positive energy as this season continues on and it is highly encouraged to come and show some love to our lady eagle volleyball program!

Good. Better. Best.

By: Shyanne Sexton

The fall tennis season was a rollercoaster ride of triumphs and challenges for the Pleasanton team. The players gave their all in each match, and their passion for the sport was evident in every swing of the racquet. Despite finishing fourth in the district and facing a first-round exit in the playoffs, this season was not without its bright spots, thanks to a roster of standout players who showcased their skill and dedication. One of the most significant achievements of the season was district awards given to standout players who consistently delivered strong performances. Their dedication, scores, and sportsmanship were what set them apart to coaches within the district who vote on these awards 

Awards given:

First Team All-District Doubles Team (girls): Farah Standley and Shyanne Sexton

First Team All-District Singles (girls): Shyanne Sexton

First Team All-District Singles (girls): Farah Standley

Second Team All-District Singles (girls): Lauren Miles 

Second Team All-District Singles (girls): Ilianna Solorzano

Second Team All-District Singles (girls): Evelynn Caraway 

Second Team All-District Doubles Team (boys): Jace Warner and Jairo Ortiz

And Honorable Mentions to players: Evelynn Caraway, Ilianna Solorzano, Brennan Lopez, Lauren Miles, Adyson Pawelek, Marcus Lynch, Micha Klien, and Kolton Sexton.

When asked about the close of the season Coach Everett said“ The odds were definitely stacked against us in playoffs but I was astonished by the amount of hustle each player gave. Although it is the end of our fall season, I know in the spring we will continue to do great things!” PHS is beyond proud of its tennis team and all of us here at PHS Journalism wish them well rest and good luck till spring season!

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Llamas

By: Alex Richter

This month, Journalism staff chose to highlight Mr. Llamas- who formerly taught at PJHS- I talked with the new teacher about many different topics. Journalism did this as a gesture of appreciation, and an act to properly introduce him to the staff and students of PHS!

Mr. Llamas had always had a passion for science. It was his favorite subject in school and college; he excelled in it, thanks to some great teachers. Admittedly, he struggled with chemistry, but that was due to a lack of a good teacher in high school. His college journey started with business, but after a grueling accounting assignment, he switched to teaching, and then to psychology. Eventually, Mr. Llamas became a certified secondary teacher with a biology emphasis. His love for science led him to become a science teacher, hoping to inspire the next generation of scientists and contribute to their success. He hopes to play a small part in their remarkable achievements. Especially since he is teaching the same students again, and it has its pros and cons. It helps to become familiar with different personalities, academic abilities, and behavior. However, some students may take advantage of familiarity, and some who struggled in the past might not make an effort this year. It is important to note that Mr. Llamas’ parents inspire him the most in his daily life. “They’ve supported me wholeheartedly and encouraged me to excel.” Their high expectations have motivated him to achieve them. Mr. Llamas is grateful for their unwavering love and support. “Thank you, Mom and Dad, for always being there for me; I hope I’ve made you proud.” 

PHS is very lucky to have a passionate science enthusiast like Mr. Llamas, it improves the school’s emotional value on core subjects. We hope that this will go on to inspire future scientists, and have them remember the little people that helped them get there.

Student Spotlight: Sydney Sorola

By: Leighlah Silva 


Welcome back PHS we are coming to you with more articles this month! Our student spotlight for October is Sydney Sorola. Sydney is a highly accomplished junior that is involved in many extracurricular activities within the school . This junior is involved in NHS (National Honor Society), HOSA (Health Occupations Students Of America), student council, and dance. “My main goal is to leave an impact” stated Sydney, which she has! 

Sydney has been a dancer since she was five years old and continues dancing on the dance/drill team here at PHS. Sydney has the magnificent duty of being the pacesetting major and only wants what’s best for the team, “I want to accomplish things within the team that haven’t been accomplished before”. Her peers on the dance team have made a huge impact on Sydney, “These girls motivate me so much, they really inspire me to be better”.

      Dance has always been her main extracurricular activity ever since she was home schooled, being in HOSA,NHS, and student council has brought her so many amazing opportunities and friends! Being in all of these extracurricular activities has also taught Sydney self discipline, respect towards others, and has helped her prepare herself for life after high school. Within the talk about life after high school ,Sydney has stated that she plans on attending (TJH)  Tyler Junior College to be an almighty apache belle on their dance team. She plans doing her basics at Tyler Junior College, but her “end goal” for her adult years is to study neuroscience and become a neurologist.

The PHS quill staff members are delighted and very thankful to have this opportunity to put the amazing spotlight on Sydney Sorola and get to know her better. We wish you the best and hope you have a great junior year, keep pursuing your dreams!

Staff Spotlight: Ms. Connally

By:Brittney Rodriguez


To start this school year’s staff spotlight we had the opportunity to interview and ask the amazing Ms. Connally about her journey before and during her time here at PHS. Ms. Connally has been an educator for 20 years and wanted to stay in education but in a different capacity so she pursued her master’s degree in administration and became one of PHS’s assistant principals.

How did it all start? Ms. Connally’s family came from Floresville but she grew up in San Antonio. She attended Judson High School, a big 6A school in San Antonio. After spending a large amount of her time in that setting she knew she wanted to work in a smaller community of tight-knit people. Ms. Connally said “I felt really good about all the people I met when I interviewed too. So it was an easy decision” when asked about her transition to PHS.

One thing Ms. Connally loves most about her job here at PHS is getting to know the students and teachers. Her favorite thing though has been going to all extracurricular events, and watching students do what they love. However, with change there will come challenges. The toughest challenge Ms.Connally has faced here at PHS is trying to meet and learn about all the students. She tries to make positive connections with them while also having to assess poor behavior choices.

Ms. Connolly is certainly an asset to PHS and we wish nothing but the best for her on her journey here at PHS!!


Athlete Spotlight: Jacob Barrow

By: Shyanne Sexton 

In the realm of sports, some athletes shine for their exceptional skills on the field or for their drive and passion for the game, and every now and then you find an athlete who has both. Jacob Barrow a sophomore at PHS, is an outstanding athlete who has left his mark on the football field, showcasing a remarkable combination of talent, mental toughness, and a dream that drives him forward.

There is certainly something to say about a Friday night football game in small towns across South Texas. The allure of cheering crowds, high school fame, the taste of victory, the sound of bands playing at every touchdown, and a community uniting for a team of passionate players is hard to resist. For Jacob, though football isn’t just about the thrill of victory or adulation of the fans: it’s about competition and his own personal fulfillment. He thrives in the face of a challenge, outplaying opponents, pushing his limits, and having a great time while doing so. All athletes aspire to have this immense LOVE of their sport and Jacob has it in spades.

However, as any football player knows, this sport does not come without its bumps and bruises. Jacob has certainly faced his fair share of injuries. Physical setbacks led to moments of self-doubt, moments in which he questioned his ability to play the game he’s always loved. Yet, Jacob’s positive outlook is what carries him through those times. Rather than letting setbacks deter him, he uses them as motivation to push back harder and come back stronger than before. As Jacob continues through his football career he aspires to be a collegiate player, representing his school, community, and family. His dream serves as another thing that fuels his passion for the game.

When asked who his biggest motivators were Jacob didn’t hesitate “My Parents” he said. His mother and father have been a constant source of inspiration and support throughout his journey. They have cheered him on from the sidelines, attended countless long late-night games, and offered unwavering encouragement, whether he celebrating a great game or navigating the tough challenges of injuries. 

It is rare to find such an amazing young talented driven athlete and Jacob is just that. PHS is certainly lucky to have Jacob as a student and athlete. As the football season comes to a close all of us here at PHS Journalism wish Jacob and his team the best of luck!!

Monthly Cause

By: Kendall Zuniga


This month the journalism staff has chosen to shed light on the people of Latin and Hispanic heritage for Hispanic heritage month! This month honors the cultures and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans.

In 1968, Hispanic Heritage month was originally for only a week but was later decided to last a whole month in 1988 celebrating through festivals, art shows, community gatherings, and much more. This month is utilized to celebrate the many independence days in Latin countries such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Chile. 

There are more than 60 million Hispanic/ Latino people in America making them the largest minority group in the United States today and their contribution to this country is beyond words of explanation. Hispanic and Latino Americans especially made an impact in our government. As of 2017, a total of 178,215 members of our government are of Hispanic and Latin descent and the number is only getting bigger. Catherine Cortez Masto was the first elected Latina to serve as a U.S. Senator from Nevada and Ted Cruz became the first Latino to serve as a U.S Senator from the state of Texas as well as a running candidate in the 2016 presidential election. These influential figures put a much deserved spotlight on all Hispanic and Latino Americans in the united states. 

Hispanic and Latino heritage has also impacted our pop culture. Movies such as Encanto, Coco, The Book Of Life, and Elena Of Avalor became some of the first movies to represent Latinos everywhere. Elena Of Avalor was actually the very first Hispanic princess to ever be showcased on the Disney channel, bringing joy to children everywhere because they finally had seen a Disney princess who looked like them, they no longer felt like an outsider.

With new generations to come, it’s important to inform those of how important their heritage really is and to be proud of who they are. ¡Feliz Mes de la Herencia Hispana!

A Teenager’s Guide to Halloween

by Alex Richter

Halloween, the spookiest time of the year, isn’t just for kids. Most teens wonder how they’ll enjoy upcoming Halloweens now that they’ve gotten older, but there are still many ways to enjoy the haunted holiday! Whether you’re donning a creative costume, exploring haunted houses, or simply savoring the thrill of the season, there’s a lot to savor in this holiday. 

This time of year is the perfect occasion to unleash your creative spirit. While classic costume choices like vampires and witches are always in style, you can also put a unique twist on a popular character or concept. For a memorable Halloween experience, consider coordinating group costumes with your friends. You might think you’ve outgrown trick-or-treating, but the truth is, it can still be a delightful experience. If you decide to partake, make sure to be aware of younger children, and stay respectful of neighbors and adults who may celebrate the holiday. Hosting or attending a Halloween party is a classic way for teenagers to celebrate the spooky holiday. Engage your guests with exciting games and contests, such as costume competitions or pumpkin carving contests. For an adrenaline-pumping adventure, seek out local haunted houses or haunted attractions. If there’s a reputedly haunted location in your vicinity, consider embarking on a ghost tour or paying it a visit with your friends. Navigating through spooky places can provide a thrilling experience that you and your friends are sure to remember! Hosting a scary movie marathon with your friends is another popular Halloween pastime. Another suggestion is to gather your friends around a campfire or huddle in a dimly lit room to share spine-chilling stories. You may also decide to indulge in pumpkin carving, a traditional and creative Halloween activity that never goes out of style. You can proudly display your carved masterpieces on your doorstep or use them as eye-catching decorations for your Halloween gathering. Also, although it is less celebrated, it may be a good idea to give back to your community by volunteering at local Halloween events or haunted houses. Transform your home or your room into a Halloween wonderland with spooky decorations like spider webs, skeletons, and other eerie embellishments. Get into the spirit of Halloween by experimenting in the kitchen. Not only are festive treats delicious, but they also add to the eerie atmosphere of the holiday. If you’re on a budget or looking to be eco-friendly, consider swapping costumes with your friends or exploring thrift stores for costume ideas. Explore the local Halloween scene by attending events such as haunted hayrides, corn mazes, or fall festivals. Halloween is a versatile holiday where you can let your imagination run wild. 

Get ready for a “spooktacular” time and make the most of this ghoulish holiday!


True Crime Vol. XLVIII: The Vampire Of Sacramento

By: Kendall Zuniga 


Welcome Back to the 48th edition of The Quills true crime article, this month is the start of the spooky season so, why not write about vampires? Only this vampire wasn’t really a vampire, he was a human by the name of Richard Trenton Chase.

Richard Trenton Chase was born on May 23rd, 1950 in Santa Clara county, California. His childhood was very troubled, it’s said that Trenton would set fires and torture animals. As he got older he began to drink and do drugs like LSD, spending lots of time in and out of mental institutions and eventually developed Hypochondira due to his fierce drug and alcohol abuse. By the time Trenton was 21, he had no social life and no girlfriend so he turned back to killing animals but taking it farther by consuming the raw or blended carcasses. It was suspected that Trenton would actually drink their blood gaining the nickname “The Vampire Of Sacramento” 

He was even Hospitalized in 1976 for blood poisoning from trying to inject the blood of a rabbit into himself, bringing plenty of fear into those around him. Trenton would often be found covered in blood coming from different animals he had killed but this was just the start of his spree of killing. 

Ambrose Griffin was the first victim of Richard Trenton, her death was the result of a drive-by but police never suspected Trenton of being the murderer. His next victim was pregnant 22-year-old Terry Wallin, her husband had returned home from work to find his wife’s body disemboweled and drained of all blood. Yet again, Trenton was not suspected of the crime. Investigations had begun once other incidents had become uncovered, all crimes followed the same pattern. 

Richard Trenton’s last killings were a massacre. In the home of Evelyn Miroth, not only had she been murdered but her 6-year old son, 22-month old nephew, and a family friend were murdered as well. 22-month old Micheal Ferreira was missing from the home, his playpen was  found covered in blood and there was a pillow that had a bullet hole through it. Police suspected the murderer had taken the victim after fleeing the scene. 

Trenton’s streak of fatalities came to an end when police were notified by an unknown young woman. She would go on to explain that when driving down the road, a man approached her vehicle and recognized him as a former classmate from high school. The woman noticed that his eyes were dark and sunken, his figure was extremely thin, and he wore a blood stained sweatshirt. This man was identified as Richard Trenton Chase. Police discovered that Trenton actually resided within a mile of most of his murder sites and decided to stake out his apartment; he was then taken into custody. When being detained, police found on Richard a gun that traced back to all the murders. Further searching his apartment, police found a 12-inch butcher knife, rubber boots, animal collars, three blenders containing blood, and several body parts in his refrigerator. A mummified corpse of a baby had also been found later in a box outside of a vacant lot; it was determined that the corpse was the missing nephew of Evelyn Miroth.

Richard Trenton Chase pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, but was deemed legally sane at the time of the events and found guilty of all six counts of murder. Trenton was later found in his jail cell dead after commiting suicide by an overdose of medication he had been prescribed, he was pronounced dead on December 26, 1980.

Horoscopes – October 2023

By: May Smith


Aries – Watch out for power plays on the 8th; don’t get involved. Past activities could pay current dividends on the 13th. If you buy it on the 28th, you are likely to pay too much. Your friends may look to you for emotional guidance throughout the day. They’re potentially going through a crisis in some part of their life or grappling with a problem that they’ve been unable to figure out, and you could have the insight that will allow them to work through their struggles. Working together throughout any issues can strengthen the bond between you since they’ll see that you are there for them. Just avoid appearing to be preachy — they might tune that right out!


Taurus – Friends and family may be at odds on the 10th. A lot of fun can be had and you are tremendously lucky on the 22nd. An unexpected opportunity could come your way on the 31st. You’re able to be honest about the feelings that are in your heart. Even if you’ve recently stumbled when releasing your emotions, it’s okay. Prepare yourself for someone to ask you a question, providing an opportunity to open up and free yourself from any silent weights that have been dragging you down. Don’t forget to check and ensure they have space to hold your emotions with you for a little while! Once they give the green light, sharing is an amazing way to feel lighter.


Gemini – Make sure to be careful so you don’t get into trouble on the 2nd; if you do, you can fix it on the 3rd. Just make sure not to overdo it on the 28th or the 29th. The wise words of a mentor can be more meaningful than ever. Whether they’ve achieved career goals you’d like to emulate or have earned your admiration for personal reasons, you’re likely looking to them to inspire your grand ambitions. Wanting to model your own life after someone else’s is flattering, but it might also not be quite right for you, since everyone has their own journey. Be open and listen to what they have to say, but it’s okay if it doesn’t resonate with you.


Cancer – The 9th is particularly pleasant during the day but expect the unexpected in the evening. A good time can be had with your friends on the 20th. Travel beckons on the 24th. You may gain a reputation for intensity today! Someone may want to be your friend or get to know you more, but they’re possibly intimidated by your popularity, your mystery, or your carefree attitude. You’re probably easy to have fun with, but you might also have a free spirit that doesn’t want to be bogged down with the opinions of others. Peers may enjoy themselves while worrying that you won’t stick around. Keep being yourself! There will be people who appreciate YOU.


Leo – Communication is powerful for you on the 20th. Don’t let others manipulate you on the 21st. Money could come to you from past deeds on the 24th. Yes, Leo, honesty IS the best policy at present — especially with family members. If you’ve been avoiding telling them something for some time, take this moment to let them in on the secret. Whether these are your biological relatives, someone who is paternal or maternal to you, or your roommates, you may feel a deep burning desire to come clean to them and tell them what you’ve been keeping inside. Don’t let this keep weighing you down! Take a breath and set it free.


Virgo – Avoid a misunderstanding with your significant other on the 2nd by doing something solo. Creativity is yours on the 3rd. Be careful with your words on the 28th & 29th as some anger could be brewing. You’re able to take on the current work of others. It may be that someone isn’t fulfilling their end of the bargain and you’re having to pick up their slack, or you could have to do double the work that you were expecting due to receiving an unfair hand. Having to do much more than you should be doing is frustrating, and ultimately, you shouldn’t have to do so. Consider starting a conversation with someone who can change the situation.


Libra – Friends may not be honest with you on the 10th. A dream brings a positive money idea to you on the 22nd. An unexpected opportunity is yours on the 31st. Past wounds can be healed in the present. Someone who meant a lot to you may have hurt you, and whether the wound is fresh or ancient history, they could be returning to your life or showing up again in your mind. This is a sign of some reflection on healing and absolution. The person may apologize directly, you might seek an apology, or you may choose to forgive without acknowledgment from the other person. Do what would be soothing for you.


Scorpio – You could receive important communication from a friend on the 2nd. Things are not all that they seem to be on the 20th. Don’t let others manipulate you on the 21st. You’re glittering gold, Scorpio! The Sun’s spotlight is shifting onto you — you might not be used to all the extra attention, but don’t worry. As your energy becomes more magnetic, you can use this cosmic power-up to your advantage, especially if you’ve failed to get positive attention from others in the recent past. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! At least consider using this time on center stage to network and make positive impressions on those that matter to you.


Sagittarius – Things go your way on the 18th. Ideas about furthering your career are yours on the 22nd. On the 28th, you may have a tendency to say too much, so you need to be careful! Routines may seem exceedingly complex at the moment. With surprising events and opportunities likely coming your way throughout the day, you might get so distracted by all the new information and tasks entering your life that you completely forget about the habits that you already had established. It can feel like you’re doing something good for yourself, but it might just be that you’re doing something different — remember, something new is not always better than something consistent. Weigh the pros and cons.


Capricorn – Be careful not to be too critical with your words on the 10th. Great discussions can be had with your friends on the 22nd. Friends are interested in a good time with you on the 24th. Your friends might be seeking your honest opinion. They trust you to tell them the truth and not just what they want to hear, but even though they’re seeking your sincerity, this doesn’t mean that you have to deliver harsh critiques word for word. If you have negative feedback to give, try to make sure that it’s coming from a constructive place and not from an insulting place, because you don’t want to jab at your pals for no reason. Take it seriously.


Aquarius – An idea to improve your workspace is yours on the 7th. The 22nd would be a fabulous day to do something with your significant other. An intuition about money is yours on the 31st. You’re now ready to be more empathetic and compassionate with people who may not have extended the same courtesy to you. They potentially don’t understand your dreams or your energy, and because of this, they could accidentally or purposefully alienate you and those who stand beside you. Whether they understand who you are or not isn’t an excuse to exclude you, but at least they’re showing you who they truly are. Refrain from retaliation — simply stand with the people who stand with you.


Pisces – Don’t believe everything that you hear on the 2nd. Conversations with friends should be enlightening on the 21st. Travel beckons and could be quite fun on the 24th. It’s easier to be objective about the past. Where you once made over-emotional decisions and arrived at misled conclusions, you can see with clarity at last. Make an effort to find a few minutes to contemplate the reasons behind events in your life that brought you here. Not every opportunity looks positive at the beginning, and many blessings are in disguise when we receive them, so keep your eyes open for what you can perceive differently going forward. Remember, hindsight is 20/20.


Chasing Horizons

By: Shyanne Sexton 

As the 2023 Cross Country season comes to a close the months of hard work, dedication, and sweat have led to a bittersweet ending, with triumphs and near misses. The spotlight shines brightly on Pleasanton’s Varsity Girls team, which secured their spot at Reginols finishing 3 overall at district. These girls gave a stellar performance. Shalyn Gutierrez, the lady Eagles top runner came in 3rd place with a time of 13:02 followed by senior Kassidy Vickers with a time of 13:26 placing 7th place. Following Kassidy and Shaylyn would be Aryana Partida (14:18 in 14th place), and Evalynn Garza (14:41 in 18th place). Jauslynn Ramirez (14:43 in 20th place), Aleza Robledo (14:46 in 21st place), and Shanna Hime (14:48 in 23rd place), and would be the final members of the team to cross the finish line for the Varsity girl’s team. These girls have pushed their limits and braved the many rigors of cross country, enduring early morning runs and grueling workouts. Above all for the Varsity girls, it is their teamwork that left an indelible mark on the season. 

While the varsity girls have clinched their spot at Regionals, the varsity boys’ team, unfortunately, narrowly missed out on securing a place. Finishing fifth overall, they showcased their immense talent and determination but fell just short of advancing any further. Leading the Varsity boys across the finish line in 12th place was Ian Rodriguez with a time of 18:43. Following only two seconds behind Ian for 13th place was Mich Klien with a time of 18:45. Following runners were Joe Martinez (19:45, 23rd place), Jayden Fox (20:02, 25th place), Dominic Leal (20:09, 26th place), Jordan Cuellar (20:19, 27th place) and lastly Zeke Garcia (20:37, 33rd place).

In the realm of junior varsity (JV) cross country, we would like to congratulate both the girls’ and boys’ teams as they celebrated the victory of the title of District Champions. These talented young athletes showcased their skills and dedication with standout performances that left spectators and fellow competitors in awe.

Overall cross country had a stellar season. When talking with senior Kassidy Vickers she expressed her immense gratitude towards all her years in this sport saying It’s a bitter-sweet ending, I’m definitely going to miss my team and the memories but I’m also ready to start my next chapter.” 

And lastly, a special congratulations from the PHS Journalism team to cross country, Let’s Go Eagles!! PRIDE! PRIDE!