Student Spotlight: Kalista Pesina

By: Alexandra Garcia and Libby Sanchez

To start off this year’s student spotlight series, we’re piloting off with one of Pleasanton’s sweetest souls, Kalista Pesina. She’s shy and closed off to begin with, but once you break past that she can make your day with a simple smile and wave in the hallway. Kalista is a part of the class of 2022 and will be graduating at the end of this year, which is something she’s looking forward to. She looks to keep her options open for college, but is very strong on her path to progressing in the culinary arts field. When asked what she’s gonna miss most about highschool, Pesina answered with, “Definitely the soccer team. It’s brought me a lot of memories and friendships that I wouldn’t trade for anything.” This year, Kalista looks forward to another and final season on the Pleasanton Women’s Soccer team. “We have all gotten really close as a team with our inside jokes and seeing each other everyday, as a senior that’s gonna be something I definitely miss.” Kalista has taken up the position of a true leader and friend the past two years. “From the very start she’s always given her best effort with full consistency, she’s made significant improvements in skill and fitness and she’s truly dedicated to bettering herself and her teammates. I truly look forward to what she will accomplish in this off-season and upcoming season,” states Coach Joseph. Kalista would like to thank Mr. Hurley (a former teacher) for making her freshman year memorable, and she’d also like to thank Mrs. Minnear for her time as a teacher. “She cared about all her students and taught with such enthusiasm, she refused to let us be confused on a topic,” Pesina says. If Kalista had to describe her past 4 years at the highschool in one word, it would be “exciting”. When she first started as a freshman she had no idea what to expect, but a lot of surprises pop out of nowhere throughout the years and keep it interesting. With that being said, her advice to the freshman now is to not skip out, everyday counts and if you don’t want to miss the good stuff, best be here most of the time. Kalista is looking forward to enjoying her last year here at Pleasanton High School, but she’s also looking forward to seeing where the world takes her. Good luck on this upcoming season and enjoy your senior year!

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