By: Adelena Vera

Prom King and Queen!

Fun Times!

Everyone Dancing!

More Fun with Friends

Heaven and Friends!

Evan and Caitlin Enjoying Prom!


Pleasanton High Schools annual Junior and Senior prom was held on Saturday, May 1st, 2021 at The Espee. There were about 350 people who attended this year’s Great Gastby themed prom. The prom royalty are as listed below, followed by the class favorites: 

King and Queen are Mariano Gutierrez & Genevieve Rodriguez

Prince & Princess: Trent Crady & Valentina Gasca

Dutch & Duchess: Roman Cuevas & Korin Ramos

Most Artistic: Cesario Aguero & Mya Cashiola

Most Transformed: Thomas Lopez & Alizae Navejar

Best Hair: Ashon Thompson & Jewels Kinsel

Class Clown: Andrew Orta & Viviana Huron

Biggest Flirt: Joshua Schmahl & Kiyara Peralez

Most Likely to Succeed: Blake Moos & April Findley

Prettiest Eyes: Ashon Thompson & Zariah Garcia

Cutest Couple: Marissa Hernandez & Romulus Romero

Most Spirited: Andrew Orta & Heaven Marquez

Most Musical: Daniel Martinez & Neviz Martinez

Best Physique: Brenden Esquivel & Caitlyn Neischwitz

Best Smile: Mariano Gutierrez & Heaven Marquez

Sweetest & Kindest: Blake Moos & Caitlyn Neischwitz

Most Likely to be in the Principal’s Office: Andrew Orta & Natalie Contreras

Most Handsome & Most Beautiful: Thomas Lopez & Valentina Gasca Tellez

Bromance: Auston Gillespie & Ty Hehman

BFFs: Renata Osorio & Sofia Rivera

Most Athletic: Ashon Thompson & Caitlin Nieschwitz

Most Talkative: TommyLee Ramirez & Brianna Ortiz

Best Laugh: Andrew Orta & Neviz Martinez

Best Personality: Romulus Romero & Neviz Martinez

Life of the Party: Andrew Orta & Kim Arguijo

Most Likely to be President: Blake Moos & April Findley

Cutest Couple That Never Was: Valentina Gasca Tellez & Mariano Gutierrez

Mr. & Miss PHS: Blake Moos & Heaven Marquez

Caitlin Hernadez states, “I had fun at prom and I will attend next year, of course.” Her favorite thing about prom was getting the chance to dress up and wear a beautiful dress. Before prom, she took pictures and ate with three other guests. At the venue, she got to dance with her boyfriend and spend some time with her friends, and of course the after party.

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