Teacher Spotlight

By: Wanish Tortes- Mcginnis

    Mrs. Olavarri

From teaching classes like Audiovideo 1 and 2, Digital Media, and Business Professionals of America Mrs. Olavarri does it all. 

Mrs Olavarri was born in Jourdanton, Texas at Mercy Hospital in the 1970s. She graduated from the University of Incarnate Word in 1998 with a Bachelor Business Administration with a concontration in Marketing. Most of her work in college was Business and Marketing. In Mrs. Olavarri’s senior year she took an internship at a non profit and got to be a marketing coordinator for an organization.

Mrs. Olavarri has been teaching for 21 years at Pleasanton High School;it would be 22, but she took a year to sell yearbooks. Business has always been a subject she had taken a liking to. In her senior year of college, she had her first child. She thought she would be a stay at home mom, but soon got bored of being at home all the time. At the same time she was looking for a job, Pleasanton High School was looking for a business teacher. Mrs. Olavarri’s favorite part about being a business and technology teacher at PHS is sponsoring BPA (Business Professionals of America). Every year, kids who want to join this club are driven and goal oriented.“It is so much fun helping these students build projects that they can compete and win with!” BPA definitely makes her job valuable and rewarding. This year was Mrs. Olavarri”s first year teaching AV (Audiovideo) Program of Study along with Digital Media, in recent years she taught career preperation and PIT classes which was a part of the Business and Industry field.  

This year, Mrs.Olavarri came up with a podcast called the Big E Broodcast to show that Pleasanton is a great school by interviewing students of PHS and those who have already graduated from PHS.  

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