By: Shyanne Sexton and Jaelyn Morales

The Pleasanton High School Tennis team started off the season with a match against Hondo on Saturday, August 14th. The team battled hard and ended the match with a loss of 16-3. The three wins came from Dillon Benavidez who finished with a win of 7-6, 6-2, Rosemary Garcia who also had a win of 6-3, 6-1, and the Mixed Doubles Team, Luke Raney and Kaylee Titzmen, who had a win of 6-3, 6-1. 

The teams next match was against Uvalde’s JV team in a duel match on Wednesday, August 18th. Gage Pawelek/Cian Martinez, Shyanne Sexton/Ilianna Solorzano, Dillion Benavidez/Bennack Conroy, and Elynore Hernandez/Kenley Miller all contributed to giving the team its first double wins. In the singles, Gage Pawelek, Cian Martinez, Luke Raney, Bennack Conroy, Iliana Solorzano, Elly Hernandez, and Kenley Miller all exceeded in winning the singles matches to help Pleasanton have a strong win. As well as more big singles wins from Angel Hernandez, Shayne Cazier, Kassidy Vickers, and S. Hernandez. The other strong double wins came from Shayne Cazier/Mayson Smith, and Genevieve Alvarado/Stephanie Hernandez. 

While the season has barely started, Coach Everett has already had a great time getting to know each and every kid on the tennis team. When asked what obstacles he would like to overcome this season he responded “The obstacles I would like to overcome this season would have to be navigating through my first year ever as a teacher/coach. There are a ton of different factors that play into both these roles, and I know it will not always be easy to balance them efficiently.” There might be some challenges along the way but that won’t stop Coach Everett and his team from having a successful fall season.

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